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    MSI Gaming 5
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    GSkill 16GB (4x4) 1600MHz
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    MSI GTX 1070 SeaHawX
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    Corsair 750d
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    LG 24UC97 (3440x1440) 2x Asus VG248QE
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    Corsair h100i
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razer Naga Epic Chroma
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    SoundBlaster Z, ATH M50x, Blue Yeti Blackout
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Destiny 2 cross platform

    No. And No. Technical limitations and there are subtle differences between PC and console that would further the gap between PC and console giving PC huge advantages.
  2. Ryzen 1700 Temps

    I idle at 31C with ambient of 22C; under load I max at ~50C. This is stock voltage with OC up to 3.7 GHz. 45 seems too high for idle.
  3. Beauty is the eye of the beholder. If he doesn't think HIS PC looks terrible, then there's nothing to be done. It's not like unmanaged cables will explode or anything.
  4. Pretty much this. It's not hating the product it's hating the company. With AMD actually putting competitive products on the board we saw some true colors of Intel and it really looks like they were not as consumer friendly as they should be.
  5. (Mini News) Office 365 Price Change

    Hence: Naming schemes are hard. Was /s
  6. OBS Studio/ OBS Classic

    Yes, you would need GTX.
  7. (Mini News) Office 365 Price Change

    I agree. Apparently naming schemes are hard. Price increase if fine if they continue to update as often as old office versions so you aren't just paying yearly for the same thing.
  8. It's not stupid for business, never said it was. But it's also not healthy for the consumer. It's funny how those two often go hand-in-hand. It's extremely difficult if not impossible to find the perfect balance between good for business vs good for consumer. You want consumers to keep coming coming back yes? Putting them on a dead end platform will in theory make them upgrade sooner thus spending more money. Which again is amazing for business, but bad for the consumer. Business practices I don't like doesn't mean bad for business. That's actually a much better idea IF they could make them work on current motherboards.
  9. They pretty much say as long as there is another ISP close buy that offers anything that resembles internet service then there is competition and no monopoly. Holy crap batman that is terrible. Here's an example of services offered in my area: Company 1: Lowest Speed: 60mbs, Highest Speed: 1gbps, Coverage: 99% of the area. (as you can guess prices for this company are really high). Company 2: Before July 2017: Lowest: 5mbs, Highest 35mbs. Now: Lowest 20mbs, Highest: 100mbs. Coverage: ~ 45% of the area And that has actually gotten better. It used to be that you could pretty much only get Company 1 unless you lived within a few specific blocks. On top of that Company 1 has reliably unreliable service and they do nothing about it. Quite frustrating. /endrant I don't know what the solution could/should be but something imo should be done to prevent all the ISP monopolizing that's been going on.
  10. Honestly, Intel has really been going downhill for me. Haven't been a fan of their business practices for quite some time, but still had to buy them because there really wasn't alternatives at the time. Promoting their older SKUs trying to get people to buy all their leftover stock in the wake of shortages on their latest product is downright stupid to me. They should instead incentivize waiting for the 8700k. I've seen plenty of posts already that people are saying just get a 1700/x/1800x because the 8700k is impossible to find and is more pricey.
  11. This is looking awesome. I won't use a lot of the new features they are packing in but some of it is super nice. The GPU graph is a very welcome change for me.
  12. Second wave of X370 boards

    Haven't both these boards been out for awhile? Like at least over a month?
  13. Place to start proper programming?

    If you want to do web development I would recommend getting Visual Studio Community Edition (free version of visual studio) and learn MVC. It's all baked in to Visual Studio which by itself offers many great tools.
  14. Case fans what should I choose

    My favorite fans are the Noctua NF-F12s. They are high quality, and work extremely well but you pay for that. The SP120s are good fans as well, however I personally didn't care for them (after having Noctuas).
  15. Blue Screen Help!

    You shouldn't see any issues. But it would depend on what you are all doing as well.