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    Maximus VIII Hero Z170
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    32GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2400mhz
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    RX 5700 XT 8GB
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  1. Looking for some help on how to fresh install audio drivers. I've tried via the device manager and I've had a look for an uninstaller where ATKEX_cmd is located but I can't find anything. This problem has persisted through several updates since Sept this year. Thanks The errors I have are attatched below.
  2. Been having some trouble with Photoshop's lagging, flickering and so on. When I make multiple separate marks in quick succession the tool pallets flicker. Another example is when dragging a window/dialogue box around the screen it feels similar to when a CPU is almost maxed out. The movement is lagging behind input and stutters. I'm running on a 144hz monitor too so seeing Photoshop moving at what feels like 10fps is really jarring. I've been watching my utilizations in task manager and everything never really goes over 35%. I'm not working on anthing particularly demanding in Phot
  3. Sorry for the late response, haven't had a chance to sort this as yet. I uninstalled all the software & audio drivers and reinstalled them. Now I get the same error, plus an additional message from Sonic Suite.
  4. Anyone know how to fix this error? ATKEX_cmd.exe is under RealTek in prog files. The error shows on startup and requires clicking 3 or 4 times to close properly. I've tried to reinstall the Realtek driver but I still get this popping up.
  5. Until now I've been using my Macbook Pro as a glorified media storage device. It's only got a 512GB SSD and I've filled it to the brim. Looking for some advice on portable USB externals that can be used by both OSX & Win10 that will be used to store media & play on my TV. Particularly information regarding the pros/cons of different types of connectivity, SSD vs Traditional external and so on. Probably looking at at least 2TB with a budget of $150/200 max. If you have a recommendation, feel free to just link it and I can look into the specs myself, cheers.
  6. Short and sweet. Is there a go-to software for uninstalling the bloatware (video editor, xbox game bar and so forth) on Win10? Had to do a fresh install and now I have all the crap on my system again.
  7. @GOTSpectrumOk, so even "Reset this PC" was ignored. It started the process then restarted the PC and she booted as if nothing had happened.
  8. Now that you mention drive health, I was getting a SMART SSD failure error for my boot drive. I disabled SMART for now to check in Windows if I was having any issues in terms of noticable performance (excluding the potentially unrelated memory loss issue). I have pretty much all important data on my other drives/cloud so I might go ahead and reinstall windows (keeping files), then if the problem persists fully wipe and do a clean install. I assume if I select NOT to keep my files it will only wipe my C drive, and NOT the other two drives correct? *Also, I tried to install the C.D.I
  9. Updated my profile just now. Everything is the same besides these new parts: GPU RX 5700 XT & H100i Pro CPU Cooler.
  10. You should see them on my profile/ in my signature
  11. Could also potentially be a virus messing with the HD controller?
  12. Yes? Like I said, any changes I make in Windows don't seem to be saved/remembered after I restart the system for whatever reason. Maybe I can try reinstalling windows? Is it possible to do that without loosing all my installed programs etc?
  13. @GOTSpectrum I thought this might happen, but after I installed the GPU drivers they disappeared after restarting. Would you advise trying to update the BIOS then trying ther GPU drivers again? That's the only possible solution I can think of that would be causing this short term memory loss problem to happen.
  14. I ran it twice for both Nvidia and AMD as previously I'd previously just tried to install them over the top (woops). Seems to have worked as far as I can tell. Going to install the new GPU drivers and update the BIOS, hopefully that will fix the weird issues stated in the original post.