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  1. You'll do just fine. Not sure about the bottleneck but fuck it. I have the i7-4770, 1080Ti and 16GB DDR3 and games plays really smooth. I have a 1080p monitor because it suits my needs and requirements but nVidia has DSR that allows you to play games at higher resolutions than 1080p. So you can select 1440p or 2160p in games. For example, my GTAV runs at 1440p, GTA4 and some other games at 2160p. There is not one game that runs on 1080p.
  2. It takes too long for the "fix" to be released. Some guy on Dutch news site posted this link to fix it: https://storage.googleapis.com/moz-fx-normandy-prod-addons/extensions/hotfix-update-xpi-intermediate%40mozilla.com-1.0.2-signed.xpi
  3. CTR640

    1440 p Ultra setttings 90 fps

    Probably the RTX2080Ti but not worth the money. So I bought the 1080Ti last year and it serves me very well. Of there it depends on the games. Like for example, my 1080Ti can do the regular graphics setting on ultra, even with Grass on Ultra is no problem. But the Advanced Graphics on the other hand... I disabled them all. Your 1060 prbably can do 1440p but not at 90FPS or you have to lower graphics setting.
  4. Cars with auto-pilot are easily attractive to lazy "drivers".
  5. Why are there cars with auto-pilot to begin with? Won't that cause the planet to have too much cars to increase deaths in traffic? Or does Tesla simply care more about the money than the well-being of their customers?
  6. CTR640

    Pc built in Germany in the US

    To stay perfectly safe and have zero problem: sell your current PSU and buy a new one in Germany.
  7. That's called 'arrogancy'. It doesn't matter if he owns the fucking Earth or not, if he stays like that, not much people will like him. I have no idea why he called someone a pedo guy as I haven't really understand the news article about that but calling someone a pedo guy publicly, wether it's true or not is not the right thing to do. He could have called the authorities to start investigation against that guy. You can either be innovative and massively successfull and act respectful towards anyone else and have a good personality or you can be innovative and massively successfull and be the biggest asshole on the planet.
  8. If there was no Huawwei Mate 20X, I would have gone for the Oppo Reno. It's a pleasure upgrading from big LCD screen to big OLED screen. Maybe I'll buy the Oppo Reno too lol. I don't need 5g as I only use the wifi and don't have a subscription.
  9. Control Panel is not showing anything to get the detailed appcrash log. And what is this 255 (ff) crash thing on GTAV? Having been searching for days but no fix for now.
  10. Hi, so I've been trying to fix GTAV crashing when going to online but it always crashes when I land in my safehouse. Like when in storymode and then going online to be put in your apt. The error log: I reinstalled my Windows7 and yet.... the same crash when going to online??? Unbelieveable. The Windows is clean and legit (OEM) and only installed the necessary files like latest GPU drivers (1080Ti) and almost all Windows updates. No MSI Afterburner, no Overwolf or any layer that could interfere when going to online mode. It's the Warehouse version, retail one and downloaded with the GTAV download tool from my SC profile. -edit- Now it gives the detailed crash log when any app is crashed. I'm getting the BEX64 and StackHash_1dc2 error when going to online mode.
  11. CTR640


    Not only that, there is a good chance you'll get purple tint in black/dark scenes like in movies, pictures and other content using VGA.
  12. No. it's not that way I want. I only want to have the appcrash log as shown in the last picture when any app crashes. And where do I typ the "problem reports"? Like for Window 10? I tried to search that and no results.
  13. I'm disabled too and it's not racism indeed. But I have no idea why it doesn't surprise me it's Kotaku.
  14. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ok-youve-deleted-facebook-but-is-your-data-still-out-there/ There are more articles about that, can't be arsed to search for more so you can search for more.
  15. Not really, they still have informations about you after you deleted your account.
  16. CTR640

    Vega 56 + Haswell i7

    You'll do just fine with Haswell + Vega 56. I have the 4770 too and 1080Ti here, no problem.
  17. It is if I'm right. But you know how the big corps are, they won't care and won't do anything.
  18. Exactly. Even if you delete FB before changing info in to fake ones, your data still remains on FB their servers. Pretty creepy.
  19. CTR640

    Radeon VII vs 2080 ti

    Even if the Radeon VII has more shadercores, if their architecture is not good for gaming, it's still shit. And not to mention AMD is not really good for a certain amount of DX11 games. And lets not forget the Radeon VII is basically a compute GPU, namely the MI50? But due to errors, they made it a "gaming" GPU.
  20. CTR640

    Will i7 7700k bottleneck 2080 Ti?

    Even if you have the luxury for it, you can always save the money left for something else. So either get the 1080Ti, 2080 or some fake AMD card. (Ye, sorry, I lost trust in AMD's GPU department)
  21. Fakebook is simply way too big to go bankrupt. They can pull any shit like this and people simply won't care. And saying "Alright, I've had enough of it, deleting FB right now" doesn't help anything, Mark Suckerberg laughes his ass off at you.
  22. Who are those morons that thinks it's effective to block something? From what I've seen they are full of old geezers that knows jack and think they live in the 1930's or something when everything is better than 2019. Jeez, wtf is wrong with them? Here in the Netherlands our ISP's blocked TPB and guess what? I found a much better way to torrent shit, way better than when TPB was not blocked. They really wasted money, time and effort, it's not going to work, end of story.
  23. BFFs and for 6 years? More like BFs for limited time lol