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  1. Are you finnish, if you are i am too. So if you are not dont mind.

  2. Zesti

    Project ZOE

    Thanks guys! I'm overwhelmed by all the nice comments! Heh, that's exactly why I started this project! Never again black box..
  3. Zesti

    Project ZOE

    Thank you everyone, much appreciated! Not really.. LAN-parties in Finland are reasonably safe - it's extremely rare that something is stolen.
  4. Zesti

    Project ZOE

    Thanks guys! :D @ Tomislav Matic, Case modding for living? I wish I could do that! @ Samdb, yes, it's a custom motherboard cover. Made it from 1mm aluminium - in fact it's cut from an old Lian Li sidepanel.. And mounted with 12mm standoffs.
  5. Zesti

    Project ZOE

    Hi everyone! My first post here and what's a better way to start than a worklog? :D This build was finished around nine months ago, but here's a short retro worklog.. Here's a photo of the finished build for starters: Specs are nothing special - 3570K @ 4.4GHz, Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3, 16GB RAM, HD5850 @ 888MHz, Strider 750W and 120GB Vertex 3. Still fast enough and pretty silent considering it's an open-air case. Anyway, back to start.. Build started with a huge sheet of 3mm aluminium, some 5mm aluminium and jigsaw. Some cutting later I got bunch of parts. Here they are mostly taped toge