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    Ryzen R7 1700 OC 3.9
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    MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 3000MHz
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    MSI GTX 1070 SeaHawX
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    SoundBlaster Z, ATH M50x, Blue Yeti Blackout
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Odd, do you have the latest drivers, and have you run a virus scan?
  2. In Task Manager, under performance tab, there should be a GPU section. Top right is lists the GPU and the performance %'s
  3. In between low supply, and high demand, scalpers are looking to buy, turnaround and sell with a markup to make a quick buck. Nothing new unfortunately.
  4. He already has the card hes just posting his specs for the rest of us to see help diagnose. How are you checking usage? Task Manager? Positive that's actually using the 2080 ti and not the onboard graphics of the 9900k?
  5. Nat Friedman (GitHub CEO) also was there to talk during the keynote. Not much is changing with GitHub. In fact Microsoft themselves were pushing open source the entire event.
  6. Here's some information I have in my notes from the keynote regarding, Visual Studio 2019, Intellicode and GitHub. Visual Studio 2019 will have heavy github integration (which scared me because they had no information on TFS though I can confirm from the preview it still integrates just the same with TFS). Some of the cool new features coming in Visual Studio 2019 include an extension called intellicode. This extension used AI/Machine Learning to examine open source GitHub repositories to provide real-time 'smart' intellisense offering suggestions that make the most sense. If you just use the base intellicode extension you are getting only what its learned from publicly available GitHub repositories. You can also provide it AI your own codebase to learn from as well as change the config file on styling. For example if you have an agreed upon company wide styling, you can provide that to intellicode. From my understanding of the whole talk, the AI never touches private repositories.
  7. I was at the microsoft event in which the announced the visual studio 2019 preview and a lot on where they talked about this. They use open source github repositories for some features including a new (and incredible) feature called Intellicode for AI assisted intellisense. Private is not open source. They offered the capabilities to add your own private codebase so it can learn your own habits (such as business) and that learning only applies to you. It does not share that with others.
  8. I can't wait until I get to fly on a Dreamliner.
  9. I am in rural midwest US, and have had access to gigabit service for a couple years. I wish things would progress faster, isps seem to charge enough to fund these upgrades.
  10. This works a lot. Just change the region, let it reload and see if that works. (Often you can change it right back to the original region and be fine.)
  11. I really really wish it had a GPS module. I would really like a windows solution for my flight EFB (electronic flight bag). If it had one, I would buy it in a heart beat. To me it fits my need of a tablet that can do slightly more than a normal tablet.
  12. As far as I am aware this has been a thing for awhile. I have had to play sales tax on Amazon for well over a year at this point. Not sure where the figures of Amazon only collects sales tax in two states. I know for sure there are more stats than just Washington and Pennsylvania they collect tax. The law was, any place an online retailer has a physical presence, must pay tax if I remember correctly. Here is an example from a recent Amazon order.
  13. If they can get 'full' windows on a phone, even if just a 'regular' single screen phone and have the same design methodology as the surface devices I would be in. Though the dual screen seems enticing I tend to avoid first generation products like that. Though just having Microsoft seemingly being the phone space is exciting.
  14. Hmm I have a highly different opinion on that video than you do. The gpu shortage caused by mining is definitely felt; just look at the forums here. I am sure with Jay he sees the same thing. You make it sound like a bad thing that he doesn't like seeing all the media about us the *average* user trying to find reasonable prices. You said it's like a professional sports player complaining about equipment prices. You're missing a key point there. It's like saying a professional sports player is complaining that the sport they play isn't growing like they want because the cost of equipment prices. It's not about the professional it's about the people who make up the majority. That makes sense why you think Jay is wrong. Because he is caring about the community you are a part of and you don't. Sounds more like you are barking up the wrong tree instead of Jay.
  15. That's how different polls usually work. They show different numbers. Though I know what you are getting at there. Here's a few more sources (still haven't determined if they are biased or not). https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/06/06/new-mozilla-poll-americans-political-parties-overwhelmingly-support-net-neutrality/ https://morningconsult.com/2017/11/29/strong-support-net-neutrality-rules-fcc-considers-repeal/ https://www.scribd.com/document/353285485/Freedman-Consulting-Net-Neutrality-Poll Numbers vary from ~50% to 80%. Either way that's still an overwhelming majority which, right or wrong, should be taken into account by the agencies who are supposed to represent the public. Here is an outline which if you aren't satisfied with plain readable text version you can look up the lawyer speak version: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rulemaking ------------- On to main post; I am not surprised by this. It will be interesting to see if NN ruling does get overturned or not. Won't be surprised if this whole thing continues for quite some time.