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  1. What do you think it means? How would you debug this?
  2. You are missing a single double-quotes after the "Wrong! (You guessed too high) line. In Python 3 it is the norm to use print using curved braces, as in the first time you did it. I have posted the correct version below. import random def numberGuess(): print("I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10") randNum = random.randrange(1,11) # this line generates a random number while guess != randNum: guess = int(input("Try to guess the number:")) # ask user for a number if guess == randNum: print("You got it!") if guess > randNum: print("Wrong! (You guessed too high)") if guess < randNum: print("Wrong! You guessed too low") numberGuess()
  3. Don't overthink it. It honestly won't matter too much. The NH-D15 is no joke. I would stick to the front and rear fans for now and if you find that you need more air flow, you can just buy two more. Also questions you should ask yourself: Do you really need an 8700k? What do you need to do that the 8600k simply cannot do? Does $100 justify the performance increase/hyperthreading? Do you really need to dump $250 on the motherboard? There are some perfectly good motherboards for <$150. I should have asked myself this question when I first built my own PC. Would have saved me $$$ and perhaps even got more performance.
  4. That post references LTSB install so it omits some of the more consumer-focused features.
  5. It will work. There has been work on this and if you google around you'll find some creative posts like this:
  6. Update: Tested this display with an R9 390X and had the similar issue. I resolved this by setting the display to just 8-bit instead of 10-bit. The flickering disappeared immediately.
  7. I currently own the XPS 13 9350 with the QHD+ display (older version) and have been using for university and it's been working great. Love the keyboard. If I had to get a new laptop right now, I would get the XPS 13 9360 with the 1080p screen. While the higher resolution is nice, I would personally would like a longer battery life. I was also considering the Huawei MatebookX Pro. I spent like half an hour with it in the Microsoft store and it was a beautiful piece of tech. The 3:2 aspect ratio is certainly a different experience, more-so just slightly larger screen real-estate (edge-to-edge in both horizontal and vertical compared to just horizontal on the XPS). The new Macbook Air looks really nice as well. Would recommend spending some time in an Apple Store/Microsoft Store to see what you like/don't like.
  8. GPU: MSI GTX 770 Lightning in LN2 BIOS Monitor: XR341CK OS: Windows 10 Home 1709 64-Bit So for most of the past year I've been running Windows 10 1703 (Redstone I) with my ultrawide monitor @ 3440x1440 75Hz. Everything is fine. Perfect in-fact. I recently upgraded the OS to the Fall Creator's Update, since MS has been nagging me so much so might as well. I couldn't disable it, since I don't have Pro. The Problem: After upgrading the OS, the monitor will now "flicker" or display a corrupted frame. See a video demo below: https://streamable.com/9yy17 Frame cap: What I've tried: Device manager uninstallation DDU uninstallation Getting latest drivers from Nvidia Installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 1709 Notes: On Windows 1709, 3440x1440 @ 60Hz works perfectly fine. Using the Windows Basic Display Adapter driver removes flickering, but also 75Hz. 2560x1440 @ 75Hz shows the same flickering/corruption in the black borders, leading me to believe it's a GPU or a Monitor hardware issue. I don't have any other GPUs to test. Thanks!
  9. It is reliable as a source for how hard drives may behave in datacenter environments. It's not appropriate or relevant for most consumers.
  10. I'd still stick with DSLRs for: handling, sensor area, sensor quality, mounting, and battery.
  11. You'd be able to get much better photos with a decent DSLR. Also not sure if all drones support RAW image capture, which is way better for editing.
  12. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-easystore-8tb-external-usb-3-0-hard-drive-black/5792401.p?skuId=5792401 Inside are 8TB Reds. Unbelievably a killer deal. If you're on a tight budget, go RAID 1 for now and then expand later. Remember, RAID is not a backup and I would recommend having a cold and online backup for your precious data.
  13. https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GE62MVR-7RG-Apache-Pro.html#hero-overview *GT Series/ GE Raider series : HDMI 4K@60Hz *GE / GP / GL / GF / GV Series : HDMI 4K@30Hz Seems like a non-HDMI 2.0 port unfortunately. Monitor is also not HDMI 2.0
  14. We can find benchmarks that support our case all day m8. https://www.pcgamesn.com/intel/intel-core-i5-7600k-review-benchmarks https://www.techspot.com/news/68407-tackling-subject-gpu-bottlenecking-cpu-gaming-benchmarks-using.html To conclude, is R7/i7 better than i5/R5 for gaming? Undoubtedly yes. Is it going to make a significant difference? Not really. Maybe in certain games. Is it worth the >$100? That's not up to me.
  15. Right.... By that logic the 1080 Ti should have no issue doing 8K, which it clearly does. 8K - 7680x4320 = 33177600 33177600 / 41,300,000,000 = 8.0333171912832929782082324455206e-4 * 100 = 0.08% It's only 0.08% of its total capability. What's your point?
  16. I wouldn't say miniscule... 1920x1080 to 2560x1080 is an increase of 691200 pixels or 33%
  17. 7600k - 3.5Ghz Base / 7700k - 4.2Ghz Base 6600k - 3.5Ghz Base / 6700k - 4.0Ghz Base That's where the difference comes from, especially since that Overwatch graph. When both were overclocked to 4.5Ghz they were very similar in almost all games except GTA V.
  18. 1. ? I don't understand the correlation. i5 vs i7 and R5 vs R7 offers very small frame rate variance. 2. I guess, but you're telling me to shell out >$100 for minimum FPS? 3. Lmao no. https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Ryzen_5_1600/15.html Used GTX 1080. No significant differences to warrant "bottleneck".
  19. If you're thinking of getting a 4K monitor @ 60Hz, then it better be for reasons other than gaming.
  20. Why? If you are just doing gaming and light productivity, going for the i7 or R7 is a poor decision.
  21. They're not that different. Both cases have the company saying that the other party is infringing on its IP. Whether or not Nintendo's DMCA requests or Gamevice's lawsuit is legitimate is not up for you to decide. That part is left to the courts and the law. It doesn't matter whether or not their claim is legitimate. They maintain the right to such a claim.
  22. So by your logic all capitalists should be thrown into jail for producing goods solely for money, not its value. You also say that as if Nintendo and by extension, other companies, are not money grabbers. Contradictory views. On one hand, you recognize Nintendo's right to protect their own content while you reject Gamevice's right to protect its own patents. I apply the same argument to you. Is Gamevice overbearing? Sure, and it can be annoying. But do not mistake it for being illegal, you need to educate yourself on what they are allowed and not allowed to do. Whether or not I or the law think Gamevice will succeed in the lawsuit is an entirely different matter.
  23. What? They should be thrown into prison for attempting to protect their IP? Tired of companies filing a formal lawsuit and going through the legal process?
  24. I don't think anyone looks for 60FPS footage of computer builds...