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  1. Intel gives up on patching Spectre variant 2

    Here's the full doc from Intel on the status of microcode updates for their CPUs: https://newsroom.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2018/04/microcode-update-guidance.pdf I find it interesting how Gulftown is getting left out, but Westmere EP and WS have already been updated when they (to my knowledge) are very similar CPUs. Nice to see the W3670 in my server still being supported, just have to find a way of installing the microcode onto my X58 Sabertooth 🤔
  2. Q8200 has a 1333MHz FSB, this mod only works with 1066MHz FSB CPUs (clearly stated in forum post and video description).
  3. There are other similar mods for CPUs with 800MHz and 1333MHz FSBs.
  4. You have to run bootrec from a windows installer environment (e.g. boot of a win 10 usb) iirc.
  5. DELL 9020 SSD upgrade

    As far as I know those OptiPlexes use standard sata cables, have you tried the SSD? Should be as simple as plugging it in and installing windows.
  6. Wouldnt go higher than a 1030 with a Pentium D. A Core 2 Quad can easly slow down a 1050Ti in CPU heavy games.
  7. HP P400 RAID Controller - lock up!

    Lol ik But the Sabertooth Z77 is UEFI.
  8. HP P400 RAID Controller - lock up!

    I have a HP P400 that I have used with both Windows 7, 2008 R2 and 10. I have used it in a Sabertooth Z77, P6T Deluxe V2 and a P5Q Deluxe. I guess you should be fine if you flash a new firmware.
  9. If you followed the guide properly and have tried my bios then I dont know how to help you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. New battery for ThinkPad X200

    Lol ok, will probably be better though than my current battery (original 9 cell) that only runs for 2hrs on a good day I hope
  11. New battery for ThinkPad X200

    Sure thanks, in what way could the quality be worse? Capacity or longevity?
  12. I have a ThinkPad X200 that needs a new battery, and I've been looking at different places I can get one. I can get this from a Norwegian website I know is good, but its pretty expensive, compared to this, that I found on ebay. Is the listing on eBay too good to be true?
  13. No I dont, but a quick google search should reveal the answer. You might also want to snip your quote because its so long (edit your post and replace the content of the quote with snip).
  14. I cant remember as its a couple years since I did this mod, might be worth a shot though. I've attached my modded bios 7C4D1P45.ROM
  15. Possible to dual boot windows xp with 10?

    Slipstreaming AHCI drivers into the installer might be worth a shot if OP doesn't have a floppy Quick sidenote: Your drive has to be MBR iirc.