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  1. Just thought I'd share the progression of my setup over the last year and a half, which ones best? Circa September 2015 Circa January 2016 This week Like I said which ones the best?
  2. Isn't it on par with the 650 G2, its around the same price
  3. Yeah like I said if you're getting a new PC it should be alright to use but when you do get a new PC check the PSU tier list
  4. Oh if you dont care about that PC might aswell keep it but its a sliver no name PSU, highly doubt its really 550W. Its not certified its really more of a case of when it blows up rather than if it does...
  5. @STRMfrmXMN shouldnt the 650 GS be in tier 1?
  6. Overkilled


    Well your build can handle it for starters. I love my ROG Dominator 144hz 1440p but I only hear praises about ultrawides on the forum.
  7. Thanks are any of these play anywhere http://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/buy-forza-horizon-3-xbox-one-code-compare-prices/
  8. So if you buy the game on xbox one will you also be able to play on pc for free?
  9. I can only find the game available for xbox one even on the xbox store Am I missing something EDIT I have both xbone and pc what platform do you guys think I should buy it on?
  10. Just listen to the file. What does that sound mean? 20160917_102327_1.mp4
  11. What about the S7 Edge. It has a 1440p screen and nobody says the One plus 3 is better.
  12. why should 1080p be the limit when 1440p is better?
  13. Another win for LTTs under 5s. (Five posts) GG
  14. Try checking the forums official Hall of Fame thread maybe? The links in my signature
  15. That why I havent received my winners message yet? JK
  16. So I turned 15 a few months ago and I'm just over 5ft 7. Theres nobody that tall on my mums side and my dads not even that tall but my grandad was 6ft 3 and I've been told my great grandad dwarfed him at a hefty 6ft 6. Any guesses on how tall I'l be?
  17. So you're just surfing the dark net? Just use Orbot on your phone
  18. IK the voltage for 4.6 is way too high but he shouldnt feel to let down by keeping it at 4.5ghz its not that bad