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  1. The AMD Radeon R9 380X will reportedly arrive to market in late October configured with 4GB of GDDR5 memory and a 256bit bus. We’ve already seen photos of the XFX Double Dissipation R9 380X leak online just a few days ago. However the previous leak did not include any information about the specifications of the card. According to Fudzilla the new card will be released worldwide later next month and will feature 4GB of GDDR5 memory, Fudzilla does not claim to know any information beyond that. If these claims are accurate however, we can safely assume – from the 4GB capacity of the frame bu
  2. $739 for this card and people complain about the price for the Fury X. Liquid cooling is expensive, it just is. The Fury X is actually a good value considering this fact alone.
  3. Oxide Games : Asynchronous Shaders Can Provide A 46% Performance Uplift on AMD Hardware With DX12 To showcase the performance advantage that this feature can bring to the table AMD . The demo ran at 245 FPS with Asynchronous Shaders off and post-processing disabled. However after post-processing was enabled the performance dropped to 158 FPS. Finally when Asynchronous Shaders and post-processing were both enabled, the average FPS went up to 230 FPS, approximately a 46% performance uplift. While this is likely a best case scenario improvement, it isn’t too far off the 30% performance
  4. AMD has 14nm GPUs coming next year, with priority access to HBM2 and a brand new architecture that's 2X more power efficient than Fury X. If anything they're actually in a slightly better position next year.
  5. Would you look at that, someone's talking about teraflops....
  6. AMD's Robert Hallock confirmed in an interview that all of AMD's GCN 1.1 and up GPUs do support DX12 feature level 12_0. Including AMD's entire range of GCN APUs, That's Kaveri, Kabini, Temash, Beema and Mullins. And Bonaire, Tonga and Hawaii on the discrete GPU side (290 series, 285 and 260 series). Source It's interesting to note that Nvidia's Kepler doesn't even support DX feature level 12_0, while AMD's Bonaire which is a 2012 GPU (7790), in addition to Hawaii and Tonga which are 2013 GPUs actually do support it. In fact Nvidia's Kepler, 700 series and older, doesn't even fully supp
  7. This was obviously done in anticipation of AMD's Fiji AKA "Fury" according to the latest rumor. It's funny how some people mocked AMD for making reference air and water cooled versions of Fiji, yet it's all of a sudden a brilliant idea because Nvidia is doing it.
  8. This isn't a rumor ! This is a tweet by the author of the wccf article to Ryan Shrout from pcper.
  9. The amount of bias in this statement makes me "cringe" .
  10. I don't want to sound rude but in this particular case I just don't think you know enough about this particular subject to make such a statement. FX CPUs are nothing like Intel CPUs in terms of overclocking, the "lottery" margin is extremely thin, a golden chip would overclock better than a mediocre chip by 200mhz at best on the same cooling. 32nm SOI is just far more overclocking friendly than Intel's 22nm TriGate. The 990FX Sabertooth has the best VRM cooling and power delivery, second only to the Crosshair V Formula-Z. In fact the highest overclocks achieved on Vishera CPUs were either on
  11. Go on Reddit's HWSwap. Sell that FX 6300, you should fetch about $60 for it. Grab an FX 8320 from the same place. Should set you back $90. If you have a decent CPU cooler you're pretty much set. And all you spent would've been $30. With that H100i you're easily looking at 4.8-5.0Ghz.
  12. +1 the OP is misleading, makes it appear as though Grenland is just a die shrink of Fiji when it's a brand new GPU featuring an entirely new graphics architecture code named Arctic Islands.
  13. The Acer XB280HK is a 28 inch 3840x2160 60Hz G-Sync monitor and is selling for $599 on twitter right now. The monitor's list price is actually $899 but Newegg has an exclusive offer on the monitor that will take the price down to non g-sync monitor territory. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009658 The panel in is TN based but the monitor has zero ghosting and 1ms response times. Source