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  1. Any thoughts or plans to add the EVGA Supernova G5 power supplies to the tier list?
  2. Well been waiting and might wait to see what the RTX 2080 super brings. But the price point of the RX 5700 XT is enticing me. I'm also now considering CPU upgrade to the Ryzen 7 3700x from a i7 4790k. The performance appears to be good enough for me on the RX 5700 XT without breaking the bank. Which gives a bit more freedom to upgrade my CPU as well.
  3. So i'm been contemplating which Graphics to get to run this beast of a display. I'm currently running a 980ti and it isn't quite cutting it for some recent games Division 2 and Sea of Theives. I've been looking at the RTX 2080 and looking at 4k benchmarks. 5120x1440 is 7,372,800 pixels compared to 3840x2160's 8,8294,400. So I believe 4k benchmarks on graphics cards give me a relatively decent idea of how they would work at this resolution. With the benefit being they will run slightly better on 5120x1440. Anyway I'm thinking of the RTX 2080 Super once it is released. Sadly no real benchmarks for it. But we can guess it is at least slightly better than the RTX 2080 for the same price of ~$699. But I started looked and found that EVGA has a 2080ti for $999. So i'm wondering if $300 difference would be worth it... I don't know. I know we don't have a true comparison of these yet. I'm just curious to see what others would choose for a Graphics Card to run games on the Samsung CRG9.
  4. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/thQG3C/dell-d2719hgf-270-1920x1080-144-hz-monitor-d2719hgf https://pcpartpicker.com/product/4Hc48d/dell-s2419hgf-240-1920x1080-144-hz-monitor-s2419hgf 2 Dell monitors with Free sync and 144hz at 1080P both in your price range. Use can use display port or hdmi. If you get these from Amazon the return policy should be good and you can just return it if you don't like it. Don't have to worry about getting Dead pixels.
  5. Cheapest 34in Ultrawide with 2560x1080 resolution. ~$450 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/LrcMnQ/lg-34uc79g-b-340-144hz-monitor-34uc79g-b Cheapest 34in Ultrawide with 3440x1440 resolution. ~$820 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/CzrmP6/lg-34gk950f-b-340-3440x1440-144-hz-monitor-34gk950f-b Note: I wouldn't buy the 2560x1080 resolution. You will notice the pixels and it won't be sharp. Save some more money up or look at getting a 16:9 monitor for your price range and refresh rate.
  6. Here's VESA's site. It shows certified monitors at different HDR levels and how they are rated. https://displayhdr.org/certified-products/ I see the term HDR10 used. But then see HDR400, HDR600, HDR1000. I'm no expert either. But their site does list this monitor has certified for HDR1000. EDIT: Not finding good info for HDR10 requirements. From the looks of it VESA just gave us different levels of HDR that play HDR10 content. But I cannot find any hard requirements for HDR10. The 2 set of standards are talked about briefly in this article. https://www.anandtech.com/show/12144/vesa-announces-displayhdr-spec-and-tiers If anyone one can find HDR10 specs/requirements from a legitimate source I would be interested. But as far as I can tell VESA's standards will play HDR10 content.
  7. If you want to pay for the airfare! LMAO. This isn't considering any kind of customs fees I need to account for because this thing is $1500. Lol.
  8. Amazon has had it for sale a times but it sells out quickly. And i'm not talking third party seller actually amazon.com. Also seen it available straight from Samsung once. I've only seen it available for Pre-order from BH video. Newegg has/had it on backorder. So you can get it here in the US from a few places. But they don't appear to be getting enough QTY to keep available to sell for very long. Which is frustrating. After my research this is the monitor I want. But I sadly finally made that decision after seeing it on sell at a few places...… which they no longer have available. Heck I got an email just this morning from Amazon about it being available again at 4am. Woke up at 7am to see they didn't have any stock left again. They really need to make this more available than it is. I'm ready to purchase this.
  9. Cool you proved me wrong and found him a motherboard. Lol.
  10. No motherboard exists that supports both DDR3 RAM and the 7700K.
  11. Hmmm few things to try. Go back to your paging file settings. Check the top checkbox. "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives". See if that makes a difference. From what I can see it doesn't appear to be a major memory leak unless a program has several processes consuming a large sum of memory. I would also try rebooting pc and not starting any program. As well as limit start up programs. Slowly start programs that you think might be the culprit. And monitor memory usage.
  12. Better yet go back to the performance tab and open resource monitor. Then proceed to memory tab. Sort by working set column. This will tell you what processes are using the most memory currently. I forgot how dumb the task manager was.
  13. Try sorting by the memory column. Even if it is Windows. There are different Windows background processes. If we can see the processes with the higher usage it will be helpful.
  14. This deal is so tempting.. It is a really good deal. But I love ultrawide monitors. So I think that will be difficult to give up.
  15. Im glad they cancelled the Surface Mini. I don't think it would of sold well on aesthetics alone. But I disagree with you on app switching. I argue that Windows 8/RT was the best for app switching. Swiping from the left to pull up open apps? One swipe? How is that cumbersome? I also never had a problem with it showing all the apps. I was able to easily go thru and select the app I wanted. Maybe you prefer the iOS or android for app switching. But I would say cumbersome is definitely a stretch.
  16. Only benefit of that resolution is VR. It will make a difference if anyone uses it for VR. But for everyone else who doesn't use it for VR. Yeah probably won't.
  17. I own one. My brother and I shared the cost. It is cool and fun. But to be honest we just used it this weekend for the first time in months. If you have friends and family to also experience VR it is pretty cool to see everyone's enjoyment and reaction. But I do not recommend buying a VR headset at this point in time. The resolution needs to get better is one major thing. Also I found I cannot play the HTC Vive for more than hour sometimes 30 mins without feeling slightly sick or having a headache. And I never get motion sick. I hope VR is here to stay but it has a ways to go before it is something I use everyday. Don't buy unless you can live with spending $800 or whatever it cost now on something you will only occasionally use in the future.
  18. I own 2. It is an awesome experience when gaming. Being able to see that much more to my left and right because of the 21:9 ratio is awesome. And most games support the resolution without problems. With a traditional 16:9 even if you go up in resolution does not actually allow you to see more. But the scaling is the same 16:9. Although higher resolution will always offer better quality.
  19. I'm actually impressed with their pricing. For someone who doesn't know how or doesn't feel safe doing it. This is definitely the way to go. I just enjoy building my own to much. lol. No matter the cost.
  20. I just want a low profile single slot 1050 or 1050ti.... come one someone make it.
  21. I enjoy and love this messaging app ever since it came out. I'll probably subscribe to make sure it stays around.