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  1. Why do people even recommend the 750 TI is beyond me, the R7 265 is noticeably faster. I agree with Qwerty though, grab a used core 2 quad and a new GPU. Grab the fastest GPU you can afford. R9 270 > R7 265 > GTX 750 Ti > R7 260X > 750 > R7 260
  2. This is what happens when you let marketing morons go wild. The 980 isn't a 165W card and the 970 can't use all of its VRAM properly. Also what the frack is wrong with Nvidia saying the Tegra X1 is a 1TFlop chip when they are actually counting the 16bit half precision performance which was abandoned over a decade ago. When in fact the single percision FP32 performance is 500GFlops at PEAK, so not even when it goes into actual products with real-world thermal and power limits.
  3. The general manager of AMD's computing and graphics business unit revealed some fascinating information in a recent interview. The AMD executive states that AMD is actively working on making APUs and GPUs talk to each other beyond simple dual graphics for better performance. AMD also states they do care very much about x86 CPU performance, in fact it's one of their top priorities. The GM also talked about AMD's new found interest in software and emphasized the importance of GPU drivers giving the recent AMD Catalyst Omega driver as an example. According to the GM the new restructuring
  4. I'd go for the Gaming 970. Quieter, slightly cooler and overclocks slightly better.
  5. I wouldn't pay much if any attention to synthetics, especially unigine based since those favor Nvidia. If you're getting a good performance improvement in games then there's nothing to fret over.
  6. i personally don't find reference cards to be better than non-reference designs in anything frankly. Even in multi-GPU setups, non-reference axial cooled GPUs that exhaust heat directly into the case always ended up running cooler for me.
  7. I either sell my old cards or donate them, depends on my financial state really.
  8. Here's the deal... I post a comment and you send me free stuff, agreed ?
  9. None, I hate coil whine. I'd get an R9 290 Vapor-X instead. It's 70 bucks cheaper and faster than the overclocked 970s once you overclock it. http://www.bit-tech....x-970-review/12 http://www.bit-tech....r-x-oc-review/9
  10. Both cards are equivalent to an HD 7870 2GB card. the 1.25GB of memory on the GTX 570 frankly has no place in today's games. You will definitely run out of memory playing a lot of games and that's going to be a horrible stuttery experience.
  11. Someone above him DID say the 390X will use 750W.. Obviously a gaffe at AMD. Well GPUXPert is right. 900 series isn't as efficient as Nvidia is claiming. Not even close. But when someone calls them out on that they're attacked for some strange reason.
  12. I stand corrected. This is extremely toxic to the forums. All of these posts get filled with pointless debate about who to believe and who not to believe and no discussion around the relevant content. You're thinking of videocardz.
  13. No, people here definitely bash the AMD related wccf news. No one said a thing about how "horrible" wccf is when they leaked the 980 and 970 prices. Double standard at its finest. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/217044-gtx-980-and-gtx-970-prices-revealed-549-and-329/
  14. I didn't see all this wccf hate when they were leaking 900 series info...double standard much ? :blink: :blink: :blink: