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    Intel i5 3570K
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    Asus P8Z77-V
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    Corsair Vengeance 8GB
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    Intel HD4000
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    750GB Samsung + 180GB Intel 330
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    LCPower 550W crap
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    AOC I2360P
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    Antech Kuler 620
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    Some white Logitech
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    Microsoft Wireless
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    Onboard realtek
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    Windows 7 64bit

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  1. SRAM vs DRAM? SSD controllers only use a tiny bit of sram directly on die.
  2. Nope, thats win8.1+ only. Your best best is a stripped down win10 build.
  3. If you have a 3xxx generation or newer atom, you can't install windows 7. There's no uefi and driver support for it.
  4. You can try secure erasing it (use parted magic) or perhaps updating firmware, if that is possible. If none of that helps, RMA it. SSD usually have decent warranties and this doesnt seem to be that old of a drive.
  5. If thats an ATOM based device with preinstalled 32bit windows, there is a good chance you cant even install 64 bit. You see, these devices generally only come with 32 bit uefi bioses, which does not allow for 64bit os install. As for eMMC; stick with that. If you install an OS the sd card, it's going to be painfully slow. SD cards and sd slot readers are just not meat for that kind of workload. 32GB is plenty enough for Windows 10 32bit. You just need to do a clean install, delete all partitions and remove and disable all unecessery stuff. You can usually end up with 15GB-20GB of usable space. Not a lot, but still better than running OS from sd card. Another option is to install a stripped down version. There's a lite version circulating around (Windows 10 Pro RS6 v1903 Build 18362.30 May Update Clean Lite By SasNet) if you want to play with that.
  6. Great! Thank, i'll give this a shot. I'm interested how this will perform on older titles, that might support DX9 or openGL
  7. Open a youtube page or any other javascript page and report back.
  8. Well, you'd be surprised to know, that even your beloved xubuntu is eating aways _all_ your ram, it just doesn't report it (rest of the free ram is used up by cache and is not reported in typical task managers). Windows does the same, but reports it as a used ram. If you install Windows 10 on a 1GB machine, it won't eath 2GB+ of ram, but usage will be closer to 500-600MB, depending on setup. As for "bloatware" software eating ram... Thats not really bloatware. Web these days is a lot more feature rich (html5 and the likes) and as such requires a lot more ram than it used to to work properly. If you're concerned about ram usage, you can always go to Lynx, but user experience will be abysmal.
  9. Any binaries or instructions on how to get swiftshader working?
  10. Honestly, been using Linux is all sorts of form for many years now. My take away (at least for my personal use) is this: A strong no on the desktop/graphic environment. There's no real consistency in the UI, especially if you jump from distro to distro. There also seems to be a thing, where things need to be reinvented every other mayor release. Some hw compatibility can also be terrible (like intel atom) along with limited selection of software, if you're doing something very specific. Thats why i still stick with Windows on my desktop and laptop rigs. Just a better tool for the job. I frankly don't care much about microsoft and their ideology, if their product works for me. Everything else (servers, routers etc) is all Linux based for me. Thats really a no brainer for me. Everything can be done from the command line, apps i use are proven and stable and there is good support even if OEM software is long forgotten (especially with routers). Again, use the right tool for the job. Linux is not always the answer, even if GNU/Linux purists would like you to believe so.
  11. Thats a very silly argument. Ram is there to be used, not left free. Windows 10 in its stripped down form (you can make it yourself or find online) can easily drop bellow 300MB of system memory "usage" in idle, if thats the thing you're after.
  12. 1TB SSDs are getting so cheap, it makes little sense to buy 1TB sshd
  13. Fire up siliconmotion mass production tool https://www.usbdev.ru/files/smi/sm2258xtmptool/ And it will tell you the exact type of dram and nand flash.
  14. This will either come down to some power managment limiting performance or all the meltdown fixes, that are enabled for intel. So, enable highperformance plan in windows and disable meltdown fixes with inspectre. Test again.
  15. Did you try wiping the drives with diskpart (clean command)? It's pretty difficult to break flash drives just using software, unless you know exactly what you're doing (flash incorrect config/firmware to flash controller for example)