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  1. I did try the blue, red, green, black and white for a minute but nothing has change. And I did also try to press on it lightly and it didn't un-stuck. So im guessing it's a dirt inside the panel
  2. I was wondering if what is this small line on my monitor? My monitor is a benq xl2411z
  3. Okay sir will do that. Thankyou for the advice
  4. So should i set it to default and just set the power limit to max?
  5. So I'm new to overclocking and I overclocked my GALAX GTX 1060 EXOC 6GB because of COD Warzone lol. Is my settings safe or it will damage my gpu? Core voltage = +100 Power Limit = 115 Temp Limit = 92 Core Clock (Mhz) = +160 (I try to bump it to 165 but benchmark crash so I lower it to that and its stable) Memory Clock (Mhz) = +190 (+200 is okay and I didn't notice some weird bugs but I saw a guide that says lower it like -10 so it will have stability) Fan speed = Auto Curve Please give me advice thank you
  6. I'm planning to buy a DSLR but i'm just gonna use it for occasional and travel. I'm looking for the best budget DSLR for beginner..... Aaaand i like portraits haha probably gonna buy 50mm
  7. Hey guys im in the middle of purchasing a monitor. And im kinda confused what should i get. I finalized my decision that i am going to buy a GTX 1060 instead of RX 570 due to mining. Is Gsync noticable on a high refresh rate monitor? Is Gsync worth it? Or a high refresh 1080p without sync is good enough?
  8. I have an pre built system that have an ECS H61H2-MV and I want to play on 1440p. And I research about 2nd gen cpu which is i7-2600k and the performance on gaming is on par with coffee lake i7-8700k but the ram is still ddr3. My question is the mobo ECS H61H2-MV can overclock? Does DDR3 ram affects on gaming? Are all the latest cooler is compatible with 2nd gen mobo? And what do you say about volta/Navi gpu,cannon lake and ice lake? Should i just wait for it then upgrade? Thanks
  9. 1070 = Max all settings 1440p? But the question is do i need it? Am i going to play in demand 3a titles? That's the question im going through right now hahaha
  10. I just want to play @1440p with a decent settings with other 3a games. But my target is that why i get a 144hz is because im playing CS:GO which will benefit me. And im okay with medium to high preset in other 3a games
  11. Vega are so expensive here. But the GTX 1070 cost $487. In CS:GO i lower the resolution and use blackbars and that will give me 60+ fps and take advantage of 144hz. In other games does 144hz help? If im going to play like GTA V or other PS4 games?
  12. Monitor: ASUS MG278Q 144hz Freesync = PHP. 26,000/USD $506 CPU: Ryzen 1600 = PHP: 11,040/USD $215 Mobo: MSI B350 Artic ATX = PHP: 7,300/USD $142 Ram: G skills trident z 8gb = PHP: 5740/USD $111 GPU: RX 580 8GB = PHP: 16,000/USD $311 PSU: EVGA 600BQ = PHP: 3495/ USD $68 HDD: 1TB WD BLACK OR BLUE = PHP: 2350/ USD $45 SSD: HyperX Fury 120gb = PHP: 2995/ USD $58 CASE: S340 ELITE = PHP: 5150/ USD $100 Total in PHP: 80,070/ USD $1,560 So I lived in the Philippines. And here is what Im going to build. I want to play at 1440p with decent frame r