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  1. here's a list: https://pcpartpicker.com/parts/motherboard/#s=4&K=6,10&d=1,6&h=1,8
  2. well then... unless you want to go to about medium (possibly low) settings to achieve that you'll need a couple of R9 Furies at least. and since you are pushing the GPU's so hard relative to the CPU the CPU is unlikely to make much of a difference.
  3. well firstly, how much does a 5820K cost relative to the 6700K? in some places the 6700K is actually more expensive than a 5820K, in those circumstances go with the 5820K. otherwise, refer to above, or what's you use case?
  4. Cryorig seems quite uncommon in the US. they're easy to get in Australia, and probably in Europe. Cyrorig also has no reason to discontinue the H7 as they have no new cooler that could act as a direct replacement. and it's got a very firm position in the market.
  5. I think you are missing my point. what difference does ".com" and ".cn" make in all of this? If you are operating out of china (which I assume you are) then presumably the entirety of China can communicate with this site under the ".com" domain. Multiple domains is just likely to create unnecessary hassle for not a great deal of gain.
  6. I'd assume nVidia shadowplay also works (if you have a nVidia card of course)
  7. but i still don't see a point in a specific domain being there. ".com" presumably works
  8. PM him if you really must, chances are he will not see this (if he cares in the slightest. the organisation is called "Linus Media Group" and it already has it's own site: http://www.linusmediagroup.com/)
  9. Convergent Evolution (of technology, it can be seen in consoles as well, trending towards PCs)
  10. what? the fact that there is now micro/macro(don't have the game, don't know how much they cost)-transactions? I'd say this is worse, the lead dev actively breaking the game (in an attempt) to screw with the publishers. but by extension everybody's copy of the game so triggering an event most likely key to level progression (unlocking a garage, delivering a set of logs, etc). will crash the game, making it unplayable for everybody who bought it long before this developer-publisher conflict began.
  11. 2: Empty your landfills into the incinerators (1 at a time if necessary) so you can get rid of the landfills. incinerators basically replace landfill. 3: Industry also means Offices, which is where people with a decent education will greatly prefer to work.
  12. how are we supposed to know? but, probably. Intel seems to release 2 generations per socket.
  13. easily, a 550W would do fine. but 860W is good (if still a bit overkill) for a setup with 2 980s.
  14. i thought that may be the case. eh AH yes, maybe the Thermaltake Core V21
  15. 350D, Air 240, Node 804 off the top of my head.
  16. that's the stock thermal paste of whatever that is, either that or he has an absurdly steady hand to get those perfect corners and identical thickness.
  17. it appears they have EXACTLY the same frame (even down to the side panel it seems), just a different "shell" if you will
  18. well it should run about as well as it would a single monitor (possibly a bit worse depending on how much of the CPU the other programs want to utilize (the game will most likely take preference though).
  19. I just looked up people with similar funky core clocks and voltages. apparently what may work is uninstalling the card via device manager (since you have a chip with integrated graphics, the PC will still function fine). uninstall GPU software like GPU tweak. then restarting the PC, it should download a driver by itself, but download the latest driver again just in case. then try without any OC software (just to make sure it's working properly). then in your case restart again and try again, see if you get the same result. if not. I don't think i can help you any further. other than maybe suggesting other OC software, MSI afterburner is a common choice (OC software doesn't care for the brand of the card)
  20. iirc the bending is only likely to occur if you actively try to, or mount the cooler too tightly
  21. well 1V is 1000mV which is close to what the maximum min value you can set is.
  22. so this happens when you restart the computer? maybe remove GPU tweak, see if that makes a difference. the fact you want to manually input something may be throwing it off.