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  1. The latest update to Sapphire TriXX has enabled overclocking of High bandwidth memory as well as voltage control of the core. The latter of which wasn't available in MSI afterburner before, unlike the former. The update includes New look and interface Now supports over-volting on Radeon R300 series Now supports HBM memory overclock on FURY cards Now supports over-volt on FURY cards Minimise TriXX to task bar Main FeaturesOverclock your AMD RADEON™ or FURY based graphics cardGPU Core Clock GPU Voltage Video Card Memory Clock Save your Favourite Settings with up to 4 Profiles. Adjust your Graphic Card’s Fan Settings with Automatic, Fixed or Custom Fan Speeds Information Tab with all you need to know about your Graphic Card including GPU, Interface, Memory, Driver Version, BIOS Version, Clocks, Shaders and more… Multi-GPU support (CrossFireX) Windows Sidebar Gadget option Source Download Page
  2. Rory Read, AMD’s ex CEO who has been replaced by Lisa Su last year will be joining Dell as COO and president of global commercial sales. He then joined AMD for three years and restructured the company. Read’s new position at Dell could be the beginning of a new alliance with AMD. He led AMD's commercial efforts and quadrupled their revenue in that field in two years. His new position at Dell might be telling of what's to come. Source article
  3. Nonsense, AMD never confirmed this (it was a wccftech rumor). They don't even publicly acknowledge the existence of Zen let alone talk about when and how they're going to release it.
  4. Not a chance this is a plateau. First off Intel promised 5% IPC gains with Ivy Bridge and they failed to deliver even that. Excavator, according to the official presentation slides at least, is 29% smaller than steamroller, achieves 20% higher clock speeds at the same voltage (10% of that is actually thanks to the HDL @patrickjp93 ) and a 5% IPC gain on top of that. That's actually a 26% (1.2 x 1.05) CPU performance gain over Kaveri at the same power.This is nothing short of fantastic. And that's without even including the GPU improvements in the discussion. Not even close. That's not even an actual 8 core chip. It has 4 high performance cores and 4 low power state, tiny cores.
  5. Lets hope GM200 isn't as expensive as GK110 initially was. That would render it uncompetitive unless Nvidia is willing to take a hit on its margins. Come to think of it they probably have no choice.
  6. These are fake, confirmed by the same guy who created them.
  7. That's a new low, blaming the 970 users for Nvidia's false advertising. Shameful.
  8. I really hope to see this new voltage tech in the new 300 series graphics cards. Would do wonders for performance. A 150mhz overclock at the same voltage is much more potent on GPUs than CPUs and would make a whole lot of difference.
  9. No it's not the real one, it's a concept mock-up by videocardz.com
  10. Only it actually isn't awful at all. In fact it's the most power efficient professional GPU in the world, Topping the Green500 list. And in gaming it's marginally (20-30W) behind the competition. http://www.techspot.com/review/885-nvidia-geforce-gtx-970-gtx-980/page7.html
  11. Company's don't really create hype, it's the people, the fans and media that do. AMD's previous CEO Rory Read admitted that Bulldozer was a failure, even though it was not conceived under his tenure. He brought in Mark Papermaster who in turn brought in Jim Keller the designer of the first ever 64bit x86 CPU and the original Athlons that beat out intel. He knows what he's doing. Bulldozer aside, Hawaii was a phenomenal success for AMD. It was smaller, better performing and more capable for professional compute applications than the GTX Titan, yet it was prices at half. Even a year later it was still going strong.
  12. I like it, better performance at a lower price don't get why people are complaining.