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  1. More photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmm4sY4W 7900x @4.7ghz Delidded with Der8auer direct die frame Asus Rampage VI Extreme 4x8gb Corsair Dominator Platinum Vega64 1TB Samsung 960 Pro 2x 512GB Samsung 960 Pro Cooler Master C700p custom painted Seasonic Prime Ultra 850w Titanium Cablesmods RGB-UV LED Strip MDPC-X cable sleeve Watercooling: Aquacomputer Nickel VISION CPU Block Aquacomputer Vega64 Nickel GPU Block Heatkiller Black Nickel Asus Rampage VI Extreme VRM Block Aquaero 6 XT Heatkiller Tube 150
  2. I am currently running a 4k monitor with freesync, although it's only 27" Let me tell you that with 2x 290's I can hardly use high-ultra setting on most games to get a decent frame rate, but man the details are amazing if you can push it hard freesync/g-sync is a must for gaming however I have been having problem with most softwares I use since it does not scale up properly Something like photoshops, I have to move my head forward to see the icons and stuff thus I am planning to change mine to 1440 wide (also with freesync), I find out that it's still not the right t
  3. Been a while since I post here some of my new toy 2 bestest things by Hanshen, on Flickr HHKB by Hanshen, on Flickr Pink Life by Hanshen, on Flickr TX1800 by Hanshen, on Flickr
  4. Never I get a heavy breathing over a projector, this is crazy amazing! a need for a man cave
  5. LZ SQ by Hanshen, on Flickr LZ SQ - 1 by Hanshen, on Flickr LZ SQ - 2 by Hanshen, on Flickr LZ SQ - 3 by Hanshen, on Flickr Freshly assembled, with Gateron Blues and gold springs Still having trouble with the keymapping software though
  6. Smexy! never knew you have a drunken bruh...
  7. Wow man.... it take guts to spray a clack, what color is it originated?
  8. Username : Jokrik Video: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JLpxC_Zl9 https://www.vessel.com/videos/eOKRkiWq2
  9. Well if you have that you don't need that detachable cable mod Since the case already came with it
  10. And this will be your end game, if they're in stock http://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=280
  11. Yeah and you don't have to get different cables just for it as other keyboards use mini I use mine on my old Filco white alps keyboard now since my mx Filco use tex case
  12. Yeah that's why, it's such a gamble I rather spend more to get a consistent, better built quality and easy rma monitor from a well known brand The replies hasn't really help me answer my questions though...