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    Ryzen 7 2700X
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    ASRock X470 Taichi
  • RAM
    32GB of G.Skill Trident Z Neo Samsung B-die @3200MHz
  • GPU
    Asus ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1070 (used)
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    Fractal Design Define R6
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    Samsung 970 EVO 1TB, Crucial P1 1TB, 1TB Samsung 860 EVO, 2TB Seagate FireCuda 5400RPM (Backup)
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    EVGA SuperNova 750W G+
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    AOC G2590PX 1080P 144Hz TN, Acer XV272U Pbmiiprzx 1440p 144Hz IPS
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    NZXT Kraken X62
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    Razer BlackWidow V2
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    Razer Naga Trinity
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    Windows 10
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    Lenovo V110 - 15ISK i5 6200U with 24GB of RAM.
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  1. Ughhh all for the price of keeping up with Apple. First the headphone jack and now expandability. These devices will become throwaway e-waste when people don't have the necessary space that they "should have bought" (the tech companies will argue). Though with that amount of storage I guess its not too consequential on the upper end models except for a social media junkie. Lower end models like my Galaxy A40 64GB on the other hand? I do not want to pay for an unexpandable phone. Mine only had 64GB which would already have been near to full if I hadn't got a microSDcard expansion slot. Though f
  2. RIP the gaming market when stock eventually comes back.
  3. The article did talk about Cybenetics being another solution but there is the problem with Cybenetics system not being widely recognised though I'd envision companies will charge higher prices rather than lose sales on their PSUs. I got my EVGA G+ 750W for under £95 2 years ago. Its an older PSU model by this point with the G5 now being out but they have gone up in price so much. Sigh please go away pandemic.
  4. Summary It seems that the company responsible for the 80Plus rating program, Plug Load Solutions, is increasing its licensing and testing fees which may mean that PSU vendors may increase prices for customers to compensate for the potential price increase on top of increases due to the large demand for PC products right now in general, and supply issues with power supply components due to the coronavirus pandemic Quotes My thoughts This seems like we are getting back to 2017 all over again both with Bitcoin now reaching a 3 year peak at nearly $
  5. It sounds like they are looking for an easy solution to something they should be have doing anyway i.e. monitoring and shadowing the guy so they would know if he was buying ammunition and he was also known to police.
  6. I expect the sensible people in that position would use it to stay afloat. Though if you still had your job when the first stimulus cheques came round and then lost your job thats just bad luck I guess.
  7. Think its related to the driver issues around the 5700 series (there were hardare level bugs with the 5700 cards which caused all these issues prompting the driver releases which screwed up Vega and Radeon VII as well). Not installing drivers would be your problem and Im confused as to why you haven't, but installing them would be what I would try. I heard some cards owners having the black screen bug as well as the crashing but after the recent driver many issues were sorted.
  8. Would make sense if the AIBs can't make 3090s for MSRP. Though I'd say that bill of metrials couldn't be accurately predicted. You could say its pretty expensive but an actual price would be difficult as you said. Think AMD will have the upper hand with that as well with the cooler looking like a standard three fan or dual fan affair and likely being much cheaper to produce. Fs in the chat for the AIBs and for us as well because I don't think AIB partner cards will be coming for RDNA 2 at launch which makes sense; the AIBs are leaky af and NVIDIA would known exactly
  9. Though if more stimulus cheques get approved demand could go up even more. But I've heard that Trump has closd the talks and the talks had already broken down regardless so I doubt it.
  10. I guess they figured in pandemic there would be less demand. Guess people wanted to use their Stimulus Cheques for something huh?
  11. Ahh Im totally wrong on that then. Fixed in the title and text. Its gonna be really interesting to see if this GPU has a 256-bit bus. You'd maybe think 512 might be appropriate. Though I don't think AMD would intentionally gimp their GPUs like that so Im guessing they have something that negates it? For sure its gonna be interesting.
  12. You want me to correct it to chip then? The Fury X isn't consumer though is it. Its like saying the Titan RTX is a consumer card.
  13. Yes but if you don't count the HBM on the die then it is. Coreteks said it himself actually. Plus the graphics die is 536mm2 if you added HBM2e to that it would be bigger. Since this uses GDDR6 then Im comparing the graphics chip to Fury Xs graphics chip.
  14. Summary We don't yet know Big Navis specs though a lot of speculations and rumours have been popping up recently with the Youtube channel Not an Apple Fan showing information claiming the top Big Navi SKU will have a boost clock of 2.2 GHz, 80 compute units and 16GB of GDDR6 on a 256bit bus. Now the Youtube Channel Coreteks has a shown a picture of the die of what he believes to be XT/XL variant of the Navi 21 die, (Presumably the RX 6800XT/6900/XT/ if we go by AMDs previous naming schemes for the 5700 series and the 5600XT). This leaves two other variants the XTX variant an
  15. I seriously doubt that. How full is the SSD?