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  1. it's a real key. it'll most likely activate your system just fine. issues are... - they may have sold the same key to multiple people (a key tends to activate 2-3 times before it starts deactivating stuff) - if the key works now, and stops working in a year, you have NO support at all. - the seller at least broke microsoft license agreement, in some cases those guys break some laws, in (possibly rare) cases they're actually a money laundering optration. none of that is incriminating you, it's just a matter of knowing the possible origin. it's basicly the digital version of a "brand new in box iPad" going for 1/4th of shelf price on ebay. you know it's not right, but hell it's a cheap ipad.
  2. cant quite say it was a very clean run, but hey, it's a decent time :D


  3. so.. between about 20 different hardware failures on the card reader, other priorities, and distractions.. i got things to work with a game:
  4. if you replace the HDD with a modern SSD that'll probably solve your slowness issues, the question is how long do you want to keep an old beast running? i've currently got a laptop with i7 2nd gen cpu that i'm debating on mercy-killing. it's still doing great, but just about everything about the device is outdated, down to the display. if you're into IT, HP elitebooks make for a nice presentation piece, and can be had second hand for a very palletable price.
  5. so... i was installing some addon karts in SuperTuxKart, because opensource projects tend to be full of "minimal effort solutions" in terms of graphics i went to check all of them.


    theres some absolute junk in there, but VLC wins the freaking prize of minimal effort:



    it is so bad... that i'm keeping it, just for the meme.

  6. i'm sure there's no guide anywhere that tells you to hold a display in place like this while glue sets:


  7. cant quote on roblox, but for minecraft you just need *some* dedicated GPU that's not intel integrated graphics, and that's on a pci-e 16x link (yes, that actually matters in minecraft..) do you have anything on the shelf that's like, not 8 years old? because it'll probably work.
  8. that moment when you're trying to test a laptop with a broken screen before you put the new one in, spend half an hour trying to figure out why it's not displaying anything, and then you realise it's doing windows updates, only displaying that on the builtin display output.

  9. i pulled an old project off the shelf, and finished my raspberry pi 4 case:


    has access to all the I/O, easy SD card access, cooling fan, and a big cutout to plug IDE cables onto the GPIO header.


    unfortunately there's *still* not much to do with this thing, because pi4 support is still disappointing.

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    2. manikyath


      the RAID array for my server? running just fine in a 4x3TB RAID5

    3. pizapower


      Good to know. I remember that you tried to load games faster with a lot of different RAID configurations.

    4. manikyath


      oh that, well.. lets just say it was disappointing xD 

  10. so.. i watched pirates of the carribian: salazar's revenge..

    and i really dont know what to think of it.


    on the one side it's everything we want in a pirates of the carribian movie, but on the flip side the movie creates stupid amounts of lore that clashes with other movies, and here and there even clashes with itself.


    for example they state the pearl was taken by blackbeard "5 winters ago" (so that's 5 years), but the pearl was taken before the 4th movie, and the son of will and elizabeth is only born at the very end of that movie and is an adult in the 5th movie.


    also, breaking the curse somehow puts will's heart back into his chest magically. i wonder if that chest he gave elizabeth is now empty?


    given this.. i totally see why it gets such poor ratings, it's not a bad movie in itself, but just like a honest computer component review, if a gpu has serious oversights it should be said in the review.

  11. there's a thin line between "linus reads mean comments" becoming more regular, and ending up here:
  12. if it ends up usable enough, i'll probably write a "how to make this work" guide on the forum. first order of business on that side is to get things to a point you cant end up in unexpected hold-ups anymore. oh, and ofcourse.. i gotta figure out a way to stop the glue on the reader to stop coming off
  13. the levels of mad scientist are increasing:


