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  1. yes it will work, the board has nvme support https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z370-E-GAMING/
  2. So this is where I'm at, I have an LG gram 13 2018 with a sata SSD, and I'm upgrading to a larger nvme drive, now the problem is there is only one slot, so transferring the data is a little tricky since external m.2. name enclosures are very expensive, so I'm thinking of first cloning to an external hard drive then cloning to the new nvme SSD, but if this may cause problems or if there is an easier way, please let me know
  3. get a ryzen 2700 and get 16gb of ram and maybe even 1070ti, better performance per dollar
  4. Hi there so I have had my new LG gram 13 2018 for around a month, and I love it blends portability and performance very well. But there are some shortfalls 1st 8gb of ram is barely enough for my workload, and I find myself being limited, second, it has a 256gb SATA ssd, which is quickly running out of space and slows down my workload due to the lower read and writes speeds. So I'm strongly considering upgrading the ram to 16gb and the storage 500gb NVME. Now, this is where the problem first on the matter of Ram I've read that in my model the i5 that 4gb is sodered and 4 is a slot ive also read
  5. Hi there, so it is pretty basic. I just got the Lg Gram 13, with the i5-8250u. And out of the box, it is noticeably loud, and this is surprising. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to quiet the machine down since even sitting idle the fan is spinning and while web browsing the computer is anywhere from 75-80c which seem hotter than it should be any help is appreciated. edit- it seems to be continually turboing up to 3.3ghz even at 20% utilization
  6. For a daily driver at school which would be better a blade or a gram, they are around the same price, looking at reliability and long-term use
  7. Hi there, so I'm in a bit of dilemma. I'm moving into a dorm room, and as such, I will not be able to bring my current setup as it is rather large. So I have two option either transplant what I can into an itx build and get the base leg gram or but an egpu and the more expensive LG gram and use that as my daily driver and my gaming machine, any help or suggestion is much appreciated. My current build and the possible new build will be linked below. Thanks, Wayland64 The ITX build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/WB2Mw6 My current build https://pcpartpicker.com/
  8. is there a hardware or software solution that I can use to further my network security
  9. ok thanks i will look into everything you suggested and go from there
  10. From what I can tell it is coming through the internet, And unfortunately wiring up the key devices is not possible, so what actions can I take to prevent outside attacks?
  11. the router password is changed on both, the firmware is updated and all the connected devices have been verified. I will update the post with info
  12. the router password is changed on both, the firmware is updated and all the connected devices have been verified. I will update the post with info
  13. So I am a novice when it comes networking I understand the basics but know almost nothing about security. So I will try to make my question as clear as possible. So lately my family has been receiving alerts through Norton security apps on their phones of threats to the network over the last couple weeks it has been "someone is attempting to break into your network." My response is to shut off our main router/modem/switch asap. Give it five minutes and then turn it back on. But today the alert was "someone may be in your network" I proceeded to shut off the entire network for around two hours