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  1. 4K no AA. What aliasing?? Unless you put your face right up to the screen... it's not there, and that point you are ACTIVELY looking for it which is defeating the purpose of even playing a video game. Fix the fucking OP, the videos, the top video is 720P resolution, the bottom one is 1080P. That's why the lines on the UI are jaggied, need more proof? i will show you what those lines look like at different resolutions. Remember i'm using an R9 Fury, no Nvidia GPU. Rank at 720P. 1080P
  2. Well i thought i would be limited with my R9 Fury... turns out it can wreck face at 4K too.
  3. What a piece of shit.. seriously. My Fury is a 300 watt card and i never break 70c even with low fan speed pushing more volts and an OC. I had to add music in my video's because you can hear nothing in the background but a quiet airflow sound.. and i'm running an x58 system with a MASSIVE OC.
  4. Speed of Vram does help Vram move things faster if the GPU can output fast enough. So 512 GB/s is going to handle it's Vram filled better than a 215 GB/s bandwidth will, not to forget just how wide 4096 bit is.. it's silly. There is also things to take into account liek Nvidia using superior compression methods for Vram which equates to less Vram usage at higher settings vs an inferior method. Fiji has this also. This is a console not a GPU but it still applies. Think of the Playstation 2, it had the lowest Vram of it's generation, but handed effects amaz
  5. Yup my 1160mhz Fury was just under a stock 1070, a fully clocked 980Ti was hanging in there with clocked 1070's.
  6. Where? not come across a game that eats it's Vram? only one i have is DOOM but it bans you from enabling nightmare lol.
  7. Fallout 4 with high settings (Textures ultra) 4K Diamond City (hardest place in the game on any PC) FO4 runs awesome for me yet people say it runs terrible on AMD GPU's ??
  8. An idea of how fast a clocked up 1366 xeon is vs Ivy.
  9. LUL I laughed when someone mentioned XEON don't OC well.. fucking i7's get left in the dust on max overclocks, no offence. XEON also sports more cache, 32NM process and low TDP.