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  1. Yea. That seems to be what is selling me on it. Aside from the better power deliveries. Thanks man! I guess its just up to finding which one will let me plop into it and it just work.
  2. I know that with my DIMM slots not being in optimal configuration I'm losing performance. With Ryzen being very RAM dependent. I feel like I can actually get my rated speed with a better board too. Since it has matured. Plus I don't think the Royal SKU of G.Skill was a thing when this board came out. The board even tells me this when it starts up funnily enough that my ram config is not correct and will make me suffer performance hits. I would be getting better power delivery. In most cases more USB. WIFI would most likely be built in and look better. Using a add in card right now for the Blu
  3. I will eventually need those PCIe Gen 4 speeds for some of the work I do so I would like to have a X570 board. Plus, the extra power stability on those x570 boards would also be nice. Considering how volitile my power company's loads are. My UPS can barely keep up. I know for a fact it's stuff me and my wife will need eventually if I don't get it now. Since we both stream and I do video editing on the side. Also, I did try updating the BIOS and manually putting in the RAM speeds and timings but nothing was working. I really don't think it's the CPU though. I can get it to 4.0 Ghz overclocked o
  4. As yesterday was my Birthday. I most likely got some extra cash to spend on something from the gifts I got. I was looking at new motherboards. I know that AMD has stated that *Some* X570 Motherboards will work with Ryzen Gen 1. However, I was wondering if anyone has had any bad luck (or good) with the Motherboards that are reported to work with the older CPUs. Seeing as though my Tomahawk Arctic B350 board is actually the worst motherboard I have ever owned. I was thinking of upgrading to X570 from B350. Might not go with MSI this time around unless people have good stuff to say about this r