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    I7 6700K @ 4.7 Jigar hurtz
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    gigabyte z170 hd3
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    16 gb hyperX ddr4 - some black low end version
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    asus gtx 1070
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    some corsair one
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    a lot
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    ROCK ps-rx500gl
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    Nepton 240M
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    logitech g105
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    logitech g502
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    w10 X64

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  1. I have 2 network interfaces, is it possible to set one to LAN only and the other internet only and of so how would I set it up?
  2. questions: 1. is this keyboard spill resistant and if so how resistant is it? 2. how bright is the backlight on the keys? 3. can the backlight be set to a single colo(u)r? 4. compared to real cherry reds what's the sound/feel like? opinions: feel free to leave down bellow and if there is another KB that has the same stuff and is better for the same price let me know
  3. looking for a chart or something that shows what gpu is on par with another from older generations and from team red/blue/green and so on - performance wise not cost or anything else gpu A = gpu B
  4. Its quad channel with 3 sticks per channel but if there's 3 sticks of ram in 1 channel it works fine, if there's 3 sticks in 1 channel and 1 of those 3 sticks is the new ram it just dies
  5. Just got some extra sticks of ram to fill the empty slots and the new sticks work except for the fact that they dont work if all 3 slots in a channel that they are installed in are populated 1/3 slots work 2/3 slots work 3/3 slots ignores every stick Doesn't matter if they are the same stick, mixed or in what slot
  6. I have an update, isp has said a normal router will be fine
  7. Im using the PC WiFi card because it's less crap then the routers wireless
  8. Current setup Ont (chorus 200) - modem/router - devices If a normal router would work in theory I would be able to just plug it in directly to my main device and bypass buying a router all together right? Since I don't need wireless as I just Conner wireless devices directly to through a wireless adapter strait to a Linux vm
  9. Ufb1? Not sure on the exact standard but it's just the generic type for newzealand and any modem that has the basic settings of vlan and that fun stuffs
  10. I'm not 100% on the inner workings but there a terminal on the wall that the find line goes into then Ethernet comes out and isp says nothing about bridge mode, just use wan and dynamic ip + vlan setting
  11. Would prefer to not go over $300 had (450? Usd)
  12. Have you cleared/wiped/reset cmos for lack of a better term?
  13. Currently on gigabit fiber, current modem is a grade A pile of garbage and I'm having trouble finding a new one that wont break the bank and is compatible, any recommendations? Would prefer something from here though https://www.pbtech.co.nz/