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    Asus ROG Strix Z370-I Gaming
  • Case
    DAN Cases - A4SFXV2-B
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    1TB 960 Evo m.2, 512GB 950 Pro m.2
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    Silverstone 650W SFX
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    34" Ultrawide
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    Noctua - NH-L9i
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    Corsair Strafe RGB Silent
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    Logitech G903
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  1. You may have to cut some thin layers off the plug and try to get some grip from tweezers or something similar. Also, +1 for hating stupidly designed connectors like usb3.0, case headers (power, reset, hdd etc - standardize a layout and make a plug), even mobo 24-pin is stupid.
  2. Depending on how high your budget goes, I can highly recommend the Dark Base Pro 900 (they now do a white edition). It's expensive but I have one in black (albeit boxed up as I have moved to a m-itx system) but I was running 420 and 360 rads in there comfortably. As I said, it is expensive but it does have white on white, a tempered glass full window and has plenty of room for watercooling. It is also completely modular so you can invert the system if you want the system on the left or right of your desk to show off the components. Dark Base Pro 900 White
  3. Not sure if it's mentioned on the previous page, but I couldn't see anything - what the opacity % is on the smoked plexi? I have used your guide (very clear and helpful) to make up a design for my case and am now looking for a reputable US-based company (if anyone knows of one I'd appreciate the tip) and I prefer the tinted plexi so wanted to get an idea of what yours is. Also as an FYI, I used Inkscape to create the vector image rather than Illustrator as it is 100% free and does the job in about 10 clicks of the mouse, so I can't complain.
  4. Nice build and thanks for the guide on custom plexi designs. I'm going to use one for my v2 as I'm not at all a fan of having DAN on the side of mine. I have some Be Quiet! 92mm fans on a slow boat from Europe heading my way, because as much as I like Noctua, I really don't like their color choices. I will be doing custom cables aswell, as I've done them in the last three builds of mine, but I am using an old R9 nano right now and holding out to see what the next gen Nvidia/AMD cards are doing rather than spend money on overpriced 1080Tis right now.
  5. JBOD or Just a Bunch Of Disks is a means of spanning multiple drives so they somewhat act as a single storage medium. It was far more useful before 2TB drives became a defacto standard and people wanted to make use of several smaller drives. I run raid 5 at home as that's good enough for me and jbod has never been a consideration.
  6. I do find this an interesting question. With USB 3.1 Gen2 offering 100W of power distribution in such a small form factor (Type-C), you have to ask, how long until the bulky PC cables can disappear and be replaced by something far more practical and streamlined.
  7. There are a few articles out in the wild rumoring the GTX1080Ti Mini Arctic Storm from Zotac. I read a few but couldn't find release dates in any of them.
  8. What TDP are you dealing with for CPU and GPU? I have the Nano (175W) and a 6600k (91W) and haven't had anywhere close to the kind of heat you are seeing to melt that pipe. EDIT: Just checked and seems to be 145W and 95W respectively, so actually lower than mine. The mystery deepens...
  9. Hey @Smollie1 and ... wow... that petg took a beating. Very simple question for you..... Have you tried adding additional rubber feet on the bottom to rise the case off the table as almost all of the airflow going into the node 202 comes from underneath where you have the radiator? I bought some rubber adhesive feet off amazon that were about 3x higher than the ones that come with the case.
  10. That is a classy build. I really like the aesthetics of it.
  11. Nice! Have you got more pictures or a build log anywhere?
  12. I've used a few in the past with other HTPCs I've had and been frustrated by them all. Some are definitely better than others, but at least up until a couple of years ago, they are either screaming loud or they whine in the center of your brain. Maybe something better has come along since, but I'm not aware of it. After cutting away 90% of the case, how's the structural integrity of the whole thing? EDIT: Maybe look at Noctua as they sell 60 and 40mm fans models. http://noctua.at/en/products/fan
  13. I had sag on my GPU as well so I've just put a small plastic stand-off that I glued to the frames where the 2 fans meet. Are you buying a different style terminal block for the GPU?
  14. I'd say you are well on your way. Considering this started out as your first pc build things have... escalated since then. Intrigued to see how the petg threading turns out and I'm very jealous you have access to workshop tools as well. I really need to buy my own house so I can escape from this tiny apartment and fit out a garage with tools.