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    Pc's, overclocking, mountain biking, rc cars, full size cars, money.
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    Metrology engineer


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    i5 5675c@4.2ghz
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    Asrock Z97 Extreme 4
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    Avexir 2400mhz 2x4gb
  • GPU
    MSI GTX970, Jetstream GTX1060 6GB
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    Bitfenix Shinobi with orange mesh
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    Crucial M500 240GB + Seagate Barracuda 500gb
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    Super Flower Power Leadex 1300W gold
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    Acer CB280HK 4K2K + LG 22EA53
  • Cooling
    Alphenfohn Matterhorn Rev b
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    Microsoft one
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    Asus Echolon gayming urban cammo one
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    Mordaunt Short MS309 Sub no speakers
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    Windows 7
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  1. Give me computer please

    Sure go right ahead I didn't like him either. Same clearly a shit post
  2. Give me computer please

    Indeed they need rehabilitation after they have been revived, they do not want to be a used again.
  3. Give me computer please

    Why don't you earn some monies then buy your own computer.
  4. I can say so because I don't stress test cpus just run 1.4v on air the upto 1.7v on phase for quads. Don't really look at temps.
  5. Passmark is a really bad way to choose a cpu.
  6. Buying 2x 1080ti's NOW vs. When 1180's Launch ??

    lol they said that about the geforce fx5950 ultra with 256MB of ram
  7. Indeed sandy on air at 1.55-1.6v doesn't reach 80c on a short bench.
  8. they must have gone up and out of stock since i last looked then
  9. no they are £500 from cex
  10. has anyone noticed a load of pictures from their albums have disappeared? 

  11. amazing how cool a 4c8t cpu that is soldered runs just imagine how much better 7700k would have been