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    Somewhere deep in Asia
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    LGA2011 i7 3960X/LGA 1150 i7 4770K/LGA 1155 i7 2600K/LGA775 C2Q X9650
  • Motherboard
    Asus Rampage IV Extreme/Asrock Z87 Extreme6/Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z, Asus Crosshair V Formula/Asus Crosshair IV Formula/Asus Maximus II Formula
  • RAM
    16GB 2133mhz Corsair Dominator Plat/16GB 2133mhz RipJawsX/16GB 1600mhz RipJawsZ/8GB DDR3 KHX SE 1600mhz/8GB DDR2 KHX 1066mhz
  • GPU
    2x Gigabyte RX VEGA64 Gaming OC)/PowerColor Radeon VII/Leadtek GTX1080 Hurricane
  • Case
    Caselabs Magnum M8/Tt Level 10GT/Fractal Design Define Mini/Corsair 650D/NZXT Phantom 410/Sharkoon T28
  • Storage
    120GB Corsair Force GT + 2TB WDC Blk + 3x 1TB WDC Blk/120GB Corsair Force GT + 1TB WDC Blk + 1.5TB WDC Green
  • PSU
    Seasonic X-1250/Enermax Maxrevo 1500W/Corsair HX1050/SilverStone OP1000/Corsair HX620
  • Display(s)
    Acer XR341CK 34" Freesync UW/Samsung C49HG90DME 49" 32:9/Panasonic 65" UHD TV
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100/Deepcool Maelstrom 240T/Deepcool Maelsrom 240/CM V6 GT/TRUE 120Black + Corsair SP 120mm
  • Keyboard
    CM Novatouch TKL, , Mistel Barocco MX Blue, Logitech G613
  • Mouse
    Armaggeddon HAVOC III/Logitech G502/Logitech G603
  • Sound
    SB Zx + Logitech Z-5500 - Headgear: OPPO HA-1/iFi Micro iDSD Black Label + KRK Rokit5 G3/Fostex HPA4/Gustard X12+H10 stack + Virtue One + Bose 201 /HiFiMan HE1000, Sennheiser HD800 (SDR Mod), Sennheiser HD6XX, AKG K812, Grado GS1000i, HiFiman HE4, HiFiman HE560, Denon AH-D7000, Denon AH-D2000, Beyerdynamic DT990/600, Beyerdynamic DT770/250, Audio Technica ATH-A900X LTD (red), Audio Technica ATH-R70x, Philips Fidelio X1, Fostex T50RP+Alpha Pads, PSB M4U2 Portables: HiFiMan HM901S + Dock 1, Fiio X3 II + JDS Labs C5/Tube Amp BL-2/LG G6 HiFiQuadDac, Fitear Parterre+ALO SXC 24, Sennheiser IE800, Camp Fire Audio Jupiter+ALO SXC 24
  • Operating System
    64bit Win10 Pro/64bit Win10 Pro/64bit Win10 HP

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  1. GamerDude

    Best gpu for the i7-2600k

    Had me scratching my head as well, my philosophy is, the faster (and stable) clockspeed for either or/both CPU and GPU, the better! @xg32, care to explain what you'd based your suggestion on?
  2. GamerDude

    GTX 1080 [£310, used] vs RTX 2060 [£350, new]

    My Leadtek GTX 1080 Hurricane OC was from a miner, I know because I actually went to his apartment to get the card, he took it out of one of his mining rigs. It has about 2 more years of warranty left now so I ain't worried, a little dusty though but nothing a can of compressed air couldn't take care of. Running like a champ, I use it for in my HTPC rig, with gaming thrown in the mix.
  3. GamerDude

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Still available.... https://www.amazon.com/Enermax-EMR1500EWT-Maxrevo-CrossFire-Certified/dp/B008PBU4RU
  4. GamerDude

    NEW PSU Tier List

    I have older PSU's (some still available I think) but don't see them in the list: Seasonic X-1250 Enermax MAXREVO 1500 Corsair HX1050
  5. Run CPUZ to identify the board. As for bottleneck, really depends on the games you play, whether more CPU or GPU intensive. What's your gaming resolution like? I have a slightly newer CPU compared to you, a 4770K (fortunately a 'K' model) on an ASRock Z87 mobo + a VEGA II, and I'm not concerned about bottleneck as I push my GPU more @3840x1080, max or near max ingame setting.
  6. GamerDude

    New PC Parts still the same problem

    Let's start from the basics, run DDU in Safe mode to get rid of your driver again, reboot and install the latest nV driver.....should be 419.35. I would suggest that before you run DDU, disconnect your net connection, Windows sometimes install an old driver before you can install a new one (possible due to high speed net connection). Once you restart, run the nVidia driver installer and reboot after the install. Let's see where you land after this.....
  7. GamerDude

    New PC Parts still the same problem

    What? 4GB RTX 2070? Something's wrong here.....
  8. GamerDude

    New PC Parts still the same problem

    Wait....what? 1080x1080? Do you mean 1920x1080? What ingame setting?
  9. GamerDude

    RE2 Remastered: 60FPS Cap

    Happens to the best of us , have fun with the game!
  10. GamerDude

    RE2 Remastered: 60FPS Cap

    Sure there is, under 'Graphics', click on 'Preset' so that you can scroll down that menu. There's a 'Frame Rate' option that you can cahnge to 'Variable' to unlock.
  11. GamerDude

    Cryengine adds raytracing to amd and non rtx cards

    FYI, the demo was run on a VEGA 56 at 4K, take that!
  12. GamerDude

    Cryengine adds raytracing to amd and non rtx cards

    So says the guy with an RTX2080 Ti.... Amazing eyes you have, how could you tell the framerate is lower than 'it should be'? I had the RTX 2080 Ti, among the first to get one, amazing piece of hardware, but just because you have one doesn't mean you have to put down the 'enemy' you know, you don't owe nVidia any loyalty.....I'm all for better gaming experience for all involved, not just AMD or nVidia. Imagine what your RTX 2080 Ti would have cost if AMD weren't around in the GPU market....
  13. GamerDude

    Show off your latest purchase!

    My previous contract with another telco was just about over, wanted to recontract with them as I have about 110usd inhouse credit or rebate but they didn't have the S10 series with recontract. So I went with the other, bigger telco....around 210usd for an S10+ isn't half bad. Oh yeah, bought a 400gb Class 10 mSD card for it, gonna give myself the weekends to load the card with music and movies. Edit - My plan cost me about 60USD/mth but I do have 40GB/mth of data, so I'm fine with this.
  14. GamerDude

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Bought a Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB (Prism Green) under a two year contract for about 210USD, also got the Samsung case which was at a generously subsidized price.
  15. GamerDude

    AKG K712 Pro, a casuals thoughts

    That's why when someone says that the M50X is worth the money, or recommends it, you'd see some of us saying a big 'NAY', although I don't blame these M50X proponents as they're prolly blissfully unaware that there're better sounding cans that cost about the same......or less. Anyway, enjoy that K712 Pro, I certainly enjoy my AKG can...