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  1. Rumors spread around the country that they will offer 50Mbps for P2000 or around $40 UNCAPPED. That's right uncapped, but its nearly impossible because in Australia, they still have capped plans.. Source:http://www.wheninmanila.com/rumor-debunked-telstra-philippines-is-not-happening-now/
  2. Hahahaha the people here are so excited even though the deal is not yet signed
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys! missed this forum a lot bc I'm busy at school
  4. Source: http://m.philstar.com/315469/show/78268bf8898a2e7345fba19283c47d59/? https://www.techinasia.com/telstra-spend-1b-philippine-telco-venture-hits-incumbents-lousy-service/ Telstra, if given the chance to set-up it's buisness here in The Philippines, will be a major breakthrough in our country's internet spectrum. The duopoly created by PLDT and Globe Telecom still dominates the market with its lousy services. I'm using Globe Telecom and the service is like.... Meeeeeh. It takes 8 hours to download a single 2GB file. And internet rates? My current plan: 2Mbps w/ landline = P1200 or $25
  5. http://dynaquestpc.com/product/sapphire-r9-380-nitro-4gb-256bit-ddr5/ Is this good? And btw I'll play LoL,Grid showdown, GTA V and some hardcore free-to-play games. Thanks
  6. I want to build a budget i5 system (either 4460 or 4690k) and I'm confused on what GPU to buy.. Can someone please help me? ) thanks.
  7. Hmm... I'm kinda confused now?? Did you really follow a guide?