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  1. Hmmm, I wonder where I could purchase one. I dont really have any tools or parts...
  2. Im using a cisco one converted to USB with an adapter.
  3. So far these still arnt working. Is there anything Im missing, maybe something Im missing?
  4. Hey everyone, I scored a Service Access Switch durring a recent internship and I needed some help connecting to it via Console. I had the network Admin make a CF card that works for it. I have a console cable on com4 however whenever I try to connect to it via Putty it just sits at a solid green place holder blinker and sometimes shows weird ascii symbols. Ive worked with Cisco products and there CLI however I cant get any console connection.
  5. Id personally go the route with Windows Server and run Storage pools to do a software based raid. Then later you can add drives to the pool and expanded it as needed. Plus Hyper V!
  6. What hardware are you planning on using? Because that is a factor as well.
  7. Ive looked into things like that and you can do it with a bios hack however a fan controller Im not sure.
  8. You inadvertently solved and issue I've been having for quiet some time now. Thanks!
  9. Very cool! Ill have to stop by my scrapyard and see what I can find Havent thought of doing that.
  10. Teamviewer is best, down load it on both machines and connect that way. Trust me its going to save you alot of hassle.
  11. This is what I was going to say^
  12. "Would it be possible to host the active directory on the hosted server and dhcp on the firewall?" Yes.
  13. I beleive you could use freenas on it. Setup those 4 2tb hdds in raid 1 on each, then in freenas run it in a raid 0 and in the end let the hard ware controller take care of the rest. Im not an expert on freeans but I have gotten freeneas to work and not complain when just passing through hardware controlled virtual disks. Edit: Plus it has ECC memory. Which is important and good in a nas. My NAS dosent have ecc. But do as I say, not as I do.
  14. *cough* *cough*
  15. Im no expert in freenas what so ever, I just use it for simple ZFS configuration and a GUI to monitor things. but that does sound like a good idea. I tried to install plex like you did and ran into all sorts of issues wiether it be playback issues or just getting the container to find my media. Ugh.