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  1. So I'm helping my friend get a gaming pc for chrap. I found out through eBay, it is indeed possible to get a pc with a gtx 760, 8 gb ram, core 2 quad, and a 500 gb hard drive for 200 dollars. He wants to play modern day games such as fallout 4 just cause 3 gta 5 etc. I was wondering how a core 2 quad would perform with these games and how much it would bottleneck the gtx 760.
  2. They are naked people. Anyways we got a bit off topic. How can I expect and iPad 4 to perform?
  3. I'm looking at buying a used ipad 4 (the one from late 2012). I was wondering if it is worth to buy under 200 dollars. Also how slow will it be? Will I be able to run games like Asphalt 8 airborne at a good fps?
  4. With every day use, galaxy might be a bit faster, but games load faster on iphone. Galaxy is better in almost every way.
  5. 300 dollars will get you a better desktop.
  6. No. Better phones fore the price :3 P.S. I like cats.
  7. I would say it's a great deal!!
  8. Actually I think they are planning a revamp. Also the an tutu benchmarks are higher than anything else out. Htc has always made the fastest phones.
  9. Because the bigger the phone the bigger your...
  10. This video says it all. Apparently the exynos version is faster and has better ram management. What do you guys think of this? Benchmarks show that the snapdragon is more powerful. Maybe Samsung will release an update to better optimize the snapdragon varient?
  11. Hey so I save had my galaxy tab s2 for about 5 months. I love it. Although the charge time is atrocious. Literally takes about 7 hour to charge from 0 to 100. Any idea what could be causing it? Also should I buy an adaptive fast charger?
  12. Nu get an iPhone 6s plus1!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!111!!! JK, Galaxy s7 Edge is AWESOME!!! I have one. Everything about it is cutting edge. Also you can expect at least 6 hours of screen time.
  13. OK. I have a Galaxy s7 edge. I am watching YouTube and Web browsing, playing games, looking at news. Generic smartphone things
  14. Hey, I recently purchased a smartphone. I get about 6 hours of screen on time from a single charge with brightness all the way up and wifi/location enabled. Is this considered good compared to other smartphones?
  15. Do you like cats?

    1. Godlygamer23


      I think cats are cool, but I tend to like all animals, even the blobfish.

    2. smeek14


      Good way to be!!!

    3. Godlygamer23


      This was a bit of an odd post to put on my profile. Are you 100% sure this was out of pure curiosity?

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  16. Thank you so much, I will try to find a case with a on off switch