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    PC: APEX RedEdition
    Laptop: 13" Macbook Pro Retina 2015
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    Intel Core I7 5960x @ 4.2 GHZ
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    Asus ROG X99 Strix
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    32GB GSkill Trident Z RGB @ 3200MHZ
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    Nvidia RTX 2080TI Founders Edition (Watercooled)
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    Coolermaster Mastercase Pro 5
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    250GB NVME 970 EVO, 250GB Crucial BX SSD & 2TB WD BLACK
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    Corsair HX850I Platinum PSU
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    3 x Samsung U28E590
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    Full Custom CPU Hardline Liquid Cooling
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    K70 MK2.0 SE
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    Razer DeathAdder Chroma
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    Windows 10 PRO
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  1. you wont be able to remove the anxiety, at the end of the day youve tampered with it... its old and no matter how fast it can be, its still 8 cores and people will prefer to get something newer that supports DDR4. sure its a great overclocker however its been at 4.9ghz and had a delid... doesnt go well for it .
  2. yeah the apple "GENIUS" will assess the device before they do anything
  3. in my experience they are okay. sometimes they can send the new device first and then you return the old (they take a deposit obv that is returned)
  4. GAMING PC FOR £350

  5. Hi there, I have a 6800k, I have found a good deal where I can get a i7 5960x for £100 is it worth the upgrade ? thanks
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb_uCo0vVavPTT2iUhidM7A - If you have any recommendations of any videos youd like to see, i will make them.





  7. funny thing is that MC Java is CPU intensive really... but the 6700K SHOULD be more than enough for Minecraft JE. are you overclocked? and is your performance in windows set to "high performance"
  8. hmm, are your GPU drivers upto date ? might be worth resintalling JAVA? make sure you have the 64bit version installed? any error logs being produced?
  9. check out Lenovo, they make excellent business laptops