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  1. read my other reply why only now do games seem to want more vram? when i never had this problem before?
  2. today being Tuesday on sunday games ran perfect and i have no changed any setting in the games or on my pc and today i get this problem EG in fortnite i even set everything low shadows off and the 3d rendering scale to the lowest and game has random freeze stutters and sometimes stops responding VALORANT when i load into a game just crash saying out of video memory
  3. i have never ever had this problem with any games i play till last night and today games will freeze and crash or give me out of video memory ect i only have 1 stick of 8gb ram i know i need more will update soon but why only now am getting these problems i did a memtest and it had no problems i tried installing new amd software update did not help also i have not changed anything on my computer or in the bios so i have no idea what is causing this
  4. i closed tor by mistake connected back to tor again and site says ive already streamed 1 video
  5. thanks i just tried tor as i think it uses vpn and it worked
  6. i said i changed my ip address should have said it was via using a vpn
  7. there is a streaming video site they let you stream 1 video for free as a trial without even needing an account or even a credit card ect i wanted to watch another video but it saying you have already streamed 1 free video please join now to watch more video i tried resting my modem changing ip address clearing my history cookies ect trying another browser and restarting my computer with no luck what other things can i try
  8. it has same specs as my other ram its just 2666mhz and 4gb
  9. so i have a ryzen 5 2400g its give me decent performance in games i play at 1360x768 but i wanted to know i only have 1x8gb ram its 2400mhz i know if i use 2x 8gb ram sticks i would get much better performance from the vega 11 but all the 8gb sticks cost way to much there is a store today only having a sale selling a decent 4gb 2666mhz ram stick for really cheap would this be ok to use with the 8g stick also could i overclock the 2400mhz ram to 2666mhz without problem or should i just run both at 2400mhz i know i should just sell the 8gb 2400mhz and buy much faster ram but the prices
  10. hi guys i wanted to know what desktop cpu and gpu this a8 7100apu would be compered too in terms of performance
  11. hello im trying to work out what desktop cpu you have the same performance as the Intel Atom N270