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    League of Legends, Minecraft, CounterStrike (GO), Black Ops (3), Grand Theft Auto (5), H1z1, Magicite, Don't Starve Together, City Skylines, Peggle, Runescape

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  1. Adorza

    Budget Build Parts List.. Good?

    Well obviously the higher graphics settings.. the better. I'm mostly just saying I'm not expecting too much.
  2. So I'm building this computer for a family member. I just want them to be able to run games smoothly at low to medium settings. Games like: Minecraft, CSGO, Rust and League of Legends. Here is what I have so far: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Adorza/saved/yY72FT Let me know if you think this is a solid build or what you would change. Thank you.
  3. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    How would I get it onto the desktop though? Flashdrive?
  4. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    Would that just be on the bottom of the laptop.. also is there a way to use the key in exchange for something I could insert into the fresh build?
  5. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    Good point. Maybe I'll just take my chances building then.
  6. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    Another question.. How should I go about getting an Operating system? It's like $80 for a new one.. is there another way?
  7. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    I'm a new builder, would that case be a safe bet? Otherwise looks pretty solid!
  8. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    I was thinking more along the lines of getting something already built. Someone selling their old rig for a new kind of deal. This appeals to me because I've never actually built a gaming computer from scratch before and would be relying on how well I can follow a YouTube video/ instructions. Also it would typically cost less for better parts since they are used.
  9. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    Thanks! Looks solid + always nice to find products with good reviews
  10. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    It's not going to be my money, it's my parents.. I'll just be figuring out how to build it lol. I'm saving for a high end build in the future so this would be good practice for me. I'm mostly focused on him just being able to play games smoothly at around low to med settings.
  11. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    Just a thought, was wondering how you felt about finding a gaming rig on Craigslist? Is it worth the risk and what should I look for as red flags if I was to go that route?
  12. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    Thanks guys! I'm going to start comparing parts and stuff before I decide. I have a good foundation now I think.
  13. Adorza

    $500 Gaming Budget Build

    All he can play is Minecraft right now on his computer but it doesn't run it well and I'd like for him to be able to try out other, more demanding games. I can't wait for the 470 because this build will be happening as soon as I decide on the parts in time for his birthday. I like your build, Zyndo! I might try and find a case/monitor on Craiglist though to be able to afford more on the parts.
  14. So I need help finding or building a computer for a younger gamer. He'd like to be able to run games smoothly at low to medium settings. Games like: Minecraft, CsGO, Rust and League of Legends. Here's one computer I found: http://www.dell.com/us/eep/p/inspiron-3656-desktop/pd?oc=dedccz301bso&model_id=inspiron-3656-desktop Is this good? Do you know anything better? Anyone have a part lists in this price range?