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    I5 4590
  • Motherboard
    GB B85M D3H
  • RAM
    4 gbs hyperX blue
  • GPU
    Hd7770, not working 660ti
  • Case
    Corsair 100r
  • Storage
    120 gb hyperX, 1tb caviar green
  • PSU
    80+ evga 5oow
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    Some asus 23" ips 1080p thing
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    Gamdias hermes ultimate black
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    Rival 100
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  1. I mainly look here https://www.alza.cz/EN/smartphones/18845588.htm Im a vodafone customer
  2. I dont have a favourite website or anything like that, but I am definitely not buying from my carrier
  3. The cheapest 4a currently is over 500$, which is suprising since I've never seen such a difference in the price..
  4. Hi, I am about to spend one semester in Korea and I would like to buy a new phone before I leave. I am not a heave phone user, and I would welcome some advice other than "get the new iphone". Last time I spent big money on a phone was back in the day when LG G4 came out, and I rocked it without any need for an upgrade for like 4 or 5 years before It literally died, the same with my dad's iphone SE I had afterwards. I am fine even with my current phone (2 yo Motorola g7 plus), but for the trip, I would really like better camera, since that is the weakest point of this phone (imho shoots wo
  5. Hey, i still have 660ti, whoch i've got used for good price, the card ran ok but couldn't install drivers...i solved this one and it worked fine. Today i played mafia 2 for a bit, then turned game off- then screen got black then blue like with bsod adn then back to the casual desktop..so i thought its just fail and it's ok. But then i wanted to play some csgo but the game showed an error at the bottom. Then i realized that the card is not working, error 43. So I went to geforce experience and wanted to get new drivers. Installation failed once. Then second time because it needed reboot and aft
  6. at least im gonna improve my manual skills.. to be clear im gonna try if i have some..
  7. its not in warranty for some time... its my old wheel, last time i played something with it was 2 yrs ago +-
  8. I've read that this issue can be caused by dirty potenciometer or whatever it is..im not IT
  9. so u think its a wheel issue.. is there any possible way to fix it?
  10. well I couldnt rly found an issue with this model on win10 (cheap stuff), so I looked around for some other model's issue on win10, but nothing.. all they recommend is what u told me to do
  11. I can look around for original CD.. but I dont think its gonna help anyway
  12. I've tried it already, always something like pedals arent working or acceleration pedal is like half way pushed all the time, but I cant rly see this one..
  13. thats sad...I even had troubles to install drivers for this thing.. had to go in safe mode, then it intalled driver. tried the same with calibration, but its doesnt work
  14. emmm.. where can I find it? (sorry)