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    The Netherlands
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    Star Trek, PC Gaming, PC Hardware and Building, Old Music, Cars, Retro tech
  1. Marc030

    Speaker replacement [Peugeot 206 from 03]

    Right, thanks. yeah mine came standard with back speakers. BTW the JBL caps were a peugeot factory upgrade you should be able to order them at a dealer if you wanted them and add the correct size tweeters.
  2. Marc030

    Speaker replacement [Peugeot 206 from 03]

    JBL is not the worst but if you are a real audio freak on a tight budged its fine especialy if you add dampening pads in your door panel behind the speakers it makes a real diffrence in sound. Edit: btw i also have a 03' 206 but i have 2 back and 2 front. you can remove the caps from your doorframe that goes up to the roof (cant find the word for it) and jbl has some caps so you can place tweeters there. you only need to add the wiriring.
  3. Marc030

    I think I've run out of tv shows to watch

    You must watch The Sopranos!
  4. Marc030

    Is your computer a heater?

    I remember last summer, lan-party with 5 friends in a room with almost no ventilation.
  5. Marc030

    Ghost Recon Online

    How's the playerbase? lots of players?
  6. Marc030

    This is why i don't play cod

    Oh i remember the good old cod 1 and 2 days.
  7. Marc030


    I'm a Vlog kinda guy so i would love to if they made those more often.
  8. Marc030

    Top Favorite Singers

    Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Roy Oribison Johnny Ray Elvis Couple more, big fan of the 40's 50's and 60's music.
  9. Marc030

    Battlefield 4 Deluxe

    It will probably be on sale the next day so i dont worry about it.
  10. Marc030

    39C day today, temps not bad

    Great, its raining here :(
  11. Marc030

    Anyone else interested in RTL-SDR/Ham Radio?

    I started a thread a while back about radio scanners and CB radios (27mc band) and got very little reply's on it. but i'm a big fan of anything that has to do with this and i'm saving up for a nice setup. Oh and in the Netherlands its the same, everything is digital ><
  12. Marc030

    The Razer Bade 14 inch

    i think they wont even do that, probably only a standard US layout will be used. i'm not sure tho because i cant find anything on it.
  13. Marc030

    Keyboard Spill

    your keyboard might be filled with rice but you could just fill a fishtank with rice and put your keyboard in it :P
  14. Marc030

    What Router Companies DONT TELL YOU

    so you are running custom firmware? because there are a lot of problems on the openwrt and ddwrt firmwares for tp-link routers
  15. Marc030

    Recommend a joystick please

    i can vouch for the Saitek x-52 pro