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  1. Overpriced piece of junk and absurd price for that size and only available with the stand or for a wall.
  2. Me and my cousin wanted to buy a Switch to play co-op games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario but due to Nintendo their shitty logics and tactics, I refuse it. I boycot companies like Nintendo.
  3. Those fuckers (scalpers) deserves it!
  4. Are they cherry-picked benchmarks? I would wait for independent benchmarks as I do not believe Jensen his leatherjacket is real leather or vegan-leather.
  5. Totally agreed. And I fucking hate it how consoles are so closed and no native support for mouse and keyboard.
  6. I had no idea you could mine on a console. And I meant PC gamers to move on consoles to game and let nVidia and AMD rot with their GPU's. But how did it die on console when it's no longe profitable to mine on? And how is/was it possible to even mine on a console?
  7. You know, despite we as gamers are not happy about this if true but tbh, I hope the GPU's will be very great for mining so the entire GPU department will collapse so AMD and nVidia will be forced to do something about it. Hopefully AMD and nVidia will wake up and realise this can't go on for any longer. This bs has been going on around for too long and hopefully gamers will just move on to consoles and never look back at PC GPU's anymore.
  8. Any reason why closed back? I own the Meze 99 Classics and despite it's labeled as closed back, it doesn't block any noise. If you want great bass, Amiron Home is an option and it's within your budget but it's open back.
  9. "Terrorism" is an old and lame excuse. They just wanna invade in everyone's privacy as usual.
  10. Yeah, I also remember AMD had a cpu faster than Pentium 4 and of course, Intel had to pull some filthy and sneaky tricks and manipulated the benchmarks. Internet was not really widely used at that time so Intel could lie and manipulate easily. Isn't Pentium D just two Pentium 4 packed on one die? Intel indeed is quick to get complacent. Intel probably paid developers to program only for 4cores? If AMD didn't kick back: i7-10900K with 4cores... And they probably knew about the security flaws but money gotta roll so screw security! That's what Intel thinks/thought. Intern
  11. Intel has been stagnating the cpu divisions for many of years and as a result: we've been stuck on the fucking 4cores bullshit. It's inevitable 4cores cpu's will be problematic some day, especially for games. Games would have to be nerfed because of that and want 6cores? Pay up over 600 bucks or more! 6cores and above were the HEDT like the i7-5930K and i7-5960X. And not to forget about the yearly 3-5% performance for the same prices. And most of us have thought Intel would have something more powerfull and better up their sleeve if AMD would kick back and guess?! They didn't!
  12. Being stuck on a contract... Damn, glad I've never ever done that. I just go get the phone I really want, find informations and if good, I buy it in one go. I remember the old days back in 2012 I think, I don't a fucking phone with the locked telecom company logo stuck and hardcoded in there. What means BYOD btw?