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  1. Hello, I'm fairly new to audiophile stuff and i got a turntable for my birthday, for now i only have a small speakers that i have from my highschool days, i'm making some upgrade plans like new speakers and headphones, i want to connect my non bluetooth turntable to my bluetooth headphone, is there any AMP that has a built-in bluetooth transmitter within $100 to $120 budget range? any help is appreciated, thanks
  2. only happen when i play games, and not all games and it doesn't happen all the time.
  3. Around end of last year, i got a new motherboard and replace my ASrock A320 with my Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WiFi, after around 5-6 weeks suddenly i got this random freezes, but i can still move my cursor, when i watch the video it buffers before it freezes, i think "oh this might be chipset driver conflict" so i reinstall windows and everything worked fine, but recently the freezes are coming back and it's still the same, i use my computer normally, cursor moving and all that and suddenly i can't close programs and it freezes. Is this a sign of failing SSD or bad motherboard? any help is appre
  4. i'm looking for an upgrade from my Logitech G103 Prodigy (G102 for Asian market), to a wireless option that fits claw palm grip, mainly for playing Rainbow Six Siege is G305 a good upgrade? I would like to save up for Glorious Model O wireless but it doesn't have an official distributor here and it'd be a pain in the ass for warranty and import fees
  5. so it should work then? i didn't know i could connect it upside down, it should go only in one way right?
  6. Good day, so i'm thinking of controlling my fans with the CM Small A-RGB Controller pictured below, i read that in order to control it via software, i need to connect the micro USB to the USB 2.0 header so i'm p[anning to buy this USB 2.0 header to micro USB cable And i see the mobo and read my B450 Aorus Pro motherboard manual that it has a 9 pin USB header instead of 5, will this still give signal to the controller? Any help is appreciated, thanks
  7. reading made me hopeful that my 550w gold PSU can run the 6700/6700xt
  8. I'm planning to change my solid panel black case to a white mesh case, probably the ARGB version of Lancool II Mesh or a TD500 Mesh and i'm trying to make all of my fans connect to software since i liked synchronized color with the CM small ARGB controller pictured below, assuming the answer from this Tom's Hardware post is correct, i can connect 3 of the included fans to the controller. But the Hyper 212 cooler would still be RGB and not synced, should i change the cooler fan into an aftermarket chassis fan? Maybe another CM fan?
  9. PS: i'm gonna upgrade my cooler from Ryzen stock to Hyper 212 RGB Black so nothing to worry about on the thermal paste side
  10. Just bought a B450 board upgrading from my A320 board, i'm planning to move everything later this day, is there anything i need to know before moving all parts like NVME SSD, CPU, etc? except backup windows obviously
  11. i kinda sorta found the fix, i turned on acoustic echo cancellation and it fixes the problem, although it makes the mic quality worse but not the point it's unusable.
  12. do you think i can eliminate this with like a USB sound card or something?
  13. Hi there, so i was playing some games with my friends with discord and my friend complained that the game audio is leaking to the call. I thought this was a discord problem but when i tested it with Audacity, it shows that it's happens outside of discord too. I have searched for many solutions including making sure that the "Listen to this device" option is not checked and making sure all the exclusive mode options are checked (proof on video, sorry it's in Indonesian), to uninstalling and reinstalling drivers many times. At first i thought the problem was because Realtek read my headset as sp