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  1. Where have you been best friend? I miss you

  2. I'm not even sure at this point. I've driven by hundreds of cops in multiple provinces and never had an issue though
  3. Wow American speed limits are weird. In Canada If the posted sign says 90 km/h, expect everyone to be doing 100-105 and the cops will never stop you. also if You have to do 125 to pass some one the cops still wont do anything @Nexxus
  4. The G watch R is miles ahead of the 360, its not even a joke. Yes there are LG specific features when you use it with a G3
  5. People hate on Seagates because of 1 false study. Ive been running Seagate drives for 5 years, 24/7 in servers without issue and will never switch
  6. So I stumbled upon this and decided to try it out on my recently delidded 4790k. All methods are working flawlessly! http://i.imgur.com/T7clCjB.webm Edit: this method works quite well too! http://i.imgur.com/y56WIh.jpg Thanks @Gofspar for the idea
  7. I see nothing wrong with this. Its like buying a first class plane ticket vs economy
  8. The PA one is the actual Pro Art that has 10 bit color support and is perfectly factory calibrated. Neither of those are relevant to you, get the cheaper one
  9. I'd just get the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro or up your budget for the X52
  10. Youre better off posting there any seeing if they have input before spending hundreds on new hardware. Unless you want new hardware, nothing wrong with that
  11. I'm surprised you think you might get a serious answer to such a complex problem. With how people are on here if you cant figure it out, it wont be an easy fix
  12. For the first dozen I'll start with beer but then I'm moving onto the 40 of whiskey
  13. I went to the liquor store today and I still dont think I have enough to last the hour
  14. Dont you just love finding out family members died through Facebook rather than being personally told

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    2. Excon


      This morning and I just found out now

    3. Excon


      Well last night, posted to Facebook this morning, and just found out now

    4. STRMfrmXMN


      fuck people like geez

  15. Can some one with a lot of experience rooting phones please help me before shit gets broken in Darrens TS: peen.no-ip.biz

  16. CPU- 450 Board- 200 RAM- 170 I have a lot of experience buying and selling hardware and cab guarantee that those are the prices they will sell at,
  17. So I put my entire setup for sale locally, getting a lot more attention than I thought.....

  18. If it never goes above 70 then it is fine, the more voltage you put in the cooler you want to keep your chip. Thats perfectly acceptable what your at now.
  19. You dont think IPB was built to scale..... You may want to do some more reasearch into what there is out there. IPB is the best it gets pretty much, going to a "new" thing is a terrible idea. The forums work fine as is IPB already has alot of people behind it and a lot of plug ins and support, open source wouldnt be able to add anything IPB doesnt already
  20. As someone that has done it. Changing forums is literally the biggest pain in the ass ever. I was ready to slit my wrists after changing a SMF forum over to IPB. Considering the size of LTT, it aint happening
  21. I have a Titanium R4, just swapped out the fans to Be Quiet! fans and painted the PCI brackets, looks even better
  22. Why.... A plasma cutter even with the steadiest of hands is not a clean cut, use a jigsaw. As for the foam if you used a jigsaw you could have left it. The only thing you could do is try to loosen the adhesive. Soaking it in alcohol or heat.
  23. When did I ever say that it wasnt considered stealing? Nobody has denied that here and I dont get why you think that.
  24. Eh shit happens. I dont see how its keyboard warrioresk. More so correcting someone that was miss informed then he decided to go full white knight.
  25. You do realize when you pay Microsoft the 80-100$ or whatever the cost is that you dont actually own Windows? You own the right to use it. The article you linked specifically says intellectual property. Your example is physical property. If you going to make a scenario atleast make it an apples to apples comparison.