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  1. Profquast

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I'm currently running a HD7950 which has served me very well the last few years, but it's starting to show its age, and the amount of heat it dumps in my already warm room also isn't ideal ;p
  2. Profquast

    Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here

    Cthulhu FX 8320 4.4GHz HD 7950 1125MHz core, 1405MHz memory, +13% power 2x4GB 1600MHz ram Score: 1.6 Only capable with overclock, at stock it's at the lower end of the not ready bar Also looking at other posts here it seems this benchmark really doesn't like kepler
  3. Profquast

    Receiver doesnt like HDMI passthrough?

    At this point isn't a TOSLINK cable just an easier solution?
  4. Ram usage is completely fine, it would only be a problem when it goes above, well, 8GB. Most likely you GPU is throttling or something is hogging your CPU usage.
  5. Profquast

    Antec kuhler 650 for fx 8320 overclock

    In a push/pull config you can indeed probably run both fans at a lower rpm, decreasing noise.
  6. Profquast

    Antec kuhler 650 for fx 8320 overclock

    Idle temps mean nothing. I was also not saying it was a bad cooler, it's just that for the price you can get an air cooler that performs better.
  7. Profquast

    Antec kuhler 650 for fx 8320 overclock

    I think you're better of with an air cooler, slim single rad AIO's aren't really worth it most of the time. As for if you're able to get to 4.8GHz: that totally depends on the chip. My 8320 can't get past 4.5GHz, even if I disable half of the cores. Some chips OC better than others. A better cooler helps a bit but sometimes you're just out of luck.
  8. Profquast

    Why is watercooling better then air?

    Water has a larger heat capacity, so flowing water can carry away heat faster than air, allowing it to be transported to a larger radiater were air can carry the heat away. An H60 isn't much better than a 212 Evo though, as the radiater isn't really much larger than the 212's. Only advantage is that the heat gets dumped outside of the case, maybe resulting in slightly lower GPU temps.
  9. Profquast

    Raspberry Pi NAS?

    You can definatly use that port as a NAS on many router models, but the pi will probably be faster. It will still be quite slow though, the ethernet port on the pi is only 100mbit.
  10. Profquast

    Fallout 4 Performance Issues

    You should be able to dial in the overclock in a few minutes, it's just stability testing that takes a while. I'd watch a youtube FX overclocking guide, that should give you enough information.
  11. Profquast

    Overclocking help for my fx 8320

    Mine does 4.4GHz at 1.465V, sometimes you're just out of luck. It does reach 4.5GHz at 1.4V while outputting a lot less heat when in one thread per module mode, you could look into that if you just want better single core performance.
  12. Profquast

    Fallout 4 Performance Issues

    Check your CPU utilization, in particular if one core is at 100%. If Fallout 4 is anything like Skyrim it's probably the FX's weak single core performance. You have a decentsish mobo and a great cooler, why didn't you OC your CPU? 4.5GHz should be easily doable.
  13. Profquast

    Question About FX 6300

    I don't know where you heard that because that really isn't the case. The DS3P has an 4+1 Phase VRM while the UD3P has an 8+2 Phase VRM. This difference is huge for overclocking.
  14. Profquast

    Question About FX 6300

    For your workload it probably is a good choice. However, the motherboard you chose is not. It has a really weak VRM and is know to throttle even at stock speeds. The Gigabyte 970A UD3P is more suitable for overclocking and doesn't cost that much more. edit: @Zeako_ you should follow your topics to get notifications
  15. Profquast

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    This would make an awesome rig for my university dorm - more powerful than my laptop and easy transportable for LANs.