  14. glued the case together today, and spent the rest of the day pretty much programming... its a simple demo.. but it's a demo, and its working: card in: cmd opens, card out: cmd closes code as it stands, taken out the "looping" debug print seen in the demo as well. i've had to find an alternative to arduino's "keyboard" library because it doesnt play nice with systems that dont have qwerty layout. i've also done away with the modified i2c library, and changed the static command locations on the card, so the 128 byte split is now gone. new todo: implementing a toggle for the "kbd mode init signal" allowing for exiting programs by giving the program specific inputs. for example, using the first byte as an indicator for which mode to use: 0 = use kbd init 1 = skip kbd init 2 = send alt-f4 3 = send a number of escape presses (loads of games actually exit this way..) etc.
  15. ignore the tape, and the two random bluescreens.. ITS WORKING: it'll connect into the back of the desktop with a mini DIN-8 connector. then inside it hooks onto a USB 2.0 header, and onto the power button header. in essence, this is your entire front I/O, except it's on a 1 meter braided cable. it was 30 bucks for a box of braiding, but DAMN this is some nice, dense, cat-proof braiding.
  16. there's a LOT of inefficiency in the code, i usually tend to not bother with optimizing until i actually end up running into issues caused by bloated code. and as for pin 13.. that's actually debug code which i forgot i left in, good you mention
  17. i am, in fact, completely sane (below image at the max resolution my phone can do for dramatic effect, with a scale provided)
  18. it's usually only recruitment agencies doing it that way, primarily because its great for "calculating your skill", but in truth it often loses the context. because of that double 5/5 and my last name being super confusing in some fonts, it did happen a few times they thought i was a migrant.
  19. this question also depends on the "market" to put it with an odd word. for example, some recruiting agencies here describe language skills as a score out of 5, where 0 is "not at all", and 5 is essentially second nature (or first nature..) after my job interview swiftly transitioned from dutch to english, and the person on the other end of the table blanked out, they filled in 5/5 on both english and dutch. but then, if i'd move to the UK, on that same scale i'd come up as maybe a 3 or 4 if lucky. but as a general advice.. its best to understate, not overstate. it's better for the job interview to be "pleasantly surprised", rather than "mildly disappointed".
  20. importing is step two. step one is creating a format you can import into outlook.
  21. a rare peek into my dayjob:



    just for those who wonder, this is not "for the picture", it is a monthly recurring task, and there's another laptop just out of view on the right, but i couldnt get far enough back.


    i've tried distributing the task out between a few colleagues, but it always ends up in disappointment.

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    2. manikyath


      old bank building, the huge desks are both a blessing and a curse. those drawers on the right are actually locked and completely immobile. as well as my coworker's desk being armored in half inch thick steel plating.


      staff expansion is an issue as well, since everything is bolted into the ground.


      i'd gladly slice off 30% of my desk space to be able to fit in a desk for every staff member and some dedicated space for what's seen above.

    3. minibois


      The reason most phones have a panorama photo feature.

      Love the setup! (also love the M500 mouse, lol)


      Currently I'm in school to become a programmer, but seeing stuff like this and reading stories on /r/talesfromtechsupport often times make me long for a career in corporate IT.

      The customer interaction is something I honestly wouldn't mind at all.

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      Looks clean.

  22. the card reader is taking shape: my 3D printer is hating life right now, but at least the 3 components i needed to print came out decently enough. managed to fit the arduino into a small enough enclosure by skipping the micro USB port and soldering leads straight onto the contacts on the back. testing functionality will have to wait until glue is dry.
  23. my guess would be either mounting pressure on the liquid metal, or that it 'leaked' away slightly. as the name implies, 'liquid metal' is well.. liquid.
  24. so... it looks like someone dropped off a cat in our neighborhood..


    little kitty appears in the middle of the night, is running around frightened, and is so tame you can lift her up without struggle.


    tomorrow i'm gonna look around to see if she's still here, and if that black cat from friday is still chilling out as well..

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    2. Xiee


      Sigh... wish I can get a cat as well. My landlady doesn't allow pets in our apartment.

    3. manikyath


      our biggest issue is we already have two furballs, and the elder of the two is rather set on his quiet zone.

    4. themaniac


      Guess you gotta find someone who would take them

  25. working helpdesk in a consultancy with some.. "special" customers.. best thing is every day is something new, just this week we had a client come in with a problem that made the entire office go "wait.. what now?" also, the way people communicate with their IT partner is absolutely hilareous.. they go third person level of formal, and then forget that their significant other's name also shows up in our mailbox as "sexy knight".. bonus is that some of our clients actually see us as wizards