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  1. Hiya! Finished!? Awesome work, I see your desk everywhere now! Great share, I see you on the next build?
  2. Yeah it worked! He said thanks!
  3. He did what you've said. Awaiting now
  4. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Full retail version 1 year old Reinstalled the OS but had the problems before windows 10. CPU: i7 4770K GPU: GTX770 MSI MOBO: MSI MS-7821 RAM: 8GB PSU: Stealth X Stream 600W Selfbuild Desktop. DXDIAG: http://www.mediafire.com/view/dtn3yefaf90npdv/DxDiag.txt So my friend has some problems with his computer: Problem 1: Ram goes RANDOMLY to 95% ussage. Problem 2: C: Drive also goes to 95% Problem 3: On start up the screen flickers with black and white pixels. Also RANDOM. Problem 4: Before the windows 10 upgrade he was warping in game (no internet lagg). We've stress tested the cpu,cpu,ram with furmark and some benchmarkings but we couldn't trigger the problems. It is very random. Could this be a program bugging out or psu that's giving to much voltage? Thanks.
  5. 1 million dolla plez Thanks bud! Haha i'll do it in this room, I don't even have a kitchen right now D: They'll come! Thanks! Appreciate it!
  6. Logo is finished and oh man it looks awesome! Some non final pics: Ps: If you didn't know I have a youtube channel [LINK] Be sure to subscribe because I'll upload the roomtour video on this channel if you're interested! Also new hardware from Corsair will be reviewed on the channel. I have a full album on IMGUR [LINK] HINT: Easier to share around Thank you guys for the awesome comments on this build, I hope to bring you more awesome projects.
  7. PART ONE The outlines of the logo Thanks to my dad, because I can't draw on walls Also some sexy stuff incoming in september from Corsair!
  8. Wow thanks man! Maybe when I'll meet the righ people I can do it professional, I wish. Yeah I feel stupid not vlogging of filming this I'll make it up with a roomtour but I guess a fully buildvlog would've draw more attention.
  9. Back again with an update on the room So I wanted something modern and I didn't want to place a normal closet. Since I didn't want to "break" the look of the raw brick wall. After a visit in Ikea I've found the ideal thing closet doors it fits well with the wall. After a visit in the shop i've found something to hang my clothes on. Now there is one wall left that needs to be finished. What do you guys think of this design? Please feel free to leave some ideas!
  10. Thanks! Yeah you're right! I've seen yours today, I was like SHIII this guy! I'm in love with your desk buddy Great design!
  11. Amazing! You're doing a great job! Keep the updates comming!
  12. Ofcourse thanks! I guess we had the same dream then? And I see what you did there I'll help you, here you go! Thanks means a lot to me and I do That's good enough for me! Thanks
  13. Oh I'm happy The bathroom is finally finished! Here's some teases More pictures comming soon! I'm still waiting for the month July! Corsair is teasing so much can't wait to get my hands on some gear! Also a BIG approval of some friends (Not a LAN party though) I got my own fridge as a gift from my lovely grandfather! I hope I can do the room tour in August so stay tuned for that. Please be sure to follow&share on the social media it will help me alot! Twitter: @xyouneed Facebook: Stenz Lannoo Instagram: xyouneed Steam: xyouneed
  14. It's awesome to read such comments! I'm gladd you "jawdropped" Thanks! I hope so! If you have any questions about anything or need help with something i'm here to help you out.
  15. Maybe? I hope they'll stick with Cherry's.. Never had a mechanical keyboard I hope it's a positive giddy! It's the only forum i'm keeping updated though.
  16. Oh well.. GG, you won. Okay no, but this is an awesome glorious build! This is costum Thanks for sharing it with us!
  17. I don't know honestly, I have to see for myself I'll have to wait a few months though.
  18. Ah EKWB They are very generous and a great company! I love how you are making this desk a watercooled one I wish you the best of luck and have fun! The love of desk builds are real!!
  19. "exciting new peripherals" Thats all I can give you.
  20. Allright! Corsair is going to hit me up with something cool within 2 months! Can't wait to see what they're sending Please go give them a like and put some parts of them in your computer! Thank you guys for the sharing support!