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  1. Unplug it from the internet and install steam games through USB devises or off a NAS with a FAST connection. (Direct connection to the NAS)
  2. Id buy a used server off ebay. You can get up to 32 cores for less then the price of that machine. A used Dell r610 or r710 can be used easily enough. Or an HP equivalent.
  3. Yup! Looks like Ive hit the max disk usage. Ah well, now its an excuse for me to get some SSDs Thank you all for the help! Im sure Ill be back soon with new issues as it always seems. Networking is one letter away from Not working.
  4. No I have no, I dont think SMB is the issue. Mellanox ConnectX-2 SFP+ Nics x2 in each server. I actually achieved 678 transfer speed to my nas with my RAM drive. At this point I would think its a drive speed bottleneck. What do you guys think? NAS Drive: x3 WD 1TB Red 5400RPM RAID5 Connecting Server Drive: 10k Seagate SAS Cheata Drives Raid 1 OR a 4gb RAM Drive.
  5. Hey guys, I'm connecting two of my servers with dedicated 10GbE SFP+ connections. Both NICs are seen in OS and are transferring data successfully over the connection at near "max speeds". However the connection speed is not what it should be. I've enabled Jumbo Packets at max size, picture below.
  6. In short! -Mutliple connections (NIC Teaming). Two 1gigabit cables combined through software or hardware to make a 2gigabit path (or more) Redundancy! If one nic or port fails the other can take over. And to connect everything
  7. I believe there's already a pinned section for that.
  8. You can check the wiring on the the ethernet terminators. Could be a different standard? A or B etc. we have ours running through 2 routers, a switch, then a patch panel.
  9. So just to be clear, youre connecting your router/modem into the wall to have them talk to the rest of the houses network and its not working?
  10. Ah well that information would have been essential to know. Hmmm.. I dont know much about Apple and their confounding operating systems.. Especially on mobile. Maybe hitting it with a baseball bat?
  11. Urm... Try a different browser?... Reinstall your browser?...
  12. You should probably look into buying and moving to either a Dell R720 (If you want to go with Dell Still) Or a HP equivalent. Upgrade and migrate over the data bit by bit.
  13. psu

    EVGA 650w or a 750 if you really want that much power. Links below.
  14. Cool! Ill start working on it tomorrow, for now its time for bed. Thanks for the help!
  15. As a student I can get my hands on the datacenter version so dont worry!