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    Ryzen 7 2700
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    Asus B450-f Gaming
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    2x8 Vengence RGB pro
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    Vega 64
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    1 Seagte 2TB & 250GB WD SSD
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    evga 750w PSU
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    LG 4k 27'
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    corsair 120mm watercooler
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    corsair m65 pro
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    audio technica m50xBT
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    Windows 10

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  1. the 3800x has a highier boost and base clock but if your lucky and willing to oc you could get those numbers from the 3700x. Also as I mentioned before your going to need to buy a new motherboard so consider that in your budget.
  2. I said I had already tried all of that and I built my computer and it has been working perfectly for the past year. so it's not those kind of problems. specs Asus b450-f gaming ryzen 2700 vega 64 corsiar vengence rgb evga 750 bronze 2tb hdd 120gb ssd 250gb ssd
  3. in gaming more cores doesn't matter a higher clocked cpu is better. If you want the best cpu for gaming get a i7. but if you need the extra cores ryzen 9 3900x or 7 3700x is good. But don't forget your gonna have to replace your motherboard whether you go intel or amd
  4. The led says cpu. and i tried reseating the gpu and ram
  5. I just upgraded my cooling to a custom loop. After putting everything back together (making sure there was no leaks) my computer wouldn't boot. Everything would turn on but i couldn't even get into the bios. There are 4 LEDs on my board for debugging and the red one is on Things I've tried 1. switching mobo 2.switching cpus 3.taking out ram, reseating, using only 1 stick help please!
  6. This problem started after i tried to tape a fan spliter sata connecter back. It must have touched the wrong wires and poof. my computer wouldn't turn on then i came back later that day and it turned on and worked perfectly. Until i opened a game and my computer would crash and is stuck in a boot loop. Is it 100% my power supply. (edit: Less power intensive games have no problem) SOLVED: I decided to just buy a new psi and all my problems went away
  7. In the words of dj khalid, "Another one." Rockstar has made this launcher a mandatory install if you want to play steam Rockstar titles such as GTA V. I don't know about you guys but it's kind of ridiculous. I have: Steam, Uplay, battle.net, Origin, and now Rockstar launchers. Does this bother anyone else? or is it just me? source: arstechnica
  8. I just thought this was funny. I hadn’t to do a double take.
  9. Since Apple released the iPhone X last year the notch has been a point of controversy. But, "the notch on the latest iPhone models could be a temporary solution for Apple." Now that's more like it. I personally never upgraded to an iPhone X so I have no first hand experience on the notch, but a lot of my family and friends have made the switch. They, like everyone else, would have preferred a phone with no notch but most of them never even noticed it after the first couple of weeks. If apple does go 'notchless' then they could do this by housing all the camera and sensors behind the screen. Th
  10. Hi i'm a freshman in high school and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about motivation. I have found it hard to get motivation to sit down and work.
  11. I'm a Elons Musk fan. Love what he is doing super cool. But even if he was right or not he should not have paid this guy any attention.
  12. I bought an AIO watercooler and when i was about to install it i saw the "remove this sticker". I took a break from installing it to go and eat. When I can back I installed the AIO with the sticker. 1 month later I checked my temps and they were in the 50s for an AIO. I proceeded to uninstall the AIO and there it was the sticker.
  13. although i agree with you on point B and C. They don't mean air drones. They have not used foot soldier drones
  14. The United Nations held a conference to discuss robots taking the place of soldiers. Conspiracy theorists rejoice! But seriously, the reason this is such a big deal is because the robots may go rogue. I would assume to have a soldier that could kill and function properly in battle there has to be some kind of AI. This could be like terminator. or not. Apparently Gill a former disarmament ambassador of India believes not, "The robots are not taking over the world. Humans are still in charge.” I think it would be best not to have human solders that kill other people. Of course it is just redirec