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  1. the one from my iphone 6s +
  2. cable is not loose port seems to be fine as it comes up charging when plugged and it i wiggle the cable it never disconnects from charging cable is fine as its charging my iphone 6s+ fine
  3. https://www.gsmarena.com/apple_ipad_air-5797.php
  4. what may cause this problem it can take like 6hrs just to charge to 25% - 30%
  5. i think a maybe around the performance of a Intel Core2 Duo E4300 just with ddr3 and faster sata as for the gpu maybe slightly better then a nvidia 8400gs ?
  6. read my other reply why only now do games seem to want more vram? when i never had this problem before?
  7. today being Tuesday on sunday games ran perfect and i have no changed any setting in the games or on my pc and today i get this problem EG in fortnite i even set everything low shadows off and the 3d rendering scale to the lowest and game has random freeze stutters and sometimes stops responding VALORANT when i load into a game just crash saying out of video memory
  8. i have never ever had this problem with any games i play till last night and today games will freeze and crash or give me out of video memory ect i only have 1 stick of 8gb ram i know i need more will update soon but why only now am getting these problems i did a memtest and it had no problems i tried installing new amd software update did not help also i have not changed anything on my computer or in the bios so i have no idea what is causing this
  9. i closed tor by mistake connected back to tor again and site says ive already streamed 1 video
  10. thanks i just tried tor as i think it uses vpn and it worked
  11. i said i changed my ip address should have said it was via using a vpn