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  1. Hmm, Scamsung or Scumsung, hard to tell. Oh well, why not both!
  2. He made a point and a comparison of how you are as a human, eh I mean psychopath.
  3. Yep, DSR is a very good feature, I love it. I have the 1080Ti and FHD monitor but this GPU can run games easily at 1440p using DSR and some games even at 2160p.
  4. Of course, like I'm dumb enough to give them my butt... Nope, there is a consent.
  5. What am I missing here? My little brother had the Switch and I could see bt was there but I couldn't connect my bt headphone if I wanted to?
  6. Even if you wanna sue us, we have an entire army of lawyers and you are just a small bug we step on it! "No sorry that's not your face, your face violated our terms of service" That's so fucking savage lmfao!
  7. Oh dear Apple, can you please stop stealing people their stuff and claim they are yours? What's next, you invented oxygen?
  8. Disagree. I own both the actual PS2 device unmodded and the actual gamedisc DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and the game doesn't look very great on it. Once you emulate it, increase the resolution and add anti-aliasing, the game looked much more crisp and sharp, every fx looked much better and crisp too when I emulated it. But the laptop was heating up tho so never bothered with again since that because it was simply only for the giggles. It was way back in 2010 or 2011 and I had a C2D CPU and 9600M GT. And oh, I kept the aspect ratio unchanged.
  9. Same thing happens to OLED tv's according to stories. But yeah, 1080Ti is still a beast so fps dropping by a bigger margins is unlikely to happen unless I install graphics mods made by stupid fucks who thinks RTX7090Ti is out. And yes, 60hz.... But I love this monitor so nothing so no issue.
  10. I doubt it's VA. The issue is totally on Samsung their side. I have a VA monitor and there is no backlight bleed and the uniformity is excellent. It's a BenQ monitor. The flickering is because of VRR or other sync tech but I could be wrong tho. OLED tv's do have the same issue wit those tech. BFI (Bacl Frame Insertion) can be an issue tho but again, I could be wrong. These are the thing I've come across when I was gathering more info about the LG 48C1. For now I'm waiting for the 42" OLED and I'll just disable any of the sync anyway.
  11. LOOOOOL so much for €3600.... Ugh... But then again, it's freaking JOLED. For many years they still can't fix shit! Don't they know their shit won't be popular with such insane prices?? Fucking hell, man! Damn! yeah, the stand is very very ugly and cheap looking crap.
  12. We have a tablet/laptop and they refuse to fix it after the first while it's not our fault. Of course it's Asus... My sister needed to have a small laptop for school. I'd rather buy from Coolblue. Maybe they can be expensive than other webstores but they don't cry. Due to all the horror stories, it sounds to me it's like the QC has gotten much more worse. I'm really scared if I buy a new monitor right now, I may get the never-ending LCD issues. Although only BenQ or Iiyama it is and definitely NOT from Gigacrap, Assus and Scamsung.
  13. Mediamarkt is full of bullshit. I'm from the Netherlands too. -edit- Maybe not bad for some.
  14. Yeah, I cannot believe how extremely shameless Asus is. Do you still the 32EP950? I'm curious if it's flickerfree but it's confirmed it's not... And I'm sensitive displays having no flickerfree technology. Here in the Netherlands the LG 32EP950 it's for pre-order for €3599. Well, I'm waiting for 42" OLED, almost 3x cheaper.
  15. 15+ dead pixles LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! Wtf?! At which webstore did you buy them? Bruh, that's ~24,500 Euro we're talking about... But it's Asus and totally expected because their QC is terrible on a whole new level. We are talking about €3500 per unit!!!!!!!!!! I once had the Asus PQ22UC oled monitor and returned it after two days because the oled is not inf:1 black and blue ink-ish smearings started to appear the next day when there is white content like in movies and movies.