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Jack Wignall

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    Computers, tech, music, gym, gaming, sports, cars.
  1. Jack Wignall

    Power supply tripping out?

    To conclude this topic.. I sent the Modular 650w PSU back to Corsair and today I've recieved my replacement which is now working perfectly. A bonus to this is that they've sent me the newer 760w PSU with the platinum rating! I have dealt with corsair a few times and every time I have been 100% satisfactory
  2. Jack Wignall

    Power supply tripping out?

    Thanks guys, will give the multimeter a go. I'm not sure if I can RMA the power supply bexuase I removed the fan grill to put a dust filter on it. I had to remove a warrenty void sticker.
  3. Jack Wignall

    Power supply tripping out?

    For the last month or so my PC hasn't been booting straight away from the press of the case power button or on-board power button. If I wiggle the power supply cable in and out half a dozen times it eventually powers on, same with the 24-pin cable. Last night I took the wall socket cover off the wall and discovered that somehow the grounding cable managed to fall out, I've fixed that but the problem still occurs with the PC. As of yesterday a horrible screeching/buzzing noise has started coming from my speakers when in games, there's also a faint buzzing sound when just sitting idle in a browser. I've taken the sound card out of the PC and started using the on-board audio which has stopped the horrible noises in games. Have I damaged my sound card? I've tried taking ram sticks and the graphics card in and out to see whether that will allow me to turn the PC on instantly but it seems to just work with chance. I swapped my brothers power supply with mine and it seemed to turn on every time but I only tested about 5 times, I might have just got lucky 5 times. Has anybody come across a problem like this before? My guess is there's something wrong with the power supply or motherboard. Are there any quick fixes before I start buying replacement components? Build: Case – Corsair Air 540 Possessor – Intel 3570k Ram – 2x4gb Corsair Vengeance Motherboard – MSI Z77 MPower Graphics Card – EVGA GTX 660ti Sig 2 Power Supply – Corsair AX 650
  4. Jack Wignall

    Linus Tech Tips and JayzTwoCents - Giveaway!

    These are my two favorite vids!
  5. Jack Wignall

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    The general aesthetic is great!
  6. Jack Wignall

    Motherboard LEDs swap out?

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm not bothered about the top and bottom blue LEDs, I'll turn them off or cover them. However the 3 buttons on the side and the temp readout I want to keep but just change colour (seems to be too difficult to do ).
  7. Jack Wignall

    Motherboard LEDs swap out?

    Hmm okay thanks guys! I'm planning on painting the yellow heatsinks the same purple as my HDDs and RAM, so when I take the motherboard out for that I have a good look at it. I don't mind doing some soldering, I have a few boards I can practice on before hand but finding the right LEDs (especially purple) is going to be tough! Might just remove all the LEDs/turn off the ones I can and just see what I can do with the digi temp readout.
  8. So I have an MSI Mpower z77 motherboard and planning to undergo some PC mods. I'm going for a subtle black/purple colour scheme I'm wondering if anybody could give me some info on whether it's possible to swap out the current motherboard LEDs for purple ones (circled on image). If anybody has had a go at something like this before or has a link to something similar that would help a lot! Thanks
  9. Jack Wignall

    Project | White | Finished!

    Brilliant job! Never thought about using plasti dip on a pcb!
  10. Jack Wignall

    ASUS "Transform Your Gift " Live Chat & TF100 Giveaway!

    Good luck everybody
  11. Jack Wignall

    "Clean Build" by Viepert

    Never seen that done before! Looking forwards to seeing the updates!
  12. Jack Wignall

    MetallicAcid's ROG V Gene TJ08-E

    Absolutely awesome! Some of the best mods I've ever seen! :blink:
  13. Best giveaway I have seen in a long while, if not ever! Awesome job Linus! :D
  14. Jack Wignall

    Hack Pro

    I second that haha
  15. Jack Wignall

    Project ZOE