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  1. Help me out in figuring out how much I can sell the following parts for (separate or together).

    • CPU: Intel Core i7-930
    • MB: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
    • RAM: 12GB DDR3 Patriot Sector 7
    • GPU: 2 x MSI GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme
    • PSU: Corsair HX650W
    • Corsair H80

  2. Dictionary based substitution attack is included in cryptool2. One click and it is decrypted.

    As the solution says "Solving a cryptogram which uses a simple substitution cipher with pen and paper, rather than using an online tool, is not particularly difficult."  :P

  3. Cipher text:

    Svsnqof h zygeavfyhc ujqzj pxkx h xqcesk xpwxaqapaqvo zqejky uqaj eko hol eheky, yhajky ajho pxqof ho vosqok avvs, qx ova ehyaqzpshysg lqttqzpsa. Io h fkvzhzjqof epbbsk qo ajqx hykh qa uqss eyvwhwsg wkfqo uqaj ovyaj tvyag xknko lkfykkx ajykk tvpy. Tjk skaaky ehaakyox vt xknko hol ajykk hyk lqxaqozaqnk. Ia jksex av pxk h ikg, tqssqof qo skaakyx hx ajkg hyk qlkoaqtqkl. Tjk ikg zho wk xvyakl hsejhwkaqzhssg wg eshqo akma vy zqejky akma.


    Substitution cipher:



    Sort alphabetically by bottom row.



    Key word is DISCOVERY


    Plain text answer:

    Solving a cryptogram which uses a simple substitution cipher with pen and paper, rather than using an online tool, is not particularly difficult. In a geocaching puzzle in this area it will probably begin with north forty seven degrees three four. The letter patterns of seven and three are distinctive. It helps to use a key, filling in letters as they are identified. The key can be sorted alphabetically by plain text or cipher text.

    I solved it by plotting frequency of letters as @LoneRangerS suggests on the previous page. Then just substitute letter by letter by looking for likely words.

    MATLAB script I wrote, if anyone is interested: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9iasfl8pt38vhw9/Cipher.m?dl=0

  4. because of the experience you had with corsair though does make me think twice about picking up a corsair box off a shelf in a store considering two months without a computer.  If corsair repaired brakes on a vehicle 2 months with faulty and unrepaired brakes would be an issue.  I'm just trying to find what companies put themselves in our shoes when something needs replacing.


    Some people have bad experiences with certain companies, other have good ones. I've had nothing but good experiences with Corsair support.


    1. The hot swap PCB in my 800D case was DOA, so I contacted Corsair and they sent me a new one at no charge and it arrived within days.

    2. My Vengeance 2000 suffered from the cracking headband issue and Corsair sent me a pair of Vengeance 2100 as a replacement. I had to send in the broken pair, but they even let me keep a few of the parts, such as cables, ear cups, etc. 

    3. I accidentally broke my front panel USB 3.0 port when I yanked on a cable (after many years, definitely out of warranty) and Corsair sent me a complete front panel replacement free of charge. Again, it only took a few days to get to me.


    On a side note, I've used 3 different Corsair power supplies and I haven't had any problems with them.

  5. If you purchase it in person at the store just tell them which retailer (MemoryExpress, Newegg, CanadaComputers, DirectCanada, TigerDirect, etc.) has a lower price and they will check the competitor's website. The item has to be in stock at the competitor for them to approve it. Also the part # / model # has to match exactly.


    If you order (for in-store pickup) on the NCIX website, in your shopping cart you can add price match requests for each item with the price and the link to the competitor's website. Then they will email you telling you if the price match is approved or not. I think this is much easier in my opinion.


    I've only had one price match (for thermal compound) rejected in-store, but usually they are pretty good at it. One time NCIX actually gave me a lower price than the competitor, but I can't remember what item I was buying.

  6. I always thought DirectCanada and NCIX were the same company. Either that or they're best buddies with offices in the same building. I usually get NCIX to price match DirectCanada.

    Maybe call them on the phone instead? That might get you a faster response.