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    new and old computer and console stuffs. building computers of all sorts whenever money is available.
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    i am king giraffe. hail me.
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    building gaming computers for clients.


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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-core OC'd @ 4.0ghz
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    ASUS X399 Zenith Extreme
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    32gb G.Skill 3200mhz DDR4
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    AMD Radeon VII
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    Voodoo Omen R (yes, THAT Voodoo)
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    Intel 1tb NVME, ADATA 512gb ssd, 6tb WD Black, 2x3tb WD Blue, 2tb Seagate Firecuda
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    SeaSonic Prime 1200w Gold
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    Acer XF270HU 1440p 144hz FreeSync
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    Custom EKWB
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    Razor Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razor Mamba Tournament Chroma
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    some random speaker set from 8 years ago
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    Dell Precision M6500 Covet Edition: Core i7 940XM Extreme Edition @ 3.33ghz boost, 16gb 1600mhz memory, NVidia Quadro 5000m Sandisk 256gb MSata SSD, Seagate 500gb SSHD, WD Blue 500GB, 1920x1200 edge to edge full RGB display, Win10Prox64
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  1. so turns out this m6500 is just actually impossible to do this with. i tried this solution but it said that the disk fails to validate when verifying stuff. tried to boot with only the ssd installed, and it just does the same blinking line. so i have come up with a solution that works for me and probably not anybody else; the other 500gb drive in this was just being used for backup. i can boot without this drive just fine. so i've just gone and replaced this drive with the 1tb, and now it is working fine. it is a very confusing system, i guess thats what you get when it's legacy hardware
  2. will this end up wiping the drive? if thats the case i may as well reinstall with no other drives in place. this is a legacy system, i do not believe it has uefi.
  3. i have tried the suggested steps, but i come up short; the ssd is not a gpt disk.
  4. that seems just stupid enough that windows would actually do it. i will try this later today.
  5. i can enter bios with the 1tb installed, it just goes to the blinking line no matter what the boot order is or even manually selecting the msata through an f12 boot menu. i do not believe the 1tb to be dead or dying considering i just removed all its old partitions with another system just fine. i will try seeing if the system will boot with just the ssd. i've not tried this yet.
  6. i've got an older dell m6500 laptop with a 256gb msata boot ssd and a couple of 500gb hard drives. its a great mobile workstation. i would like to upgrade one of the drives to 1tb. i'd be going from a 500gb wdblue to a 1tb wdblue. the 1tb is totally unallocated and freshly formatted from a previous sff system. for this instance, once booted back to windows you'd go to disk management to format and partition this new drive as normal. i backed up all the data from the 500gb i wanted to replace to an external drive as a failsafe and to copy all the data over to the new drive once it w
  7. i know its not strong, but i still like to experiment on this machine. sadly this machine uses a proprietary dell form factor card and not the standard mxm format, otherwise i would've put in something newer ages ago.
  8. i've got an old system with a fermi based quadro 5000m. variant name N10E-GLM5, Revision A3. techpowerup says it should support some level of dx12. some odd years ago, nvidia announced and released drivers for fermi cards to support dx12. however loading up a dx12 game like forza, i'm just pegging the cpu at max while using 0 of the gpu, and opening gpuz shows that its directx support is just dx11. so what gives, is this card dx12 capable or not? is there a special driver or ini file or vbios i need to unlock it? i use this machine just for youtube and the occasional older game. bu
  9. so get this: today we had a power outtage right; this laptop has terrible battery life and lost power after a few minutes or so bc i forgot it was still on. the network also shut down obviously. when the power comes back on and i get back on this laptop, i can now magically see and connect to 5ghz on it. i am not sure if i just needed to fully drain the laptop of power or if effectively fully resetting the network was the answer.my best guess it that windows10 is just trash and it was a random glitch.
  10. it uses wpa/wpa2. it obviously works as even my toshiba p25 with a pentium 4 can connect to my 5ghz network.
  11. i tried installing the intel drivers on the 7260 after it wouldnt detect 5ghz, only to see the same result. it was about at that time the usb netgear stopped seeing 5ghz as well. then i got the centrino and here we are today with nothing seeing 5ghz on this laptop. i just checked the bios to see if any of those settings would cause it to not detect wifi bands, but theres nothing.
  12. the intel website says that there is no downloads available for the centrino 6300. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/59474/intel-centrino-ultimate-n-6300-dual-band
  13. currently it is running the automatically found drivers that windows put on when i restarted after a network reset, still only seeing 2.4ghz.
  14. so heres the story: i got an old dell m6500 laptop with a first gen i7 that i've been trying to upgrade the wifi in for the past month or so with little success. it came with a very basic 2.4ghz chip. i've had these machines before and know for a fact that these machines are capable of connecting to dual band/5ghz connections. in fact i have plenty other far older machines with even a pentium 4 that can see my 5ghz network, and they have been able to see the network for years. whenever i needed to connect to the 5ghz network on this machine, i have a comically large netgear wireles
  15. i have just installed optional updates for it in windows update and restarted and its still showing the same problem. big sad