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  • Birthday 1987-12-24

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    General tech stuff
    Building PCs (trying to get more into case modding)
    Designing software (haven't built much since College though)
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    I went to school for Software Engineering, graduated and started working for a granite counter-top company because the two fields are so alike.
    I got into building PCs because I wanted to play Crysis and then got into it more when I realized that I couldn't afford to build cars but i COULD afford to build PCs.

    I have seen so many Tech Tip videos even before Linus was on his own but I watch them in the car and never remember to visit the forum or even sign up. But I really like the stuff lately and the idea of a submerged PC got my buddy and I all soggy. Hopefully we can do something like that.
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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Asus x58 Sabertooth
  • RAM
    12GB G.Skill Rip Jaws Triple Channel DDR3
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 680
  • Case
    CoolerMaster HAFX
  • Storage
    All of the storages - 12TB
  • PSU
    Antec 1000w
  • Display(s)
    3 Asus 24" 1080p monitors
  • Cooling
    CoolerMaster V10
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G110
  • Mouse
    ThermalTake Inferno
  • Sound
    Some sort of 5.1 system (really old)
  • Operating System
    Windows 7
  1. Cars in my experience have always been ladies. Like my '98 Honda Prelude - "Ms. Lude", it was an abusive relationship both ways and in the end she took me for everything I had.
  2. I don't really get what is going on with this thread but I see people posting pictures of their cars so... This is Sheila.
  3. Snoood

    Whole Room Water Cooling Part 4

    I'd like to know why a full sized radiator wasn't used. Like from a car or an air conditioner. One could've been picked up for cheap at a scrap yard. And then only one fan would be necessary, plus the parts are designed to be exposed to the elements.
  4. Snoood

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    I thought the NUCs had blowers don't they? I guess I'll have to win and find out.
  5. Snoood

    I need help first time choosing parts?

    I mentioned this in our private conversation but I'll post here as well so we can get some more opinions. On the Puget Systems site (I was REALLY wanting that mineral oil case) they have an article about the draw backs of having your OS drive in RAID and the reasoning is that it adds a level of complexity that only garners minimal performance improvements since the small writes won't really be any quicker and the reads will be nearly the same as a single drive. Plus you are counting on 2 drives not failing instead. It would be nice to get another voice on this. Perhaps from a member that doesn't have my "Newbie" tag.
  6. I know this isn't the thread for it, and boy oh boy a quiet PC is dandy but where do we find out the wieners of the Mineral oil cases? For cereal though, quiet PC is fabulous.
  7. Snoood

    I need help first time choosing parts?

    I'm in Ontario, find out and let me know.
  8. Snoood

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    This is 'nanners, how much stuff do you guys give away?! Anyhoo, if I won I'd build a sweet PC for high FPS high res mine-sweeper!
  9. Snoood

    I need help first time choosing parts?

    Maybe get a second Evo and run them in RAID for more better-ness. I have one if you like. I opened the box to see the contents but I'm not using it. How much would shipping be?
  10. Do a review on a car...Let me do a review on a car for you. Review my review of a car for you.
  11. Snoood

    Tech Confession Time!

    I Own a Mac G5 case and have $200+ worth of stickers on it.
  12. And I don't know how to properly quote in posts.
  13. I'm pretty much at the same point.i-950 and a GTX 680. I'm surprised that I'm already noticing the frame rates dropping in recent games. I'm running a mild overclock, basically just the turbo-boost clock speed at all times. I've been waiting for a real jump forward and I'm thinking that DDR4 and a few more cores might have to do for now. Was hoping for organic CPUs or some sort of slave-brain but yeah....8 cores....woo! Or whatever.