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  1. I'd really suggest proxmox. Proxmox has alot of cooler features you might want in the future such as containers and gpu passthrough. Its also free

    Just get a used server off ebay... Trust me.. Like a Dell R410, R710 or R510. All are great cheap and awesome powerful hardware for under 400 dollars easy.
  3. HP ProLiant DL380 G6 as Home Server

    FreeNAS requires drive level access so youd have to flash the raid controller to IT mode and just use it as a HBA. But if you just want something simple you can grab 2 drives for the OS (Raid 1) and grab 2 drives for the Data Storage (Raid 1). Then either use a normal windows OS (Win10) or splurge and get a Windows Server License however they are really expensive.

    128mb... Its a router. Granted mine has 8gb but its a full 1u machine.. Still.
  5. The "Jankiest" Internet Solution

    Unfortunately hotspot is the ONLY way to go. I have an old watchguard router then I could test and flash with DD-WRT. Good idea! Testing will ensue... Thank you! More ideas still welcome
  6. The "Jankiest" Internet Solution

    Hey all, Currently at home we're stuck with ATT 10/1 internet speeds and paying about 90 a month for it.. I know right? What we want to do is purchase a Verizon hotspot that is basically a wifi hotspot to a local cell tower to get around 15-20 down and 1-3 up. This will then be load balanced with either a PFSENSE or TP link solution to add up to a now redundant 35ish down and 5ish up. Thats still to be tested. How would I connect a wifi AP (Such as a ubiquiti AP) and hard line that to my WAN port on my router, thus making the verizon hotspot connected to my home WAN. Save me from ATT... SAVE ME. (Other ideas or solutions accepted)
  7. NetApp SAN Configuration Questions

    Very neat! I'm defiantly going to look into that. I'm almost tempted to see how freenas works with the netapp device so I can use ZFS and implement Raid 6. I havent really used storage spaces very much. Most of my expeirence is with Windows Server 2012 and R2. Edit: Or Xpenology
  8. NetApp SAN Configuration Questions

    I have never actually heart of that. One that I saw planning on testing was StarWind SAN which is a free vSAN Software to my knowledge.
  9. NetApp SAN Configuration Questions

    Looks like Ill just use storage spaces. I'm a college student that just got done with a (luckily) paid internship so I'm kinda sitting on funds that could be (and most likely) will be put towards more homelab stuff. I really want to move to a 42U Rack and not my 27U because its getting kinda full... My next project when this is done is moving to diskless servers and iSCI booting my other R410, R710 and R610 off my SAN maybe with either 10GB links or just some FC 4gb Nics that I can find in the trash outside of my office... Anyways, thank you and @Lurick for all the help. I'm sure I'll be back with updates and issues soon enough.
  10. NetApp SAN Configuration Questions

    Interesting, sense I'd be using software raid I'm wondering if the disks would pop up either way. I always hope for plug and play in the server world and always get disappointing almost instantly. If I where to do hardware raid what raid controller would I be able to use in this situation. The machine Id most likely be using in this case for a controller would be a Dell R410.
  11. NetApp SAN Configuration Questions

    I was looking at that, which dosent sounds fun. Do I have to reformat them? To my understanding its changing the Sector size which would just add space. Also nicely enough that guy in the video made a video on reformatting them as well.
  12. NetApp SAN Configuration Questions

    Correct! I found a X2065A on ebay for dirt cheap so thats in the list of things to get plus 8088 cables. I dont have a nice raid card unfortuantly but I wasent sure what to really look for if I wanted hardware raid with this SAN Most of the ones I find even at work are fibre channel and I cringe at the thought of working with it.
  13. NetApp SAN Configuration Questions

    I watched a video where someone pretty much got a desktop computer, and a HBA Raid Controller, and basicly slapped it together into a raid ) on the raid card. I wanted to basicly pass through the disks to the R410 and use windows Server Storage Spaces to put it into a software raid (I would perfer hardware raid but its just for homelab stuff so learning is more of the goal. ) A large amount of googling was done at 2AM when I found this deal. Its 270 bucks after shipping for it. 24 450gb drives and fulling redundant IO in the back.
  14. NetApp SAN Configuration Questions

    Hey All, I have the option to get a NetApp DS4243 with 24 450GB Drives for fairly cheap and I wanted to use it as a homelab SAN as well as a backup box. For a controller I read that you can get a NetApp X2065A 4Port HBA for a JBOD passthrough to the server. Im wanting to double check that Im in the right here. Edit: The OS I'd use for the server would be something like Windows Server 2016. I'm also wanting maybe an HBA that has Raid enabled on it for something like a raid 6. However Im thinking thats really expensive.
  15. Need help with network storage

    It was more of a quick ballpark estimation plus if you get a nicer machine you can do plex transcoding or other things on the side as well as being a file server. But you are right you can get it for cheaper.