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    i5 5675c@4.2ghz
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    Asrock Z97 Extreme 4
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    Avexir 2400mhz 2x4gb
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    2x Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming
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    Bitfenix Shinobi with orange mesh
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    Crucial M500 240GB + Seagate Barracuda 500gb
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    Super Flower Power Leadex 1300W gold
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    Acer CB280HK 4K2K + HP S2331a
  • Cooling
    Alphenfohn Matterhorn Rev b
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    Microsoft one
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    Asus Echolon gayming urban cammo one
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    Altec Lancing 2.1 and Samson Metior
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    Windows 7
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    Pc's, overclocking, mountain biking, rc cars, full size cars, money.
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    Metrology engineer

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  1. any water block is fine for 24/7 usage its better than air and air can be used 24/7
  2. Stick them on ebay and get a gpu with a full cover block like Vega reference card
  3. just take it apart then check to o ring is all good. its only 4 screws.
  4. nobody does a full cover block for low end gpu like this. you might be best off with a universal block. but then the vrm will overheat because its poo on gigabyte amd cards
  5. Air Cooler for MSI 1080 Seahawk EK?

    Just rma lol
  6. R9 290x Matrix Platinum Buy or not .

    lightning or vapour x, but the lightning is better tbh
  7. GTX 1070 ti temps?

    No really it should be mining at 75-85c gpus aren't really meant to run games
  8. R9 290x Matrix Platinum Buy or not .

    Considering its one of the worst 290x cards every made and its a ripoff price because all gpu prices are insane, I'm going to say no. Don't buy
  9. How to get MAX ram speed

    To get you ram to max speed you need to buy a z370 apex or an asrock x 299 oc formula and and intel cpu
  10. OK I see what you mean now. You can just post one as it says all the results at the top
  11. The more times you run it the higher the scores gets. Not the more times they post the screen shot
  12. What cpu do U guys have

    Idk lost count
  13. i7 8700k