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  1. I live in a dorm that shares internet with the semi-public network that all students use so I really don't want my traffic to be too exposed to whoever is on that network.
  2. EdgeRouter Lite does give somewhere around 400Mbits/s in tests. And I'm not talking about RV320 ut the RV340.
  3. I'm after the high throughput speed of routers like the Cisco RV340 (650Mbit/s with IPsec).
  4. OpenVPN is just a software, isn't it? Maybe you mention the VPN-provider OVPN? I'm looking for the service that providers like TorGuard, NordVPN and IPvanish delivers but who also supports IPsec on business grade VPN routers.
  5. I'm in the market for a VPN provider who supports IPsec on SMB/Enterprise VPN Routers from companies like Cisco or Ubiquiti for high throughput speeds (400Mbit/s+). So far I've only founds providers who supports routers running consumer grade software such as DD-WRT and Tomato. Happy for any good suggestions! Thanks
  6. Unfortunately it's exactly what I'm not looking for. I'm looking for something simple like the Pebble watches.
  7. I'm fully aware of Pebble being devoured and not being an operational company anymore. But I need a new watch and I want something that does slightly more things than a analog/digital watch but I am not looking for a fancy smartwatch for several hundreds of dollars and Fitbits are geared towards the wrong things for me. I'm able to get the Pebble Steel for a reasonable price and I wonder how the functionality is a year after Pebble closed its doors? How is the 3rd party support and is there a good community surrounding it? EDIT: Maybe there's some other device with current
  8. So these settings looks good? Using TORGuard VPN Service.
  9. So I live in what could be called a College dorm, we have access to the schools WiFi which is shared with all students. What I'm wondering is how much and what the network admin can see of my activities when I'm using an encrypted VPN service? Are there any steps I can take to make my activities as private as possible? Me and other people in the dorms are pushing to get LAN outlets in our rooms to make it possible to run our own routers with VPN Clients but until then we're stuck with the (sort of) public WiFi.
  10. That's very unfortunate. I guess I'll have to find some other way to get away from On-board soundcard and the small USB-dogle type of soundcards(These always fail for me) and still be able to use the ModMic. Edit: I will give it a try with a 6.3mm to XLR adapter, just to try it. Otherwise I'll just return the Audio Interface. Really bums me out.
  11. My SO bought me a M-Audio M-track MK2 for my birthday, I'd been told that it would work well with both my headphones and microphone(ModMic 4.0) with a 3.5mm TRS to 6.3mm TRS/TS adapter. But hell, it does not pick up any signal from my mic. The interface does not seem broken since there's crackling when I plug in and unplug the microphone. I've tried both channels on both Line and Instrument with both the TRS and the TS adapters. The interface: http://m-audio.com/products/view/m-track-mkii#.VytgXPmLS70 The Microphone: http://www.modmic.com/collections/modmic/products/modmic-4-0
  12. I'll always go for the metal straps, I can't wear anything else.
  13. I'm considering the 1st gen for the same reason, if I realize that "it's not for me" I'd be much more okay with spending just over $200 than closer to $400.
  14. As long as the screen turns on when I turn my wrist to look at the time/notifications, then I will be glad. I don't see the point in having it always on if I'm not looking at it. Battery life is more important to me.