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  1. 77C1 all the way! I've seen it in a store and boy, that thing looks lit!
  2. Nice to see you'll get a refund. Hopefully the f**ker will be banned from paypal and ebay. But ebay should not let sellers delete their account untill everything is finished.
  3. Tell him either get a better cable or downgrade to a pos monitor or sell his hardware. I don't understand the logic, he can buy a RTX3070 with a superior OLED tv and yet refuse to get a better HDMI 2.1 48Gbps cable? Wot?! This is a good reminder for me too. And btw, the 48CX doesn't have 144hz, only 120hz. Unless I'm missing something?
  4. Looking at Sony's reason to not support 1440p natively in their tv's, I doubt it will shift faster. But then again, that's indeed the beauty of PC gaming, You can choose any resolution and refresh rate you want/need.
  5. Closedbacks may not have wide soundstage but there are a few exceptions like the Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd gen. I'm still impressed how wide it is. However, it's not really cheap and it's been discontinued a while ago. The 3rd gen has a slight reduce in soundstage but I don't own one and won't buy it anyway. But there are many many headphones that has wide soundstage too and the brands marketing how awesome 7.1 surround sounds are in headsets are usually the gaming brands like Razer shit and so on. Spare yourself from these stupid traps and get the Fidelio X2HR. Affordable and comfortable too.
  6. Keep us updated. Very interesting in how this turns out. This is an actual warning to everyone else to READ descriptions very carefully and in which category the objects are placed. Shit like that is why I never buy expensive PC hardware, also because of fear for the parcels being damaged overseas. And this is NOT okay, you should gather all the informations and in which category it's placed. Mind sharing the link of the object?
  7. I highly doubt audiophiles and audio-enthousiasts would ever buy this odd and fugly looking shit. I don't want to take a dump in someone's cereal but that price?! Damn, you can buy many headphones with that and a good dac/amp. Clothing brands should stick to clothing, they don't know shit about tech.
  8. I fail to understand how they can farm FIFA currency. Do they need 3800 players? Or are all those 3800 PS4's highly trained AI to simulate? EA can simply fuck off lol, they'll earn the loss back anyway. Scums gotta be scummed.
  9. The E10K is a beginner and budget device. It's as good as the onboard audiochip on the mobo. I had it and when I made the upgrade to Fiio K5 Pro, the difference is huge.
  10. Probably the Fidelio X2HR. Other headphones to consider: DT880 and Tygr 300R. These are that I own so that's why the list. But the widest? X2HR.
  11. LG oled tv's are the best and less expensive. The 48C1 should now be cheaper than Sony's 48" for example. Panasonic their 48" oleds are also more expensive too. If you use different content like gaming watching movies/series, you shouldn't really worry about burn-ins. I own a 55" oled tv myself too 3 years now and no sign of burn-in. Get the LG 48C1 as the C1 is the best for gaming. For computer use, get a small cheap monitor or even portable monitor for more convenience and space left.
  12. Agreed. I really wonder, how did all the 3800 PS4s cost? Like almost $2m? Mining cryptos is hardly profitable and and PS4 is really old device, like 9 years old. Released in 2012 but we should keep in mind the console has been in development before 2012. And then like $53k in profit? Then they'll get caught before they earned their investments back.
  13. Shoulndn't the OP be updated? It seem it has to do with the FIFA Ultimate thing: https://delo.ua/econonomyandpoliticsinukraine/kriptovaljuta-vinnica-fifa-384126/
  14. I sold the DT770 250ohm exactly because of the treble. It's not harsh for me but it's fatiguing quickly. Definitely the Tygr 300R. It sounds a bit like the DT880 without the treble spikes. Fidelio X2HR is an excellent headphone too.
  15. Tygr or the X2HR. They are very good all-rounders.
  16. Look at those attacking gamers uses more power than miners. Please, wtf is that bullshit? Gamers do NOT have 100+ GPU's in SLi/Crossfire. Miners on the other hand have 100+ or 1000+ or 10000+ GPU's. Forgot about all those 3800 PS4's mining?? And stealing over $200k/mo of city power??
  17. Indeed a bullshit news. It only applies to China, not somewhere else like in EU and US, not even in North Pole!
  18. Amiron Home will fit in your budget too.
  19. Beyerdynamic Tygr and X2HR have excellent comfort. I own them both. What is your maximum budget? The Amiron Home is excellent too. It has cinematic audio, perfect for watching movies and for gaming it's very good too.
  20. Backlight bleeds are very common for any type of led-lcd panels. And it's a damn lottely unfortunately. And it's IPS, you say? It could be IPS-glows which is inherent to that panel tech. Nothing to about it unfortunately. Maybe return it and get another unit?
  21. @SolarNova What is this thing about service remote exactly? Isn't the remote included by LG already remote or are they completely different? Mind showing an example to help me in the right direction? I know I won't be using HDR in games, I mean, none of the games I play are natively HDR-supported and also not using G-Sync, Free-Sync, VRR and so on. I want the oled tv completely as monitor. BFI is TruMotion? Or is it really called BFI? Curious because of this:
  22. @Stahlmann My parents has a led-lcd tv, LG too and I can completely turn that shit off, no more transitting between dimmer and brightner. I only notice that on my A7. Very strange and stupid. I'll check later again. So BFI seems useless to me, no big deal at all. Can miss it. Oh nice! I was worrying about the not flicker-free but that explains why I don't have any issue with my A7. I had two oled monitors in the past and I returned them within one day. The fatiguing headache and eye-strains were very severe and the symptons appeared within 15 minutes, lit
  23. X2HR is not ear-piercing? I have it and love it and I'm sensitive to treble-spikes. Unless I've gotten used to it.
  24. That is Beyerdynamic Team Tygr. Stand-alone Tygr 300R is half of that.