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    Epic Voice of Tech
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    Technology, gadgets, photography, video production, writing, gaming, voice over.
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    Video content producer, copyeditor, writer, amateur photographer and voice over artist, avid gamer, recent college graduate.
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    Content Creator


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    Intel Core i7-6900k
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    ASUS X99-A II
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    32GB DDR4
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    MSI Gaming GTX 1080
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    Master Case 5
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    Monoprice 4K, Monoprice Zero-G 1440p, IBM e74M CRT
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    Logitech G810
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    Logitech MX Master 2S
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    Windows 10 Home x64

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  1. EposVox

    Machinima wipes all videos without notifying it's creators.

    It was on my list to archive them this year. I have a small amount of archives, but trying to get everything I can. OP, can you share on r/datahoarder or archiveteam?
  2. EposVox

    LG 34UC89G vs Dell S2716DGR

    I would like to point out that there are a LOT of issues w/ Windows and mixed display scaling. System icons and etc. will be at random, unpleasant sizes, individual windows will freak out between monitors, etc.
  3. Yes. A program like VLC/MPC (arguably any competent media player should but they don't all) will let you change which audio device it's playing to. You can't manage this on an OS level, but some programs let you change this.
  4. EposVox

    Multicore GPU?

    This actually used to be the kind of "Titan" slot for gaming cards for a while - the big beefy, between-generation card would just be two of the higher end ones glued together. They still counted as SLI/etc. and weren't very reliable. But it was fun to have a period of X2 and etc. cards knowing they were likely problematic.
  5. EposVox

    Uploading music on Youtube

    Nothing you put in a video description will protect you from consequences of breaking copyright law. If you actually do have license to use music/content, that does need to go there, but stating that you don't have license does nothing. A lawyer won't stop from suing you if it somehow got that far, and it won't protect you from automated or deliberate Content ID claims nor Copyright Strikes to your account.
  6. EposVox

    Uploading music on Youtube

    No. It does nothing whatsoever and just shows you don't know how copyright law nor YouTube policies/tools/enforcement works
  7. EposVox

    Uploading music on Youtube

    Claiming "I don't own copyright blah blah" doesn't do anything to protect you from consequences of breaking the rules and just makes you look like a fool.
  8. If it's a TV then it will handle 720p fine and look better on high. But also if you can't tell which looks better yourself I guess it doesn't really matter lol
  9. In-game, 720p high will "look better" - but depending on your monitor, scaling 720p up to your monitor's native resolution will make it look pretty bad, and in some cases, cause more input lag. This has gotten better in recent years, but most of my 1080p LCDs look awful running 720p. Worth testing with the hardware you have. Should be straightforward to just change the settings and see which you prefer, lol. If you can find a 720p or 1366x768 monitor to game on, you're good to go.
  10. EposVox

    Why does 30 FPS feel smoother on consoles than on PC?

    Interpolation, vsync, a TV made for it
  11. Single Xeon. Do not go dual Xeon. Source: Puget systems - as reliable testing as it can get. Also ask Barnacules. He made the mistake of doing that and suffers for it. Premiere no longer scales as well across 2 CPUs and it is simply not worth it.
  12. Hey there! Could you please add me on Discord again? :P

  13. Buying the channel wouldn't necessarily do anything positive for them.
  14. EposVox

    Onboard Audio vs Graphics Card Audio/HDMI

    Onboard for sure. But yeah long-term you want an external DAC or DAC/amp combo