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  1. I'm sorry for the late reply I had forgot that I had this question asked @Applefreak , I will look to see if this SSD have ram caching, also I suspect that because the laptop is smaller than the otheone it could be a heat issue, maybe the system is slowing out because of the heat the smaller laptop cannot cope with, but I will also look out for all the other tricks you said, BIOS and alll that, thanks @SupaKomputa , the one that is slow is a 14 inches screen and the other one is a 15.5, so the slower is a smaller laptop yes, I think it can be it. @Vishera, t
  2. Hello, please I really need help to understand why my 2 laptops that have the SAME CPUs are working at 50% different force. (the only difference would be also one has a SSD the other got HDD + Optane memory) The SSD is the one that is slow Here: I noticed this issue when I was using Handbrake to encode files I started handbrake on both laptop at the same time, using intel quicksync decoding option and the PRESETI use is : very fast 1080p 30fps // CODEC is: x265 10 bits, on both laptops everything else is DEFAULT ( I use intel quicksync, on both) One had a 3GB file t
  3. @WikiForce, also would you be the same opinion that using a Sata splitter would be a good idea?
  4. @DefineOG, you sure I can just buy X number of Sata splitter cables and will never have a "green bar" or some lagging or delays of any sort by using the HDDs to play music or movies ? @WikiForce, so you mean the board will have 10 usable ports at the same time and no port will be canceled by using the AHCI mode ?
  5. Hi guys I have a question, I want to buy the GIGABYTE C246-WU4 LGA 1151 (300 Series) because I want a board that will have the most SATA plugs as I want to plug my HDDs all at once. This one has 10 SATA plugs except... they say the 2 orange ones are "supporting AHCI mode only" Will I be able to plug 10 HDDs to this board or not ? https://www.newegg.ca/p/N82E16813145163
  6. I bought many used HDDs 6TB (wd blue) in a lot and 3 or maybe 4 of them have already stopped working Now I'm looking to buy something that will last, but it seems no retailer sells any Western digital HDDs with the retail boxes, I never saw a retail box from WD for their hdds. I'm tired of them failing. WD60EZRZ, that's what I have they were not old, the date was recent, all of them - One has stopped powering after a abrupt shut down (unplugged abruptly) - One has start doing a 'tic' when closing - One has started to scratch, and loose grip - two of them
  7. @-rascal-, how many months should be reasonable to buy it, 6 months?
  8. How to know if a HDD is really new? For example, the HDDs are cheaper on ebay, but how to really know if a disk is really new when you buy it? Crystaldiskinfo will not detect when the HDD has been formatted? It will read it as a new one, right?
  9. @CUDAcores89 , I want to fill my PC with all these HDDs because I want to have them available, and I don't have double the money to protect my files, my solution for this is to duplicate the important files to some other drives and If there's happen to be a failure, I will quickly transfer the files to another working drive, while the failing HDD is still working. I have a lot of music that I want to have quick access to.
  10. @Slottr They already say it in the specs that it can fit 6 HDDs I know there is 6 tray, but I'm sure it can fit a lot more , like 12 at least if you look at the HDD section I am looking to know how much it can fit at most and also if there is a way to put more trays in the case If somebody can tell me it would be really appreciated
  11. Hey guys, does somebody knows how many HDDs I can fit into the Fractal Define R6, If I use every option/space available? Can I fit 10 in it? (and more) If I put more trays I know I can put one more HDD by using the 5.25 drive bay and convert it into a HDD bay I'm pretty sure I can fit at least 12 in the case I just need the trays, where do I get the trays? I noticed that we can switch the trays but Fractal does not sells the actual trays separately, can I get some trays from another brand? willl they fit? I have 14 x 6TB
  12. Hi guys, I have heard that the Asus X99 are not as great as I first tought they were (may become faulty quick etc.) I want a mobo that will handle 10+ HDDs in all (some are 8+2 I think we can get 10 with that) I want to have something that will be the best price value and quality value for the price ** and for the years to come I think of LGA 2011 what would you guys get if it was you? and what CPU would you suggest with it ! plzz