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  1. That's the biggest bullshit I've ever heard in my whole life regarding cryptomining. No, just no. It will harm everyone some day, not just gamers.
  2. APM looks damn ugly, sorry but at such prices there are better options. Even the Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless is cheaper and yet it provides superior sound and it can be used wired too so if battery is degraded too much, you can use it wired. And there are many many other options out there.
  3. Don't forget the consoles as the cpu's and gpu's are from AMD and nVidia only has graphics department. It's really a fair comparisons.
  4. CDPR really fucked it up this time, even two major stores in the Netherlands are warning buyers for bugs! It's the first time ever this happening
  5. Some people never ever learn, eh? Why did some got overhyped for this crap? Just because they made The Witcher games doesn't automatically mean Cyberbug 2077 is a great game too. And how old is the PS4 and X1? From 2012? CDPR should have KNOWN those shitty consoles won't be able to run this game. Life lessons: - never ever pre-order! - never ever get overhyped because that usually leads to massive disappointments!
  6. I read on head-fi planars don't have wide soundstage. Never had any planar so can't say for sure. I do own some great headphones and love them. What are the difference between HD800S and HD820 other than open and closedback?
  7. Fortunately shark cards are not required to buy. But damn, what was CDPR thinking to do this?
  8. What about the spaciousness between planar and dynamic?
  9. They call themself "Codemasters" and brings out half-assed games? EA can fuck it up much more tho like premium offroad wheels for $9,99 or waterproof and dustproof IPX67 engines for $59,99 lmfao!
  10. I can relate to that. The Witcher series is not my favorite genre but the Netflix series were done amazing! I guess I'll still stick to my favorite game: GTA And lol at the gif! I am a big time PC gamer myself and I fucking hate RGB. Thanks God I got the Fractal Design R4 so I can hide the hideous Gigabyte 1080Ti Aorus. This GPU was only only one left at a very reasonable price thanks to mining craze and then the bubble got boomed.
  11. Why has the game been overhyped so much? Is it because of the company who developed the The Witcher 3? Or because the company has good-will?
  12. Exactly. And if those numbers would be true, then perhaps, nVidia (and AMD) plays a role too in the scalping crew?
  13. Beyerdynamic too. Meze Audio too, Audeze, AKG too I think and HiFiMAN. Prices like that are audiophile ranges.
  14. For years I've been using the onboard audiochip of my motherboard because I only used earbuds. But it changed as soon as I moved on to headphones and they were not really loud, like the volume is too low despite the volume on max in Windows. Later I discovered it depends on the sensivity in dB. But anyway, I upgraded to Fiio E10K and it can provide enoug of juice to less efficient headphones but the sound wasn't really different, except the treble is more softer on the onboard audiochip. After having better headphones, I upgraded to Fiio K5 Pro and the difference is very noticeable, the sound
  15. I used PayPal some weeks ago and their airfright doesn't allow magnets so the seller wanted me to dispute and within a day, I got refunded very quick. It was even in weekend too. Today got my money back too after I got scammed by eBay seller selling me a counterfeit Marshall Stockwell speaker lol. PayPal is the best if you have strong evidence.
  16. Aliexpress does support PayPal? Maybe it differs from region.
  17. And how do you charge your phone then? Or monitors? There is a difference between two of them. Miners use electricity 24/7 while gamers doesn't.
  18. Overpriced piece of junk and absurd price for that size and only available with the stand or for a wall.