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    i7 4790k
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    Asus Pro Gamer 1150
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    16gb Corsair Vengence @1600mhz
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    GTX 970 (G1)
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    Corsair 750D
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    1x SSD (256gb), 1x M.2SSD (512gb) 2x HDD (3tb WD Black, 1tb Seagate SSHD)
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    EVGA G2 1000w
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    2x Asus 23.5inch 1ms 60hz, 1x Asus G-Sync 144hz 1440p
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    Noctua NH U14
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Corsair M60 blue
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    Kingston Cloud X2
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  1. Ah well that information would have been essential to know. Hmmm.. I dont know much about Apple and their confounding operating systems.. Especially on mobile. Maybe hitting it with a baseball bat?
  2. Urm... Try a different browser?... Reinstall your browser?...
  3. You should probably look into buying and moving to either a Dell R720 (If you want to go with Dell Still) Or a HP equivalent. Upgrade and migrate over the data bit by bit.
  4. psu

    EVGA 650w or a 750 if you really want that much power. Links below.
  5. Cool! Ill start working on it tomorrow, for now its time for bed. Thanks for the help!
  6. As a student I can get my hands on the datacenter version so dont worry!
  7. Dell Perc6i's I believe. I'm unsure whether to run them as individual disks or RAID them into RAID5 for each set on the servers.
  8. Hey all, Currently I'm working on a project to link two of my servers together in a cluster and combine their storage. Then after combining the storage I wanted to partition a large amount of it out for a NAS. I'm fairly novice when it comes to advanced windows server stuff so any help would be appreciated. Server Info below Dell R710 2x E5530 8 Core With Hyper Threading 24gb Ram 4x 1 TB HDD Dell R410 1x L5540 4 Core With Hyper Threading 8gb RAM 4x 2TB HDD Note: I'm also putting a 10Gb NIC in both and configuring a path for quick transfers.
  9. I have an r410, r610, and r710 and the noise level is about the same depending on work load. (Atleast to me) Ive never used HP servers however my cousins said theyre better for some reason. Anyways what Im getting at is that theyre fine servers and work for basically whatever you need them for, virtualization, web server, firewall, etc.
  10. I didn't delid the processor if that's what youre thinking, just mounted a NH-14U on a standard in the box lga1150 system. If it comes down to having to become a physicist to be in IT I might tap out but thanks for the information!
  11. That could be a cause however I think its down to another bad mount.. Ill remount it later tonight when I have time and if its not fixed oh well and if it is fixed then huzzah!
  12. Indeed, oddly enough this CPU used to go to 4.5ghz Stock with nothing changed even though the bios said it was set for 4.4ghz... Ill keep an eye on the temps, so far 10 minutes of burn in with aida64 only shows the temps that I put above without any throttling. And if it explodes it will give me a lame excuse to move to x99
  13. Ah okay got it! Well its not OC, that's just stock everything. I remember it running A LOT cooler (70c MAX) so I got concerned.
  14. Hey guys, So I replaced my thermal compound between my cpu and my cooler (NH-14u) and the thermals have been odd.. I've replaced it twice sense and have still been getting these temps. Its been awhile sense I've studied up on safe temperatures for my processor and just wanted a consensus on if its in a safe margin. Also as the title says HWmonitor reads it peaking at 110 watts which I've not seen before. Everything's at stock, no OC, fresh TIM etc. Also Positive air pressure with 3 intake 1 exhaust in a 750D. Thanks in advance!
  15. If its just a cloud based storage solution then a Synology NAS port forwarded with a Cloud application added can work wonders! If it comes down to needing more power and needing to drive more then a Dell PowerEdge server could also work however I think the expense with that would skyrocket in comparison depending on what you get. (Dell R620, R720, Etc..)