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  1. I thought it was already on the store, I have had it on xbone for ages. oh well. Amazons football (English Premier League) coverage is excellent.
  2. Nice that the game supports this, the game look poopy though (not graphically),
  3. It works you have to go to display settings and graphics options in windows to switch it on, I have briefly tested it, got more stutter in my golf game and slightly lower bench score in Valley, Dishonered ran fine though. Like i say only tested it briefly with my 5700xt.
  4. Fury was ok with H.264 for streaming I haven't stream with the 5700XT since upgrading, I have with encoded videos using .h265 on 5700XT and it is really good, super fast super high quality.
  5. I usually drive F1 cars and GT3, i used to drive road cars in AC using the H pattern GB, not done that for a while though (too lazy to set it up). I am going to play more RF2 and PC2, the FFB in RF2 is superb, and in PC2 it acceptable at worst. I think i am mostly going to be playing endurance races around Le Mans though, i love that track so much.
  6. I haven't got any LMP1 cars for RF2 i have some LMP2+3 cars though, i have some LPM1 for AC though, may have go on that.
  7. I have never got on with any 911's in sim racing, in GT3 I always drove the 488 (AC,ACC,RF2,PC2,AM), always found it a lot of fun to drive even if the breaks are a bit scary on it.
  8. I watched a good 16 hours of Le Mans Virtual at the weekend, it was a fantastic race with some amazing drivers, i have done about 10 laps of Le Mans in the 488 since picking it up this week, i am down to a 4.09, with a few setup tweaks, I need to gain a bit of confidence in the cars breaking and i think ill be under 4.00 with a bit of practice and few more setup tweaks.
  9. Download Sapphire TriXXX software too. you do almost every from with in the New AMD driver suite, it is very impressive although still has a few bugs. https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-19-12-2 https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/software
  10. had it for about 12 months or more even, never played it.
  11. It looks like something out an early 80's Si-fi movie set in 2020.
  12. Bioshock has a better story than 2, and is maybe slightly better than infinite, Gameplay wise 2 and infinite are more polished that the original. Overall each have something to offer. My favourite is infinite though.
  13. I just watched mine update, took literally 5 mins or so, had to run winver afterwards to make sure it hadn't gone wrong.