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  1. Only a thousand? Jeez I got ripped off.
  2. Thread cleaned. Personal attacks and insults towards fellow community members won't be tolerated. Keep it civil, please.
  3. Yeah, the Wii was pretty much just an upgraded GameCube. And the Wii U was also just an upgraded Wii on the CPU front... and was also an odd one because it was sort of a half-generation console? It launched way too late into the 360 / PS3 gen to compare to them, but much too early (and far too weak) to compare with the PS4 and XOne. One of the greatest successes in Apple's history. Oh, right.
  4. Only one complete generation so far with IBM too, though. The original Xbox used a customised Pentium III, and the PS2's Emotion Engine was based on a MIPS R5900. Though the GameCube did use an IBM PowerPC chip.
  5. @KorabGashi Thread moved to the "Peripherals" section. The "Tech News and Reviews" section is for posting news and reviews of tech products, and has section-specific post requirements.
  6. It's really interesting to see how someone's build and desk setup has evolved over the years. Very nice setup.
  7. I didn't know there was a new design. If it follows what they did with the beta profile pages a while ago I probably won't like it.
  8. I'm a beer guy myself, especially love Belgian beers. Duvel, Chimay Blue, Westvleteren 12, St. Bernardus Abt. 12, Waterloo, Tripel Karmeliet, those are some of my favourites... it's pretty rare for me to come across a Belgian beer I don't love.
  9. What else could they have done, though? A mere slap on the wrist would seem inconsequential, his behaviour was out of line and he needed to face some kind of consequence for it. It's a shame for Dallas Fuel but I don't think there was another option. If they'd have kept him on in the team and let him keep competing he'd have continued generating negative publicity not only for Dallas Fuel but the Overwatch League (and by association Blizzard) too, and that would arguably have done a lot more harm in the long term. I can't agree with you there. People who want to play the game should be free to do so without needing to face an onslaught of personal attacks and insults. Comments like "learn to play" and "uninstall" are insults, criticising the player for their performance and trying to make them feel bad; it's fine for friendly banter between friends, but when flippantly shouted at people you don't know it's definitely negative behaviour. Why should it be allowed, and why shouldn't people be expected to use a bit of self control and not act like a dick towards other players? By allowing that type of behaviour you're saying it's acceptable, and if you're saying it's acceptable you're only encouraging it to proliferate throughout the community. It's also fairly normal for online games with text and or voice chat to suspend or ban players for that type of behaviour, competitive or otherwise, so it's not like what they're doing is unusually harsh or punitive.
  10. That's not an excuse at all though. Just because you're in a competitive environment doesn't excuse homophobic or racist behaviour - he made a blatantly homophobic remark which he directed at an openly gay player. If he didn't face consequences for his actions, what would there be to discourage others from engaging in similar or even worse behaviour in future? Professional footballers have been fired in the past for making sexist, racist or homophobic remarks - I don't see why eSports players should be exempt from similar consequences to their actions. I feel one of the big issues with Blizzard's approach to eliminating toxicity at the moment is that they're only looking for ways to punish negative behaviour but don't reward players for positive behaviour. Games like League of Legends have seen some improvements in community behaviour after implementing reputation systems, so perhaps that's something Blizzard should look into for Overwatch.
  11. I've no experience of folding with AMD cards I'm afraid, I've only ever used NVIDIA so I have no idea what to suggest. Bit bizarre that it works when more GPUs are connected but not by itself or with one other, though.
  12. Sorry about that, I've been a bit busy over the last few weeks. Your badge has been updated now. I'm afraid not, at least this time around. If the event continues again next year though it's definitely something I'd like to do.
  13. If you disagree with our policy on this feel free to send me a PM to discuss it, but let's not derail OP's thread.
  14. Neither do these: If there is a problem with a thread, use the report button to alert the mod team. Taking it upon yourself to tell the OP what to do is considered backseat moderation. At the very least if you're going to do it (which we'd prefer you not to), at least try not to be a dick about it.
  15. I have just had to hide almost 50 posts in this thread. Some of the behaviour in here has been completely ridiculous, and a few of you will be receiving warnings shortly. Read them carefully because if this sort of behaviour continues bans are going to start going around. I am keeping this thread open because the discussion before this utter mess was mostly civil and I hope it can continue in such a way. But let me be clear - stick to the community standards. If anyone breaks them again in this thread the mod team will have no choice but to lock it, and you will receive a warning or suspension from the forum. Keep it civil. If you can't keep it civil, don't participate in the thread.
  16. That was a very interesting read, thanks for posting it. I fully agree with him. I'd love to see a day where DRM dies entirely. Sure, some DRM implementations aren't particularly intrusive - but that's not the issue. The prevalence of DRM in general allows for the presence of DRM which is intrusive, as much of it is. And even if all DRM weren't intrusive, it's still unnecessary. As you've said before in this thread it doesn't benefit the content creators in terms of increasing the money they get, and it certainly doesn't improve the experience for consumers. It's just a hacky way of trying to retain control over the content, which I'm entirely opposed to. I'm someone who believes that if a person purchases something they should be free to use it as they see fit. DHCP is a perfect example. It is conceptually broken, as it hasn't prevented the piracy of modern content to any extent - all it has achieved is preventing those who have legally purchased 4K media from being able to view it on the vast majority of devices out there. My computer was built in 2013 and is still a powerful machine which I feel no need to upgrade. It is easily capable of playing back high bitrate 4K video... yet I can't, because there's an arbitrary copyright protection mechanism preventing me from being able to do so.
  17. Intentionally abusing a flaw with the intention of crashing or breaking someone's device is malicious. There have been reports of people being unable to boot their iPhones after receiving these characters, so I don't see how anyone can consider it mere trolling. It's pretty appalling that Apple allowed for such a bug to exist (and it's one of many such bugs to have existed on iOS in the last few years), but just because Apple screwed up doesn't make it alright for people to abuse the flaw.
  18. Ah, fair enough. The personal opinion part came across more as a summary of the article's contents rather than an opinion. In that case, don't worry about it.
  19. Badge icons have been updated; they should now appear a little crisper and more legible than before (thanks to @Ryan_Vickers for their work on them). With Whaler retiring from the LTT Mod Team, I will now be the one to contact if you have reached a new tier for a Folding badge. Please send a PM to myself and I'll assign the badge to your account when I can.
  20. Just a quick reminder for everyone - we don't allow for political discussion on LTT. I understand that this thread (and all threads revolving around Mr. Pai, the FCC and Net Neutrality) inherently has a lot of political interplay; but please, do your best to discuss the thread at hand without discussing political parties, political figures, political ideologies etc. We know from experience that political threads are inherently a no-no, as they invariably descend into personal attacks and insult-flinging. So stay on topic and try to keep politics out of it, please. Any posts that are too politically focused will be removed, and if people can't control themselves the thread will unfortunately need to be locked.
  21. @SFGEV I have merged both of your threads. If you ever post your topic in the wrong section, please use the report button to notify the mod team and in your report message explain that you wanted to post it elsewhere - don't post a second topic. Using the report button on your own posts or thread won't result in you receiving punishment - it just lets us see your thread and act upon what you've said in the report, allowing us to move it to the correct section for you. Edit: I see you're new to the forum. Welcome!
  22. @ppdragos Please update your post with a summary of your own thoughts on the article, as per the section's posting guidelines.