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  1. I had a plasma tv and when I had to get rid of it, I was searching for a new tv and I found out all are led tv's which caused me to get extremely disappointed because of the contrast. Seriously, lcd/led tv's and monitors are pure poop with endless issues. So I had to crank up my budget and got the LG A7 oled 55". It's almost 3 years now and so far, no signs of burn-in. I have to look hard but can't find any and I watch a lot of discovery channel, national geobullshit and other tv channels with static logo but I avoid football and other sports but I've never been interested in that shit anyway.
  2. I am in the same boat and I made my choice: either get the 48CX or wait for the 42" oled that should be coming out this year. My desk is deep, that's what I meant on my other topic. The length is the same. There is another important thing to know, the brightness. My parents have the IPS tv and the brightness is too much, like really too much! Lowering the brightness will make the picture look very dull and ugly. My 55" oled tv that's only meant for netflix and tv, I've lowered the oled brightness and there is absolutely no loss in picture quality. OLED tv's have two diffe
  3. Just curious, why is McAfee name still used as corp name when the crooked pos is no longer a ceo?
  4. Yeah, there is a good chance I'll wait for 42". We had 42" plasma tv many years ago so I already got the idea. And as earlier mentioned, I have a 55" oled tv and the settings and colors right out of the box were terrible. Not in a bad way but the colors were way too saturated, like you would see in physical stores. It's not really a pain in the butt when adjusting settings. I mostly calibrate or change when having new monitor or tv. I guess it's my habit? Expert1 and adjust some settings and good to go. Good to know, I'll look more about ASBL. ASBL is when a picture stays longer
  5. Thanks for sharing your experiences. What means ABL? The thing about SDR, what kind of content and at what resolutions? My room is not really bright so I think it's perfect. I mean, I don't want very bright levels. And you probably mean the other setting changing the brightness level, namely OLED light slider? Despite using the tv for my PC, I wouldn't be browsing the webz and writing emails and all of the other standard stuff on it. I already have a portable monitor so I can switch between the monitor and tv.
  6. Oh oops, misunderstood
  7. That's not much of an issue and am aware with that so I can live with it. Correct. I have sorted all of that. I had two oled monitors and both had to be returned but I did take steps before I had them. GTA and The Crew 2 are the only games I play so far and none of them more than 3 hours, maybe 2 hours at best.
  8. Wot?! Lol, I have both the Tygr and DT880 and the Tygr is worse is a load of bullshit. Have you tried toning down the highs? Otherwise Monolith Liquid Spark can do that but @rice guruis the guy for that.
  9. My current GPU is a 1080Ti and it it serves me very well. I use DSR to game either on 1440p or 4K depending on the game. I had been looking for VA monitors. Does curved monitors have a greater chance for backlight bleedings?
  10. I see. A nightmare because of that distance or for use case? A good idea to drop it and keep my current monitor? Levels of enthousiasm isn't my intention in the first place. I have reorganized my room and everything and wanted something new and nice but I don't have issue if others recommend me to forget about it. Kind of sim-rigging is what I want but if it's a bad idea, I move on.
  11. Well, I already have OLED A7 55" and have measured the lengt and width to have a bit of an idea how a 48" would be. 48" wasn't my first choice in the first place at all but as you know, there aren't any of them smaller than 48". I can wait tho if there will be. And what do you mean 2'? Metres or inch? My current monitor I use is a Benq GW2280. Ok thanks. I have my A7 for almost 3 years and no issue or very unnoticeable but I avoid channels with bright logos.
  12. Damn, that's unfortunate. What about eBay? I have the DT880 250ohm too and I like it. Though I have toned down the high frequencies a bit with the APO Equalizer with Peace addon to adjust settings easier but it's an amazing headphone too. I got the Black Edition btw.
  13. Hey everyone, I recently upgraded my desk and am looking or waiting for a new monitor or tv. The LG 48CX is a very populair one amonst gamers and to those who watches movies and I want to use it for both. Why OLED? I can't stand the %$@& backlight bleeds when buying a new lcd monitor and I value great blacks and so far, only OLED. Although I've been looking for Samsung G5 or G7 but the backlight bleeds immediately turned me off and looking further. So the 48CX is on top of the list. But I would like to hear from owners of this tv who are using it for PC: is there inputlag when
  14. I have no idea what happeneed to the thread but I have the Tyger 300R and I love it. The treble is damn silky smooth and not piercing. It's an amazing headphone for the value and the comfort is superb too! -edit- And oh, I had the HD560S and it's a terrible headphone for your usecase. I don't want to shit in your cereal but holy shit, the soundstage is zero, null like 0. Yes, you can hear the stereo sound but Tyger and Fidelio X2HR beats the shit out of the 560S.
  15. CTR640


    Do you need a mic? A headset is usually refered as headphone with built-in mic. If mic is not required and you are not in noisy envoirenment: Fidelio X2HR or Beyerdynamic Tygr 300R If mic is required, it's not my place to recommend one because I don't know any of them. I can't tell or recommend if I never tried/used them