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  1. My suggestion is get a REAL router, and turn the ISPs into a bridge. Then enable UPNP.
  2. Id recommend just getting a used 16port switch like this one. Cheap and on brand and proven.
  3. Either non detection, loud ass clicks, no clicks at all, or you see it crying. All are signs its dying and or dead. (Also if its REALLY REALLY BURN YOUR FINGERS HOT)
  4. I think hes afraid his hard drive is become sentient and is jealous he put Windows on the SSD and not the HDD... Or something with a windows key but yeah..
  5. WD, Seagate and HGST (Part of WD). You can find 2-3TB drives for under 100 now which is awesome
  6. Couldn't help saying it, I would imagine you get it alot. But as I said either a RX 560 or 570. Hell even a 1050ti is good enough for 1080p last time I checked.
  7. You should have started your post with "Billy Mays here!.." But yeah RX 570 or 560 or even a GTX 1060 if you really want to go there for cuda etc. Up to you though.
  8. Liquidcooling would fix the issue yes.
  9. Do you have any recomendations for wireless HMDI? Such as a dongle that comes off at the machine and at the monitor for a point to point connection?
  10. Id need 1 DisplayPort and 2 HDMis, preferable around 150 bucks for all of them?
  11. Hey All, I'm tempted to try and do a wireless display setup (g sync possible? Even peripherals?) due to an idea I have. What do you guys think? Anything on the market that could fit the bill? Thanks!
  12. Amazon Web Services might help, look into them as their pricing is pretty fair and you only pay for what you configure and use. Plus I'm pretty sure they have technicians and designers to provide assistant if you need it. (However I'm not sure about the last part.)
  13. Go with a Dell r410 or 510, the 410 can be had for little as a 100 dollars, 4x 3.5in hotswap bays and all the way up to 16 cores. Its defiantly somewhere to start. If you need heavy storage go with what @tt2468 said. The R510 can be found for alot more but has the expand-ability you might need.
  14. P.S. Just orderd a 27U Rack (160bucks Brand New Freeshipping), hopefully it fits the bill if not I can send it back Will put an update post when it arrives.
  15. I want one but I can only find them in the UK