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  1. Exty

    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    pre ordered hero IV and 1800x from amazon to get it on release day now they are saying that i didnt pre order when it was in stock and that i will be getting it on the 7th pre ordered 5 minutes after amazon page went live on the 22th...
  2. Exty

    AMD Capsaicin And Cream Stream "Countdown"

    so it seems VEGA is going to be the next TITAN seriously amd screw you afcourse the price point is going to be the same
  3. Exty

    Pimax 4K VR??

    is it 4k per eye?
  4. Exty

    Nvidia 375.86 driver has issues

    you are going to be so dissapointed by it
  5. Exty

    OnePlus 3T: Up Your Selfie Game

    im waiting for any phone to support project fi
  6. this is great. maybe we will get good crossfire support on pc on ports
  7. Nvidia announces the new Titan X , Amd stock increases 11%
  8. so 960 x2 + 1080 = 1920 x 1080
  9. Exty

    Computex 2016 Megathread

    its tomorrow
  10. you again with your garbage
  11. Exty

    Project Ara shipping to developers this fall

    this is the best thing ever give me 10 , the possibilities , with VR alone its insane but you could use 3 phones , 1 for display 2 for controllers this is going to be a blast
  12. Exty

    (mini news) Most beutiful console game yet

    How ps plus works, you buy ps plus , you get 3-7 games a month raging from psp,ps3,ps4. in that month if you go to the store and buy thouse games for free they will stay for ever tied to your account. (so you will have them for ever) if your ps plus runs out and you dont renew it, you wont be able to download or play ps plus games that you got. but if you renew your ps plus again , you will be able to play all the ps plus games you had before.(if you lose your ps plus ,they still sit there in wait for you to renew it to be played.)
  13. Exty

    Euclideon games reveal

    why is euclideon advertising itself on these forums?