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  1. Oh my goodness! Another SR2 person!

  2. You are very incorrect. Dual loops are less efficient on all levels than a single loop. Single loops allow you to use all available rad space at all times,dual loops do not. Warming of components that are not being used is not even a concern so I'm confused why you would even worry about this. Rad efficiency goes up with higher fluid temps and has no relation to temperature glide across components. If you want some 'credentials', I work at EK and have been doing this far longer than you.....
  3. PETG and Glycol coolants = Broken. Glycols are a solvent for PETG. I have been saying till im blue in the face,PETG is not acceptable for our us.
  4. I painted stock acrylic blocks. Updates later today!
  5. S Frame has had its etch coat but I wanted to see how everything looks in place...... Now to plot out where im doing my cut outs and look at how im running the carbon fiber tubing to keep everything tidy. As some may know,I handed in my notice at EK so I will be concentrating on packing up all my crap and driving back to the UK....just in time for the nuclear lightshow! This means thee will be a few weeks of doing nothing with this build or I may smash the paint out before I go...depending on weather.
  6. Our resident lens monkey and professional Serbian took some pics today....... Thanks Atila.
  7. And they are done. Yum! Now to get on with the S Frame itself. The paint is LUMO yellow with a black based marble with silver overlay. 2k clear to finish. Very pleased with how they came out!
  8. 2 out of 3 done......I think I will do the last one tomorrow.....
  9. I know....I have not been updating very often......but...... Blocks are nearly done along with the rads,I used LUMO yellow and marblizing solution to get the effect.....and like last time,I need a boat load of clear to finish them up. Luckily I have some awesome 2K clear to hand! Now I am just waiting for a nice day....
  10. CF works just fine. The tolerance is acceptable,get a small test sample and try it out before just scrapping it. I am just awaiting my CF tube for the S Frame im doing.