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  1. .. why would you not charge your battery? this myth of having your battery on constant charge is really overrated, i've seen plenty of laptops blast way past the 4 year mark living on a dock 90% of the time. the moment the battery is full, it stops charging. that's a function of your laptop, not the charger. if you insist on not 100% charging your battery to save battery durability, look into ways of limiting maximum charge to 75-80%. i know it's possible, but i've never bothered to figure it out, because in my experience modern laptops are smart enough to not wreck the battery in the first 4 years of usage even in the most extreme circumstances.
  2. so.. i was just considering something..


    if a case designer is going for a look where tinted glass in front of fans is desirable..

    would it be a big impact to the look going for a fine mesh instead of glass?


    advantages of mesh:

    - presumably cheaper

    - less sensitive to damage (also in shipping)

    - improved airflow

    - less weight (cheaper shipping)

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    2. manikyath


      i mean.. clear tempered glass sure, but if it's tinted i see that looks difference sort of close down.

    3. FloRolf


      Mesh looks like a million times worse than tempered glass m8. 

    4. manikyath


      meh.. i guess i disagree.

  3. from the word out there, there's really no reason not to trust PIA at the moment. it's not because the company is no longer in its own hands, that they are suddenly no longer trustworthy.
  4. a VPN only speeds things up if the "default path" for your traffic is trough a heavily congested area, and the VPN just so happens to go around it. as for changing your DNS server, its mostly a matter of faster conversion from hostname to ip address, it'll maybe speed up loading a webpage by a second or so, depending on how slow your usual DNS server is.
  5. couldnt tell you if it matters, all the ram i have on hand is DDR3-1600. as for motherboard.. whatever is reliable and fits the budget.
  6. uh.. what are you testing this against? speedtest servers tend to neck around 300-600ish Mbps depending on region and the time of day. at work we have a client that has a direct 10 gigabit fiber uplink to a datacenter where speedtest hosts, still only manages 400-ish Mbps.
  7. a flat one - whichever distance is comfortable a curved one - theortetically at the "focus point" of the curve. this is all honestly personal preference, in the end whatever is said in this thread, if you scoot the display an inch closer and it feels better, then that is the better answer.
  8. that is absolutely way too freaking overkill for a display...
  9. a soft cloth, made ever so slightly damp, in the sense of using a spray bottle up in the air, and sort of flinging the cloth trough the mist. if it's only a little spec just a soft cloth and some elbow grease may be best, fold over the cloth a few times so it's thicker (= softer), and gently rub until the spec fades. for monitors (in my opinion) cleaning is always a case of starting with the softest means, and only increasing if needed. i've totally cleaned LCD's with a rag with kitchen de-greaser, but that's only in the cases where it was absolute necessity, and ofcourse with great care to not damage anything. there's certain cleaning chemicals you should 500% avoid, but a lot of them are actually fine. (dont take this as me suggesing you try this.. its a last resort measure)
  10. just about whatever cpu you have laying around that's at least newer than core2, and 8-16GB ram, depending on how much of a hog your players are. i usually run modded servers with approx. 100-250 loaded mods (what the game menu in the client reports) with 6-10GB allocated depending on exactly how crazy i go with chunkloading. cpu of my server is an i7-4770, and seems to be good for at least 20-ish players worth of loaded chunks (at render distance 10) with just about any modpack i've thrown at it. something to note is that minecraft server is just about 95% single threaded still, especially modded servers since they have so much going on in the game tick thread, so there's little to no difference between i3 and i7 within a single cpu generation. (given clock speed similarity, ofcourse) also, a little optimization you can do to save some cpu load: in server.properties, reduce render distance from 10 to 8, chances are good that if you dont tell your players they wont even notice the difference, but its about a 40% reduction in chunks loaded around your players. => big decrease in server cpu load.
  11. hp *may* have some interesting options in the Z-series, but they're very hit and miss, and availability is seriously mehh. that said, depending on feature requirements, a mid to high end 'gaming' laptop may do the trick just fine.
  12. these things use +12vsb instead of +5vsb if memory serves, so an adapter may not be as straight forward.
  13. hp's sff line has sort of gone between micro atx and btx boards. if the info i have is correct, OP is in luck, and its a (mostly) normal micro atx board. that said, these things all have proprietary PSU as far as i'm aware (12vsb line and 12v line in a 6-pin connector, 4-pin eps connector for the cpu, and an 8(?) pin control connector that does stuff like PS_ON and PWR_OK.)
  14. do you mean the "SFF" desktops, or the "DeskMini" desktops? some of HP's SFF boxes have regular micro ATX motherboards, depending on the generation. (given, the power supply is still proprietary.) some others use a "mirrored" motherboard however, so that's shit outta luck. also, dont even try mounting a deskmini board in a standard case, keep the board where it belongs.
  15. well.. i googled "ubuntu rtx 2070", and the first hit was someone on reddit suggesting that, to a similar issue. the thing is, back when i messed with linux you had to disable secure boot outright to make things happy, so i feel like that may be a good first step to see if things are happier..
  16. saw some wording that you need to disable secure boot to make nvidia drivers work on ubuntu.
  17. give "wiztree" a spin. nit's not quite a "duplicate finder", but it shows quite visually how space usage is spread troughout the folder structure. https://antibody-software.com/web/software/software/wiztree-finds-the-files-and-folders-using-the-most-disk-space-on-your-hard-drive/
  18. there's a difference between gaming as a hobby, and a game addiction. it's like "recreatively smoking weed" every so often, and being married to a useless pothead. as far-fetched as that comparison sounds, in reality it's surprisingly similar..
  19. or playing games on his phone, going to an arcade, finding games that run on a potato, replace one addiction with another, ...
  20. i mean.. video games make up a pretty large portion of my personal life as well, but there's limits, like being able to exit the game for life stuff: going to the store, being at work on time, spend time with family members, etc.
  21. well, downgrading his pc wont help the gaming addiction. if it's to the point of ruining his marriage, he's either an awfully close minded husband, or has an addiction. if you take away one source of the "substance", they go to another. so.. whichever of the two options it is, the GPU wont solve the issue.
  22. so... he has a terrible gaming addiction, and is going to downgrade his computer to make it go away? you dont need to downgrade your pc mate, you need rehab.
  23. Brexit in a 3-frame cartoon:


    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      cwusade? owo

  24. i'd say, depending on the price difference and availability: either get sticks matching the ones you have, so you have 4x 4GB sticks. or get vaguely similar 2x 8GB sticks and swap out the lot.
  25. that almost looks like some form of malware/adware taking over the start menu.. (some malware likes to do that, to avoid you from uninstalling it) to be honest, if he's screwed up most of the work that went into the install, you may be better off with a wipe and reinstall...